Top 5 Parental Control Software for Filtering and Blocking Content

The children of the modern era have never known a time when they could not connect to the whole world using the Internet. You probably feel more at home using the internet than you do. The problem is, there are things on the Internet that you would prefer your child not to find. Such as sites promoting violence, sites full of hate or pornographic sites that promote a biased notion of human sexuality. You cannot monitor every moment that you are surfing the Web on a PC, much less on a smartphone or tablet. That's where parental control software comes in. Families can use content filtering and blocking software to protect their household from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, and other threats that compromise online safety.

Part 1: Things We Should Know About Content Filtering and Blocking

It is called content filtering and blocking software, in a specific sense, any tools or programs that allow parents to control and limit the use that a child can make of the device or the Internet. They are also known as Parental Control software. These tools or programs can be found today in most of the operating systems we use - specific parental control software for the computer, browsers, video game consoles, and also apps for tablets and smartphones. Some features are illustrated below-

Time control: We can limit the time that a certain device connects to the Internet, establishing the days of the week and the specific schedule for each of the days.

Keyword blocking: It consists in blocking the pages that contain those words that we believe are associated with inappropriate content (sex, gambling, drugs, casino ...).

Records: It makes a count of the pages that have been visited or that have been tried to visit. It serves to review and check the browsing habits of minors.

Blocking programs and applications: It blocks certain information of services of the type instant messaging, electronic mail, download of programs, etc.

Black and white lists: It allows the configuration of positive lists (white), to which access is allowed and negative (black) lists, which are denied.

Monitoring: They are tools that track the child's activity when using the Network and the device.

Child navigators: They are tools that give access to appropriate pages for children and adolescents.

Part 2: Top 5 Parental Control Software for Filtering and Blocking Content

In the market, there is a multitude of parental control tools that offer various functions such as time control, schedules, inappropriate web pages, geolocation and even registration of online activities. In this sense, we should apply the same criteria that we have been discussing common sense and proportionality to the age and maturity of our children when activating and configuring their different functionalities.

Here we are describing five tools that will help you filter access to the Internet:


This Parental Control Software will give us the possibility to control virtually the entire smartphone and/or tablet of the child. It allows blocking the applications and games that we consider inappropriate, to determine the fringes and days that the device in question cannot be used, and to veto the access to certain webs. It can be grouped by predefined topics, added individually to a list, etc.


  • Support for additional database servers
  • Access to the Solo Reading console
  • Compatibility with other ESET products
  • Filtering of computers not registered by domain
  • Compression of Server logs

A yearly payment to ESET Parental Control charges $29.99. To know more details visit



This software offers periodic reports on the activity of your phone, includes a section of "Panic Alerts" for emergency situations, time control (and times in which the child will have the possibility of using -or not- your device), remote management and PicMeUp alerts, so you do not forget to pick them up from school, football game and the like.


  • Prohibits some inappropriate applications and games
  • Controlling the location of the child
  • Allows parents to add those contacts they find unhelpful to their children
  • Showing notification massages

Per year pricing plans of FamilyTime-

  • One-device license for $27
  • Two-device license for $35
  • Five-device license for $69

Visit its official website for knowing more.


Mobile Fence

Mobile Fence is another parental control tool that stands out for its many uses. It not only includes, practically, all the services of the previous two (Geo Fencing, blocking of apps and web pages, limitation of the time during which the child has permission to spend the device, location, statistics of use and remote control) but deploys a range of very useful alternatives.


  • WiFi, bluetooth, incoming or outgoing calls, some specific numbers can be blocked
  • Monitoring of intimidating messages
  • Easy to install and the locks can be activated immediately
  • Preventing access to the corresponding pages

One of its biggest advantages is that its website offers a section of frequently asked questions and answers and very useful instructions for use.



ScreenTime allows you to set the time of use of the mobile device. This limit may be established both for the device as a whole and for specific applications. It also has the option of establishing both daily time limits and time allowed on weekends. Although ScreenTime blocks games and social networks at bedtime, vetoes the operation of any of them when the lights are turned off, it also rewards children with extra time when they complete tasks.


  • Gives alerts and notifications
  • Blocking the mobile device based on days of the week
  • Allows you to set application blocks during the time you set
  • Setting applications that always remain blocked
  • Rewarding the completion of tasks

It offers a free trail basically. For its premium edition, it charges $3.99 per month. You will get details information on its official website



The FootPrints focuses on the location of the small, something that already made some of the previous apps but includes some interesting nuances. For example, and to give you an idea, not only will it tell you where your child is physically, but it will let you see what path you have followed until you reach that point.


  • Allows you to know where a mobile phone is physically in real time
  • Uses geo-tagging of the photographs
  • Allows establishing zones and warns us if they are transferred
  • Have specific notifications that notify you if you do so
  • Allows you to establish certain geographic areas that you should not exceed

Currently, this new application is available on iTunes, being very easy to configure. It's available for free for 6 months, and the cost is $ 0.99 for 3 months, a pretty ridiculous cost. Its official website is


Part 3: Spyzie - The Best Parental Monitoring App on Cell Phones

If you want to protect your child from the dangers of the internet you should choose Spyzie as the most excellent mobile monitoring tool. With Spyzie you will have all the information to protect your children from the dangers of the internet, such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying, online predators and Internet addiction. It is very useful when we do not want the child to spend the dead hours in front of the computer and it also helps to determine the connection time of children who are alone at home. It can monitor iPhone as well as Android devices. It can be Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei or Samsung etc.

Spyzie could help parents monitor the browsing history of children. How to? (Steps and screenshots)

Using Spyzie you can monitor the browsing history of your kids very successfully. Following instructions, you can monitor your child’s online activities easily. These are given below:

  1. Create your Spyzie account

First of all, you have to have a Spyzie account. You have to purchase a premium subscription allied to the target device. In order to get your account, you have to provide your email id and a strong password needs to be set up.


  1. Tracking an iOS device

For Spyzie trailing an iOS device is definitely a child’s game. To learn how to track browsing history clandestinely on iPhone, you have to log-in to the iCloud account of the adherent. Just put forward the iCloud recommendation of the account connected to the object device and begin tracking.


  1. Tracking an Android device

You might way to wander a subsidiary mile to learn how to track browsing records in secret upon Android device, but it will unquestionably be worth it in the long control. Gain an admission to the device and mixture its Settings to direct on download from Unknown sources.

Now, from the device, you can visit the website of Spyzie. Then you can download the app edition of its adherent. Set happening the tool and sign-in as soon as your Spyzie account find the maintenance for an opinion. Grant all the wanted agreements to the app and begin observing the tool.


  1. Start tracking browser history

To track the browser archives of the take goal device, you just compulsion to visit Spyzie control panel. On the residence page, you can view altogether the basic inform (back devices authentic-time location, frequent callers, etc.)

To track the browser archives of the mean device, you just way to visit Spyzie’s dashboard. On the house page, you can view all the basic guidance (behind devices authentic-era location, frequent callers, etc.)

To know how to track browsing archives namelessly, amass the Browser History panel. This will display a whole detail compound to the devices browser archives. You can subsidiary state for keywords or filter your search by providing sure period duration.

Furthermore, you can download the Android app for the Control Panel as expertly. This will let you track the twist of devices details and upheaval from your Android devices or iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

Spyzie is surely an extraordinary content filtering and blocking software. By using this sophisticated tool, you can track the browser upheaval of your loved ones and save them safely.

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