Effective Solutions to Put Parental Controls on Roblox for Your Kids

Part 1: Introduction:

For the parents who don’t have the exact idea what Roblox is, we are giving you an introduction to the platform. Take a look at the Roblox parents’ guide, and you’ll know how it is having a significant impact on the kid’s mind worldwide.

Roblox is a popular online multiplayer game. At present, it has more than 30 million users in the world. The platform allows users to interact with other gamers and play a wide variety of game. From spooky maze to role-playing, scary to violent, shoot to kill, there is a game for every person on the platform. But therein lays the issue.

When the kids are exposed to all kinds of content without considering their state of mind, it can be very harmful to them. Here, we will learn about the most effective parental control on Android devices.


Part 2: What are the risks associated with Roblox?

When you are ignorant and careless, it is easy to ignore the risks associated with such platforms. Like all other multiplayer online games, Roblox also has user-generated content. So, there is always a risk that the kids might get exposed to stranger danger and adult content like pornography.

Even though the platform has specific rules related to abuse and pornographic content, but the problem can be eliminated only when it gets reported. The need for Roblox parental controls is evident as many users have already reported that they have experienced bullying inside the game. Kids are being approached by the creepy users to have cyber sex, and the platform even has Sex room where nude avatars do unspeakable things.

Thus, parental control seems like the only solution to this problem. You can’t always keep the kids away from the phone, but it is possible that you restrict them entirely from using the Roblox app.

Part 3: What can parents do?

Here, we are suggesting some things that might help you to sort out the issue quickly. If not, then you’ll always have access to the best monitoring and tracking application available in the market.

A: How to Protect Your Child from the Negative Impact of Roblox:

To establish substantial parental control on Android, you will have to start with small steps. Try out the following ideas:

  1. Make sure that your kid’s registration has the right birth date. Roblox has a strict policy about the kid’s age. It has an ESRB rating, which means it is only available for the individuals above 10. The standard gameplay is suitable for most of the kids. But when your kid is under 13, Roblox will enable the automatic filtering and other essential protection feature designed to protect children.
  2. Access the parental control feature of the platform. Yes, Roblox give access to the parents to control the content kids see online. You can access it from the Settings and make sure that the adult content, voice chat option, and others are disabled. Plus, you can make sure that the kids stay away from the inappropriate games which are not suitable for their age.
  3. Another thing that you can try out is to use the block and report feature. It allows the users to complain about the disruptive players and block them from the kid’s account.

B: Parental Control Apps:

If none of the above methods are good enough for you, then you will be left with the last option, i.e., Roblox parental controls. Kids these days often find some trick to fool the system and bypass the security features just for fun. Thus, you will need Spyzie. It is a complete parental control tool which allows you to track, monitor, and spy on your kids remotely. Now, you can have all the information you need with just one tap of your hand.

The main features of the Spyzie that make it remarkable are given below:

  • App Blocker to block certain apps to keep the online threat away.
  • Schedule Restriction to put a time limit on mobile phone usage.
  • GPS and Geofencing to keep track of the location and set alerts for the kids
  • App Activity Monitor which records the app usage, duration, and activities.
  • Clue provides you details about the deleted messages, calls, photos, videos, and other data on the phone.
  • Keylogger to track the Input information of the target device.

C: Spyzie:

Most of the people think that it is hard to learn how to set parental controls on Roblox. But it is pretty easy to set parental control if you have the right tool. You can use the various features of this app to protect your kids from all kinds of dangers.

The main advantages of using the Spyzie app for parental control are given below:

  • You can schedule screenshot so that you will have a brief idea of the untimely activities of your kids.
  • The app blocker can restrict the usage of the application permanently.
  • The app timeline will give the details on how much time the kids spend on a particular application.
  • You can also schedule restriction to make sure that the kids are not allowed to use their phone after the feature is active.
  • The keylogger feature will keep track of the passwords and the keys pressed in the applications. Thus, you will have all the input information of the target device.

There are various other features of the tracking and monitoring app that you can use to make sure that your kids stay away from the dangers under all conditions.

Part 4: How to use Spyzie:

The simple and easy guide on how to set parental controls on Roblox with Spyzie is explained in detail here. Go through the steps, and you’ll know how you can set up the parental control and keep an eye on your kids 24/7.

Step 1: Visit the official website and hit the Signup button on the screen. Prefer using an authentic email address during the sign up as the login credentials and the app download link will be available for you via that Email ID.


Enter the ID and create a password. Tick the “Agree with the Terms of Use” box and click on the Signup button.

Step 2: Move ahead with the setup process and provide essential information about the kid. Enter the kid’s name and age and choose an Operating system for their mobile device.


Step 3: If you click on the Android device, then you will have to carry out a task before the installation of the app on the target device. Take the phone in hand and open Security Settings. There you will find an Unknown Resources option which needs to be active for the download.


Step 4: Now open the email sent to you and click on the download link for the Spyzie app. Install the APK and finish the setup on the target device. It is crucial that you log in with your account credentials in the application and allow complete access to the device data to the app.


When the set up is complete, the app icon will disappear from the screen, making it remote and hidden.

Step 5: Once the process is finished, the app or website will redirect you to the dashboard. And you can use any of the features to make sure that your kids stay away from Roblox and other things that can affect him/her.


Monitor phone calls, messages, installed apps, social media apps, browsers, locations, and even deleted data from the phone with the help of Spyzie. This parental control tool is so useful that you won’t have to worry about your child’s well-being.

Part 5: Conclusion:

After you’ve read the Roblox parents’ guide, it is pretty clear that you will prefer having complete access to your kid’s phone. Luckily, Spyzie gives you the perfect opportunity to monitor the device without anyone’s knowledge. You can stay hidden and keep your kids safe from all kinds of danger with Spyzie.

FAQs: Whether Roblox is safe for my kids?

Genuinely speaking, Roblox parents’ guide state that the platform is not built for kids under the age of 10. But the young and inexperienced players aging in between 10 and 13 still have a risk of being exposed to offensive content. The sex room content and suspicious strangers do only harm. Some parents prefer not allowing their kids to play games on Roblox even if they are above 13 due to the inappropriate content.

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