Kid Mode Apps for Parental Control on Android devices

Part 1: Introduction


It is one of the toughest tasks to deny your kids a mobile phone to play a game or access other apps. Also, most kids land doing other activities such as visiting online website, downloading or purchasing some app/game, open a document, media file, or delete some vital information/data/file. That’s an awkward situation for a parent as they can neither pressurize their kids nor get angry as kids may react.

So, what should be the possible way out?

Well, the real solution is to apply kid mode on Android devices or use a kid mode app on either parents or kids device. These apps are designed to keep your kid’s access limited so that you do not need to worry when your kids are using your phone.

Hence, through the article, you will get to know what are kid mode apps or kid mode on Android with some related application that will help you to deal with your kids in a meaningful manner.

Part 2: 3 Kids Mode Apps

Here, we will start with some of the favorite kid mode apps, along with other related information. So that you can access which one is the suitable one to perform the parental control task accurately.

1. Kids place

Kids place kid mode app for Android devices strictly keeps an eye to protect kids against unwanted activities, such as accessing media files, downloading, or purchasing something.

Some of the listed features of this kid mode app are:


  • It is provided with a timer function to keep the time set for using an activity or app.
  • While the phone device is with a kid, it can block any of the incoming calls.
  • One can add user profiles and customize the screen to make it suitable according to kids.


  • Extra plugin provided for online content.
  • It can block any wireless signal while it is in active mode.
  • Wall customization is available.


  • Some of the advanced features are limited to the premium account holder only.
  • Auto restart feature will give extra time for kids to continue with a particular activity.
  • If an urgent call is coming, and kids place is in active mode, then it will discard the phone call.



2. KidsWorld

The KidsWorld kid mode app has a simple interface to keep kids busy in restricted activities only. Along with it, you can prioritize the activities of apps.

Some of the features that are of your interest are as follows:


  • You can list up the apps as per kid’s requirement.
  • Can block any in-app purchases
  • Add free restriction is available to avoid any add while the kid is using the mobile device.


  • Interface is simple and easy to access by kids.
  • Passcode facility is available.
  • One can create a playlist for YouTube videos too.


  • If a kid wants to exit the app, and if a passcode is applied, then they could not exit as the app will ask to enter the passcode.
  • Some users complained that it blocks even the permitted apps.



3. Kids Mode by Samsung

If you are a Galaxy or any one of its version owner, then you can use one of the robust kid’s mode Android application. That has discovered a fun and learning way to keep your kid under a safe zone.

Here are certain features from Kid Mode Android application by Samsung:


  • Inbuilt kids store to fetch the kid’s friendly apps.
  • Provided with the various educational app to keep kid’s mind busy
  • Children friendly interface.


  • Kid’s friendly activities are there.
  • One can set device usage timer to limit the child access timing.
  • Parents can customize the content of the device.


  • Work for Galaxy devices only
  • No serious parental control feature is available; only those app and activities are there to keep a kid busy in learning and using them.



Part 3: What to do if the Kid Mode App Does Not Work?

There is no doubt that kid mode apps are a great way to customize the mobile device usage by a kid when parents are not around or to keep their usage under control. But, not all of such kid mode Android applications are well structured or performed its activities in a defined manner. There are certain instances which reflect the abrupt performance by specific kid mode app.

Let’s see what the issues one may face with a kid mode app when it does not work well or cannot protect the kid all round way are?

  • Besides the restricted app, some others also permitted not getting access.
  • Sometimes, a kid could not exit an application due to passcode restriction.
  • Such kid mode applications do not provide complete protection against online browsing or social media access.
  • Lack of advanced safety.


Thus, as a parent who is worried about kid’s usage against mobile access need a real parental control application that will help them giving all-around protection against online threats, excess mobile usage, or other activities. In this case, Spyzie acts like a perfect alternative to provide parents with due care and complete protection. You will get to know more about Spyzie in the next part.

Part 4: Spyzie

Spyzie – To be a parent is not an easy task, especially in today’s digitalized world; it becomes a double pressure to keep their kids under a safe roof. As we all know that kids always desire to get more knowledge with each passing day using various online or digital media.

So, how does one can keep a constant eye over them?

The best answer comes with Spyzie parental control app, a specialized tool to keep your children safe and sound against all the odds of social media, online content, mobile device usage and effective control over kid’s access towards online data.


Spyzie not only makes you a happy parent, but it helps you to find a safe ground to your kids.

Here is a comprehensive feature guide to let you know more about Spyzie:

Feature 1: Spyzie acts as an Activity Tracker to track all of the activities running on a device.

Feature 2: You can use its media file tracker and document viewer remotely.

Feature 3: Works as GPS tracker and can set Geo-fenced boundary to send you the alert if the kid crosses that boundary.

Feature 4: Instant alert and messaging service with all-around safety.

Feature 5: Real-time monitoring with call log checking facility.

Further, in addition to features as mentioned earlier, Spyzie parental control app can provide you with various functions to protect your kids better. Such as:

  • It can schedule the restriction over how to use the device proficiently
  • You can block the app remotely from your device using the dashboard.
  • Keep a check over the browsing data information.
  • You can track Social Media messaging, with keyword alert.

Part 5: How to Use Spyzie?

Moving further, to keep your kids secure against all the odds of life and digital world Spyzie parental control application will provide you with sufficient tools. With which you can remain to ensure about kid’s safety and well being.

So, let’s move ahead with required steps will help you to understand how to use Spyzie to not only to put kid mode on Android but also provided with enhanced security features:

Step 1: Start with creating an account with Spyzie

With the help of an authenticated email id you can easily create your account with Spyzie, then, choose the appropriate plan as per the requirement.


Step 2: Installation setup

Next, keep the target device at your nearby to complete the setup process. Under the setup page, enter the details such as name, age criteria, etc.


After that, follow the setting instructions to allow installation from unknown sources. Then, you will get the link to download the application from the download page. Complete the installation from the install.apk file. Next, allow administrative permission.

Step 3: Start Monitoring

Once you have completed the setting process, as shown on the screen of the target device, the Spyzie icon will get disappear from the screen. Then by visiting your phone device or system, log in to Spyzie account and open the dashboard to start monitoring the kid’s activities.


Part 6: Conclusion

It is essential to specify the phone usage boundary to your kids to give them an all-around safety from the virtual world. Since, kids are quite prompt to get attracted to the bubbly world of colorful images, videos, and games. So, in the interest of the kids and to provide them a safe platform to improve their imagination, you can use the kid mode apps on your kid’s mobile. Also, use Spyzie parental control app to bring many benefits for you and your kid’s safety.

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