Full Guide on Setting Up Kindle Fire Parental Controls

Put your hands up if you are one of those people who cannot survive long-haul journeys without your Kindle Fire tablets? It is a great machine that keeps both children and adults entertained but is there a way to make it child-friendly?

Yes, there is. The Fire OS is equipped with a sophisticated Kindle parental controls and kid's profile features that enable parents to filter content seen by their young children and teenagers.

There are currently two ways for you to secure your Kindle Fire: parental controls and kid's profile. Both features are meant to put your device in restricted mode so that it will be more appropriate for a child to use. However, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Part 1: How to Set Up Kindle Parental Controls

By enabling parental controls on your Kindle Fire, restricted features and content will be denied access. This can be the web browser, email system, calendar items, social sharing, camera, Amazon stores, video playback, location services and so much more.

With this tool, you DO NOT need to set up a new account with embedded restrictions. You can place limitations on your current account and lock them in with a password. Once the password has been confirmed, your Kindle Fire is now child-appropriate throughout the whole time they are using the device. These restrictions will only be lifted when the correct password has been keyed in; you can be assured that your child will not purchase trending games, spam your colleagues and watch inappropriate user-generated content.

Here is how to apply Kindle parental controls on your device:

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap "Settings" to go to the "Settings" page.

2. Find and tap the "Parental Control" settings under the "Personal" section. Slide the activation slider to create a password for your parental control account. You will need this password to enable, disable and configure parental controls.

3. You will then be able to decide what content will be blocked: internet browser, email, contacts, calendars, social sharing, the camera, Amazon’s stores, videos, other types of content, Wi-Fi settings, and location services settings.

set up kindle parental controls

4. If you have done the above correctly, you will be able to see a lock icon and a "Parental control is enabled" status residing on the notification bar of your device.

set up kindle parental controls

5. Once your child is done with the device and you want to use it yourself, disable Kindle Fire parental controls by tapping on "Parental controls are enabled" and enter your password.

Part 2: How to Set Up Kid's Profile on Kindle

Instead of opting for parental controls, Kindle Fire allows parents to create up to four kid's profiles on the device. You can create an individual profile for each kid that will be using the device. You can then choose which apps, eBooks and content that can be used in each profile by using the Kindle FreeTime feature. You can also decide when to "cut off" you child from the device by customising the time period which the profile can be active to suit each child's bedtime. This is a great strategy to teach your children the boundaries they should have with electronics.

To create a kid's profile, follow these simple steps:

1. To start creating kid's profiles for your children, open the "Settings" page and tap on "Profile & Family Library" under the "Personal" section. You will be utilising the Kindle Family Sharing network with other users that use the same device.

2. Tap on "Add a child profile" to create a new kid's profile.

setup kind's profile on kindle

3. Choose "Use Amazon FaceTime" if you want a simplified, content-curated interface for your young children. You can also opt for "Use Teen Profile" for the standard Fire tablet interface. In this situation, let's tap on "Use Amazon FaceTime".

setup kind's profile on kindle

4. Choose the type of content that you want to share with your child and decide on how much restrictions you want to put in your child's account. You can limit the time too so that they can only access their accounts at a certain "allowed" time.

setup kind's profile on kindle

5. You can switch between accounts from the lock screen. You can also pull down the quick settings from the top of an active screen and tap the profile picture to log into them.

setup kind's profile on kindle

Part 3: How to Use Kindle's FreeTime App

Once you are done with creating your kid's profile, you will be brought to the Kindle FreeTime window.

kindle free time app

Amazon FreeTime is an all-in-one subscription that parents can subscribe for their children. It offers unlimited access to more than thousands of child-friendly apps, games, books, movies and videos available online.

Once Kindle FreeTime is launched, you will see all the profiles you have created on the device. Tap your kid's profile and the Kindle FreeTime's carousel will appear (if you see an empty window, wait for a few seconds---it is probably populating onto your device).

kindle free time app

Tap on "Apps" which is located at the top of the screen---you will see all the apps that are related to you approved content. Apps with the "check mark" icon at the bottom right corner of the icon.

kindle free time app

Scroll through the list of apps to start downloading and installing all the apps that you want on the device.

kindle free time app

It will take some time for the app to be downloaded and installed.

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If you have been searching and using other parental controls, Kindle Fire you would probably realise by now that Kindle Fire parental controls are one of the most sophisticated ones on a mobile operating systems. With the ever evolving nature of cybersecurity, users can be sure that these features will be likely be refined and upgraded over time so there is no need to worry about the system being obsolete.

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