Set Amazon Prime Video Restrictions for Parental Control

Online platforms like Amazon Prime videos have varied kid-friendly content that any parent can guide his kid to surf. But, kids do not want to stick to the same content all the time. Generally, kids watch the restricted content. It is because watching unethical content is nothing, but a trip to a candy shop. It is very important for the parents to keep a watch on the content their child is surfing, to guide them what is right for them.


Amazon parental control 2019 is a wonderful feature that enables parents to keep a check on the data and information surfed by your kid. It helps parents to block certain adult videos and movies from their child’s device and helps them to be safe from prangs of pornography and other related content.

How to Enable Amazon Prime Video Restriction on Android?

The settings for every device attached with the parent device include easy customization with Amazon prime parental control feature. Parents can stop their child from having access to unwanted and irritable content by applying restrictions on the content shared. Even if you have more than one device connected, still setting separate content surfing restrictions is mandatory. You can apply restriction on purchase and viewing of content.


Also, you need to set a 5-digit pin for your account to make such restrictions.

Purchase Restrictions

The 5-digit pin set is under Purchase Restriction to block the purchase of TV shows and video movies.

As soon as you enable this Pin on Purchase, every time you want to make some purchase, you need to enter the pin to authorize the video purchase on all the registered devices. It is crucial to note that the restriction is invalid on other Amazon products.


Viewing Restrictions

This option gives the users to block the playing of certain videos from some rating categories. After you have set the viewing restrictions on some particular website, you will be able to see the lock symbol along with messaging besides the locked content using the Amazon prime parental control. If you try to operate and watch the videos, you will be asked to enter the 5-digit pin.

How to make changes in the settings

  • One needs to visit the parental control page to set parental controls. Sign in on the page to continue the process.
  • set-amazon-prime-video-restrictions-for-parental-control

  • This page is also visible on and clicking on Account & Lists and then clicking on Your Prime Video.
  • You need to click on Settings on the page and select the Parental Control tab.
  • This page will help you configure Amazon Prime Video Parental Control.
  • set-amazon-prime-video-restrictions-for-parental-control

  • Set a five-digit PIN after clicking on the Change button next to the PIN option.
  • You will have to click on the PIN on Purchase and select ON to prevent spending on purchase of any video beyond your permission.
  • In the Viewing Restriction Section, select an appropriate age. The 18 years is the default age that allows you to visit any content with entering a PIN.
  • set-amazon-prime-video-restrictions-for-parental-control

  • You can check the restriction as per age and make the changes accordingly.
  • In the Applying Viewing Restrictions to section choose the device you want to restrict.
  • All the devices connected to the parent device are automatically selected. Uncheck the device as per your requirement.
  • set-amazon-prime-video-restrictions-for-parental-control

  • Anyone can have access to your information and change the PIN if you keep yourself logged in the browser.

Definitely, Amazon Prime Video Parental Control can prevent your kid from having access to unwanted content, but these restrictions cannot protect your kids in an all-round way. If not on Amazon prime, your kid can surf unethical content on other platforms as well. Parents need to keep a close check on the information surfed by their kids on their cell phone to guide them in a proper way.

There are other Parental applications available in the market that can help you to check all the social media activities of your kids having other advanced features that you can use to protect them from being trapped of online threat and ensure a safe environment for them.

Spyzie for Parental Control

As we all know, the teenage is the turning point in a child’s life, keeping a close check on their activities. It is necessary to help them grow in a healthy environment. Spyzie provides all the tools that a parent might need to know the social media whereabouts of their young adult.


Unique features of Spyzie help parents to safeguard their kids. This activity tracker application has all the features that Amazon Prime Video Parental Control can never offer.

  • Dashboard

This page in Spyzie is like an overlook of a book. The dashboard is like an index that has all the applications working on your kid’s device. It gives you all the notifications that your kid receive in his cell phone. You can have access to the data received by your kid sitting remotely.


  • Social Applications

Parents have always been curious to know what their kid is doing with his phone sitting online on various social media platforms. This curiosity can end using Spyzie as you can easily have access to the social media accounts of Facebook, Instagram, and the like from your cell phone after using Spyzie.


  • Location Tracking

You, as a parent, will always like to protect your kid from any unforeseen danger. Knowing their location is the first thing that you are concerned about. This smart application keeps you informed about the location of your kid when his device is in working position. Also, you can check the past location records using location tracking feature.


  • Real-Time Screenshots

This advanced feature of Spyzie helps you to check the current screen working on your kid’s device. You can receive the screenshots of the application used by your kid and check if he is using any forbidden content. You can also monitor if your kid is surfing valuable information or is simply killing his time.


  • Call-Log Tracking

If you find your kid involved with phone calls all day long and are curious to know about what he is doing, you can check the duration of the calls made by the kid to various contacts. Also, not only this, you can even have access to the recording of the calls made by your kid. It will definitely be useful for you, as you can very conveniently check the company your child is out with and the talks he makes on phone call. Guide him to have limited conversation, avoid unnecessary talks, and focus on his mental growth.


  • Keylogging

This unique feature of Spyzie helps you to monitor the keystrokes made by your kid. This helps you to check the passwords of various applications working on your targeted device. Also, you can check the comments made by your kid, and the content shared and liked by him. You have to keep a watch on your kid to supervise his activities on various platforms. This keylogging feature is very helpful in such cases.

Using Spyzie


Installation of Spyzie on your devices is an easy process as it comes with a very supportive customer support system. This application works in a stealth mode. and you can sit at a distance to check the activities of your kids. Moreover, it is a platform-independent software application that works smoothly on iOS and Android with similar ease. Here we have described the process of installation of Spyzie on Android phone:

This three-step process includes installing, creating, and logging in the account in both the devices.

  • Creating an Account

You need to enter an authorized email ID for creating an account to save it for future references and registration process. For availing, the advanced features offered by Spyzie, you have to buy the premium version.


  • Installing Spyzie

Keep the targeted device in hand, and follow the installation process, and make necessary settings. You will have to enter the name and the device type of the targeted device on the setup wizard. Select the Android and complete the setup process.


Enable unknown sources from the settings of the device.


Download and install the application. After the downloading is complete, you can check the APK file from the notification bar and install it.



You need to open the application and click on Start to activate the services. Do not forget to accept and allow all the service requests.


After the settings formed, the icon will disappear, and the application will work in stealth mode.

  • Monitoring

Parents can turn to their devices to complete the setup process. The page will take you to the control panel dashboard. Or, you can access the information online, or using the control panel application. It might take a long to get the information for the first time, but as you use it regularly, the sharing becomes easy and convenient.


Unlike Amazon prime parental control feature, Spyzie helps to completely monitor the information accessed by the child on his phone. A concerned parent should closely look into the activities shown by his kid on the online platforms. You can help your child to follow the right track and be a good human being as he grows.


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