How to Restrict App Access on Android

Someone once said that time is equal to money. The saying still holds but unfortunately these days it has become quite hard to make good use of time especially with the emergence of smartphones. We all seem to be glued to our phone screens when we should be studying, working or doing other social stuff. Well, if you are one of those people who is finding it hard to get your eyes off your phone screens then it is time to find a solution. We are talking about restricting access to those apps you can't seem to get enough of. We will be telling you how you can restrict app access with simple tools. Let's get started!

Part 1: Things We Should Know about Restricting App Access

For starters restricting app access is not about controlling app permissions but restricting app access for a given duration of time. This comes in handy in this era of time when the number of cool apps is on the rise. No wonder it has become quite hard to focus on what you intend to do. You are most likely to lose track of time scrolling through your phone.

There is also the question of restricting access to certain apps among kids in a bid to keep them safe. Remember the Blue Whale game that courted controversy for taking kids through suicide challenges?

This is why you need to know how to restrict access to those apps you love and the apps you don't want your kids to use. But, how exactly do you do this on your android device?

Part 2: Two Ways to Restrict App Access on Android

Method 1: Using Parental Control on Google Play

One of the best ways to restrict access particularly when it comes to kids is to set up the parental control on Google play. This will prevent your kids from accessing and downloading any app you don't want them to from the store. The splendor is that the process of restricting access using Google Play parental control is pretty much straightforward. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Find your list of apps and select the Play Store App.
  • Once the app has been launched, find menu icon on the top left corner and click on it. You will get of items. Just look through it to find Settings Then click on Parental Controls and toggle to turn it on.
  • How to Restrict App Access on Android

  • Once you have turned it on, you will be required to set up your pin. This is vital if you are to prevent anyone who doesn't have the pin from tweaking your parental control settings. Don't forget the pin though.
  • You can now select the type of content you want to filter then select how you want to filter and restrict them.
  • How to Restrict App Access on Android

Method 2: Using Spyzie to Restrict App Access

If you are looking for something more sophisticated then you will need an app that is more customizable and such cool app is the Spyzie app. Spyzie is known for delivering world class remote tracking of devices, a feat that is remarkable if you want to keep tabs on what your kids or employees are doing. This aside, it is a great app to restrict access of certain apps on the target devices. This is thanks to the new app blocking feature that has been integrated into the tool.

How to Restrict App Access on Android

All you will need to do is to enable or disable the app blocking feature and select the duration you would like to restrict the app and the target user will dance to the tune. Every time the target user tries to access the app at the restricted times, he or she will get a pop up notification reminding them that they are the app is restricted. It's a nice way to control what your kids use on their smartphones right? What's even cooler is that Spyzie can help you do more than restrict app access on your android devices. You can spy on all activities on any target android phone! Let's delve in deeper

Part 3: How to Restrict and Spy All App Activities on Android

Again Spyzie is a web-based android tracking system crafted to deliver a 360-degree remote monitoring of a target android phone. It's a tool used by parents, guardians and even businesses to spy on android devices whenever they feel like they need to monitor kids or employees. This system allows you to fetch every type of information from the target android device and get it delivered to a portal where you can view them from the comfort of your phone, tablet or computer. Wondering which type of data you can monitor with Spyzie? Well, you can get everything from the likes of Messages, Call Logs, Browser History, basic device settings, social apps, photos, and videos. You can even take a screenshot remotely not to mention that you can track the location of the device or record every keystroke in log files.

Amazing right? It is also super easy to use.

  • Just register for an account with Spyzie making sure you use an authentic email given that you will get all your download links and setup process via the mail.
  • How to Block Apps on Android Phone and Tablet

  • Install the Spyzie app on the target phone. A wizard will guide your through this process
  • Start monitoring via the control panel app or the web dashboard.
  • How to Block Apps on Android Phone and Tablet

It's that easy!

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

It is always important to restrict access to certain apps if you want to boost productivity at work or protect kids from addiction and harmful information out there. Technology is great but too much of something is always poisonous and this is the same when it comes to using apps. Thankfully, you now know a way out of it!

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