How to Block Social Media App on iPhone and Android

Millennial have their very own thriving social lives on the digital platforms. Virtual relationships are no less important than physical ones in today's world, which is why social media applications are loved across the world. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, social media application make it much easier to stay connected with your old friends, make new ones and keep them posted about your life.

It is difficult to come across an individual who does not use at least one social media platform in today's times. That is because these apps, in their own right, have made our lives more exciting and colorful.

However, there is a downside that can potentially cause a lot of damage. Social media applications are designed to be addictive, and this addiction has similar effects as drug and alcohol abuse in extreme stages. If you are very active on social media, you might have noticed that you have developed a habit of scrolling through your feed aimlessly for hours as a way of procrastination. No matter how much important work you have in store, you will feel the pressing need to check your phone even if you have not received a new notification.

Getting hooked to social media applications can negatively impact your work if you are an office worker. As a student, it gets difficult to concentrate on your studies due to the allure of social media applications. It is essential that you focus and get your job done on time because your priorities will decide your future which is why you need to block your social media applications from time to time.

Whether you have Android or iOS, there is a social media blocker app for everyone.

Part 1: How to Block Social Media App on Android

Are you a worried mother who is noticing symptoms of social media addiction in her wards? Now, there is something you can do to make sure that your children do not spend precious study time scrolling through their Facebook feed.

Spyzie has introduced a new app blocking feature that will let you block and unblock social media apps on a particular Android phone from afar.

This feature is also useful for those with a weak resolve who cannot bring themselves to block the applications on their phone. A friend or a closed one will now be able to make your phone inactive when you need to do some serious work.

The user has the power to enable or disable the feature. Once you have enabled it, it is now your job to select which apps you want blocked and press the appropriate button. If you know how long you would be working, then set the duration time as well.

How to Block Social Media App on android

When this process is complete, the owner of the target phone will not be able to use the blocked app under any circumstances. On clocking a blocked app, there will be a pop-up message on the screen stating that the restriction is still in place.

Spyzie is known for its simple interface and easy to use features. Being able to block social media applications on a target Android phone is no easy task, but with this feature you will be able to do it without any extra hassle. You do not have to remain bent over your phone screen all day when you could triple your productivity with the help of Spyzie.

Part 2: How to Block Social Media App on iPhone

Freedom is one social media blocker application that aims to reduce distractions while you work. Devised by Eighty Percent Solutions, this app can only be used by iOS devices. Categorized under Productivity in the Play Store, the Freedom community is getting bigger with each passing day. More than 350,000 users across the world have become more creative and productive with the help of Freedom. The app requires version iOS 9.0 or later.

The application provides an excellent service is helping you stay away from the virtual world when you are trying to get you work down. By blocking the social media apps and websites which distract you the most, the app renders your phone, tablet and computer of no use. You will notice that your focus will automatically increase when you stop reaching for these devices.

Freedom allows you the flexibility of creating and editing your own block lists. All you have to do is select the sites and apps you wish to block using the platform. You also have the option of scheduling your block sessions so that the tediousness of activating it every day does it stop you from inculcating this good habit. The schedule automatically recurs daily. Moreover, the Locked Mode eliminates any chance of you cheating.

Once you have installed Freedom on your computer, you can use your iOS device as the remote to control all your sessions. If you have more than one device, you will be able to block distractions in sync.

Freedom works with the help of a lightweight “Limited VPN Profile” that can directly block social media content without ever making a VPN connection to a server. The application is secure which means that all your browsing information will remain private.

To summarize, Freedom will not let your social media applications or browsers get new data. Download it for free!

Here is how you can use it.

Step 1: Open the Freedom app.

How to Block Social Media App on iPhone

Step 2: Install the app blocker.

How to Block Social Media App on iPhone

Step 3: Start your sessions with the click of a button.

How to Block Social Media App on iPhone

Step 4: You can use Locked mode to ensure that you cannot cheat!

How to Block Social Media App on iPhone

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If you have tried quitting the habit but end up fiddling on social media platforms every time you sit down to work or read, then a good social media blocker app will help you. Once you install such an app on your phone, you will be unable to access the social media applications you have blocked for a certain duration. As a result, you can work distraction-free and then enjoy the world of social media at your leisure.

For an Apple device, you can use Freedom as it is one of the best blocking apps out there. On the other hand, you can use something like Spyzie to block apps on a third party phone.

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