How to Setup and Better Use Netflix Parental Controls?

With the advent of technology and fast moving life, it has become imperative for us, as parents to realize the need for parental control on certain websites and online channels and one such channel is Netflix. Netflix offers limitless entertainment with its wide range of movies and popular TV shows. It is a great channel which lets us watch selected movies, TV shows etc of different categories and for various age groups, for a fixed monthly fee or subscription. There are also many kids friendly movies and TV shows that are aired on Netflix, like animated series and cartoon shows, however, as kids grow their urge to know more increases and they become anxious to see what their parents watch. Here comes the need to limit the usage of Netflix due to availability of shows based on adult content, violence etc which young kids should be kept away from. Since you never know what your kid might watch behind your back. Having a password or control over your kids is rather the best way to go. 

Hence, today, keeping in mind the need of controlling the watchable shows for your kids, we bring you this detailed article on how to setup as well as use Netflix Parental Controls.

Part 1: How to Setup A Profile for Kids

Netflix has many and various contents that are unsuitable for young kids. Many kids would just like to browse Netflix to watch cartoons and animated movies rather than inappropriate content. However, it is imperative for you, being a parent to control them even getting a glimpse of any adult content.

So, not to worry, if you have a younger kid at home, Netflix gives you an option to create a profile that will only show age-based appropriate shows and you can be sure that your kid is watching only what he is intended to and not something he should not.

Now, let us understand the steps below for creating a profile for your kids:

The moment you launch Netflix, it will ask, "Who's watching" before anything comes up

netflix profile for kids

Now, choose the link which says, manage profiles and edit the preset option for Kids by selecting age wise and select which show they should be watching, like for older kids below certain age or younger kids.  Once you have selected the profile, click on save .

netflix profile for kids

You have successfully selected the option and saved what content your kids of certain age should watch. They wont be able access any other content.

netflix profile for kids

Given above is the screenshot of the category your kid will be able to see

Part 2: How to Restrict Content with Password

This part will help us restrict content using a unique password or a PIN. Let us understand how to create the pass code and restrict content for parental control.

To begin with the process, click on your profile picture located on the top right hand corner of your screen on Netflix. This will let you access the accounts settings. Now click on the button called 'your account'.

restrict conten on netflix

Here you would see the link called 'parental control' as shown in the image below:

restrict conten on netflix

Once you click on 'parental control' link, you will be asked to enter a password, which will let you move forward. This helps in keeping a check on your kids and they are unable to access your account without the password (similar to a mobile phone password).

restrict conten on netflix

After entering your password to manage parental controls, click on continue. You will be directed to the page below:

restrict conten on netflix

Now, this is where you can enter password/PIN to restrict certain shows for your kids, as per the age etc. There are four categories as mentioned above - little kids, older kids, teens, adults and of course restricted.

Note - There is no way to block content on the basis of shows, so if you think a certain show is appropriate for kid, you may want to enter the password when he wants to watch it.

Once done, click on Save.

The password creation is successful and you will be able to control your kids usage of Netflix as the restricted content will prompt for password to continue.

restrict conten on netflix

At any time, if you forget the password, simply click on forgot password. It will prompt you to enter you account password and then will enter parental control setting to reset a new password for the same.

restrict conten on netflix

Part 3: Can I Block Certain Movies on Netflix?

This feature if available on Netflix, would have been excellent for parents of young kids and teens, But, unfortunately, blocking certain movies is not possible yet on Netflix, however, Netflix does give you a couple of certain workable alternatives.

Here are certain alternatives below:

1. You can visit parental control settings, and use password to block certain genre of movies as shown in Part 2, above.

2. The particular movie can be given low star by tapping on the amount of stars you would like to give to a certain movie. Low star movies will automatically be removed from the recommended list on the home page of your Netflix account.

block movies on netflix

3. If the movie was recently watched, simply sign in

block movies on netflix

Select your profile and click on viewing activity to see your viewing history:

block movies on netflix

Now you will reach a screen, which will list your viewing history. You need to click on the 'x' mark on the right hand side of each to delete the history.

block movies on netflix

This will help clear the certain movie from your watch history on Netflix.

4. Another good option could be to contact customer service by calling them or by online chat. Netflix customer care will be there to guide you as well.

Part 4: Can I Set Netflix Parental Control Time Limits?

This would have been a great additional feature but at the moment, there is no such feature on Netflix to control time limits for Parental Control. However, the Netflix customer service do recommend a great workaround that you can use to set Netflix Parental Control Limits for the time being :

  1. Make sure that your kids sign out of their devices before going to bed everyday no matter what.
  2. Now once they are out of their profile, change their profile password. This is to make sure that they are not able to sign in and sneak into Netflix again in the night while you are not able to keep an eye on them.
  3. Once they are up the next morning, before they getting to know, you may change the password back to the previous one.
  4. You can repeat the process everyday. Although a bit cumbersome, this method is really effective.

Part 5: What Can I do If I Would Like to Set Parental Control Time Limits?

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Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

Hence, today in this article we got a clear picture of how to use Netflix settings for better parental control which is the need of the hour for every parent. Using profile for kids, passwords are some of the best ways to keep children away from adult and violent content since everything is so easily available online. However, one must be very careful and control with caution should be the best way to handle any situation as there can be sensitive situations, especially when children are growing and interacting more with outsiders. Hope this article helps you in making the best of use of Parental Control settings on Netflix.

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