Content Restriction Tools Help Protect Your Kids on Google and YouTube

The Internet is one of the best learning platforms for children as you can find anything on it. But it is also full of inappropriate content and the easy access to content then becomes blight for their growth. The Internet has everything that you may want to find, that includes adult content too. Your kids may stumble upon inappropriate content unintentionally when they search for something else in the Google or intentionally. As a parent, it is your job and responsibility to ensure a safe internet environment for your kids so that they don’t disembark for the underworld. Here in this article, you will learn how to enable Google Safety search on the computer to block inappropriate content from your kids.

Google’s Safety Tools

Google has introduced many safety features to make Google Search and YouTube safe for kids. Google safety center allows you to enable content filtering, blocking and reporting on Google sites like YouTube. These features had been created to help parents protect their family from inappropriate content and online abuse. They help to block inappropriate content like pornography and violence from the Google’s results as wells as YouTube videos. Below are some ways to make Google and YouTube safer for your children-

1. Google Safe Search

The Internet is easily available nowadays and search engine like Google is the first way to find something online. This includes inappropriate sites and content like adult content, violence, etc. So to make the internet safer, you have to enable content filtering and blocking on Google Search. You should enable Google safety search on all devices that your children use so that they don’t come across pornography or violence. Follow the steps to enable Google SafeSearch on a web browser-

Step 1: Go to Google Search settings at

Step 2: Check the “Turn on SafeSearch” checkbox under the Safe Search Filters.

Google Safe Search

Step 3: Then click on “Lock SafeSearch” and verify your Google account. This will not let your children change the SafeSearch settings without your permission.

Step 4: Finally, click on “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

2. Content blocking on YouTube

YouTube is a great video streaming website and is the most popular one at that. There are millions of videos present on YouTube and thousands new are uploaded every day. Users are free to upload whatever they want. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to monitor every single video on YouTube to check it for sexual and violent content before uploading. This isn’t a problem for an adult to filter adult content with other but kids don’t have that maturity. They have a naïve mind and get easily exposed to inappropriate content on YouTube. You would need to setup YouTube kids online content filtering and block to prevent an inappropriate video ruin your kid’s childhood. To enable YouTube content filtering on YouTube, follow the below steps -

Step 1: Visit the YouTube website and sign in to your Google account.

Step 2: Now click on your Account icon and click on “Restricted Mode” in the drop-down menu. Restricted Mode menu will be displayed by clicking on it.

Content blocking on YouTube

Step 3: Toggle the On/Off switch to “On” to enable the restricted mode.

Google safety center

By enabling the restricted mode on the YouTube, you will be able to prevent your kids from watching explicit videos. This feature has been truly helpful from Google Safety center to make YouTube safer for kids.

3. Reporting and Enforcement Center on YouTube

Inappropriate and explicit content isn’t the only threat that your kids face while using YouTube. Every user is free to upload any video they wish and there is no restriction on the type of video that can be uploaded. This fact has been misused by some as they upload embarrassing videos of others online, bullying them. Children are immature and they understand the consequences of their actions on others. If your kids are bullied by their classmate or are bullying them by posting their embarrassing videos on YouTube, you can take help of the Reporting and Enforcement Center to remove the content. This Google safety center feature has made it easier for parents to protect their children from online bullying.

Follow the steps to report a video on YouTube

Step 1: Visit YouTube and log in to your Google account.

Step 2: Now go to the video that you want to report and click on “More” icon below the video.

Step 3: Click on “Report” option from the drop-down menu.

Reporting and Enforcement Center on YouTube

Step 4: Now state the reason for reporting the video. It will further display a drop-down list.

Step 5: Give additional information about the violation in video and click “Next”.

Following these steps, you will be able to report a video that may bring harm to the kids. Like this, you can even report a comment or thumbnail by click on the “More” icon next to them and click Report Spam or Abuse.

Spyzie - Best Cell Phone Monitoring for Parental Control

Spyzie is a parental control and cell phone monitoring solution that lets you monitor and control the online activities of your kids. It lets to keep a watch on what your kids do on their cell phone behind your backs. Spyzie is the best monitoring and parental control software that is available for both Android and iOS device monitoring. Since these two are the main platform for smartphones and tablets these days, Spyzie would be sufficient for your needs. You just need to setup Spyzie and start monitoring your kids remotely through your phone or through a computer on a web browser.

When it comes to monitoring, no other software can match the functionality and reliability of Spyzie. It allows you to monitor call logs, text messages, apps usage, web history, real-time location, and much more on your kid’s cell phone. You can even control the screen time that your children will be able to use their smartphones. One can not only block certain apps and games for a certain time but also schedule a device usage time. All apps and games will be blocked on the said device for the scheduled time period. This feature is very to ensure that kids don’t spend too much time on their smartphone and neglect their studies and outdoor activities.

Protect Your Kids on Google and YouTube


  • Call logs access - With Spyzie, you will be able to get access to the call logs on the target device. You will be able to see the incoming, outgoing, missed calls, as well as their duration and time.
  • Read text messages - One can also view the text messages on the target device with Spyzie. Will be able to see who sent the message and when or the person receiving the messages. Read the content of the sent and received a message with accurate time and date.
  • Web browsing history - Spyzie also logs the web browsing history and bookmarks on the target device’s browsers. This includes complete URL of the site visited and time and number of visiting.
  • Set and app usage - Spyzie allows parents to limit the app usage time of their kids and block or allow apps for a certain time period with the Schedule Restriction feature. One can also see the app usage on the target device.
  • Geofences alerts and location history - It is also possible to check the location history of the target person and also make a route that they took to reach a place. You can set Geofences alerts on dangerous locations so that the next time they reach there, you will get a notification.
  • Preview photos and videos - Spyzie allows parents to preview photos and videos stored and downloaded on the target device. This includes WhatsApp images and videos.

Parental control and monitoring apps are the need of the present to keep an eye on the children. For this purpose, there may be many applications available online but Spyzie is the best of them all. This has many monitoring features like call logs monitoring, web browsing history, text messages, schedule restrictions, etc. Moreover, it is very easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. So sign up for a free Spyzie account from their official website and start monitoring your kids easily.

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