How to Keep Kids from Seeing Adult Sites

The internet is an extremely diverse place. It’s filled with everything you can imagine, and it doesn’t matter what subject or topic you think of, you can almost guarantee they’ll be multiple websites that cater to that niche.

However, when it comes to your children accessing the internet, there are obvious dangers that come into play. Most importantly are your children using the internet and accidentally, or purposefully, accessing websites with potentially harmful material.

These are typically referred to as adult websites and can include content such as gambling games or content, pornography and other illegal or harmful content that simply isn’t appropriate for children to be looking at.

As a parent, if you don’t take action to stop your children from accessing this content, then it’s going to be easily available to them, and this can have detrimental effects on your child’s mental well-being and future development.

Today, we’re going to explore several of the best ways you can block and monitor the accessibility of this kind of content, allowing you to put your children’s health and wellbeing first every time.

How to Keep Kids From Seeing Adult Sites

#1 - Activate Your Browser Blockers

It doesn’t matter what kind of desktop browser you’re using, whether it’s Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any of the others, all of them come with some kind of internet filter or child block to help you protect your children from harmful online content and sex websites which are not blocked.

For example, on Internet Explorer, you simply need to click Tools > Internet Options > Content and then enable the ‘Content Advisor’ option. You can then customise your preferences, so you can limit access to certain types of content and block adult content, depending on your personal requirements.

Keep Kids From Seeing Adult Sites

#2 - Implement Web Filtering Technology

Another technique you can use is to apply a web filter to your DNS, meaning that certain online connections are filtered and blocked so the adult websites cannot be accessed.

A free way to do this is using software known as OpenDNS. Simply head over to the website and select the ‘FamilyShield’ option. You can then follow the simple on-screen instructions to set this filter up.

How to Keep Kids From Seeing Adult Sites

#3 - Educate Your Children

In addition to setting up actual content blocks on your computer and your child’s smartphone, it’s important that you always sit down with your children and educate them about why it’s important for them to avoid this damaging content.

This can be done by sitting down with your children in a comfortable environment and talking to them about the dangers of adult websites and how, when they are older, the content can be accessed, but for now there are other things and content that is more suitable.

Building up a trusting relationship with your children where they are open about what they do online is one of the best ways to protect them in the long-run. During this conversation, you can setup and agree on the ground rules of your children using the internet, so you can be sure they’ll be followed, and your children aren’t accessing sex websites which are not blocked.

Block Adult Sites

#4 - Restrict Social Media Access

Social media platforms are a difficult platform to monitor because you never know who’s going to be posting what and where the content is coming from. It’s worth remembering that many social networking platforms have age restrictions in their guidelines, Facebook's being that you can’t have an account if you’re younger than 13.

However, this is simply down to your personal preferences as a parent. You could speak to your children about using social media properly, teaching them about the dangers that exist and how to close content that they don’t want to see. Also, be aware of privacy settings and how they work for your chosen platform.

Alternatively, you can use the settings in your web browser to block the websites completely until you deem your children ready enough to use them. It’s worth remembering that social media websites can be used as proxies to sex websites which are not blocked.

Keep Kids From Adult Sites

#5 - Be Proactive

There are many parents out there that are happy to let their children sit down in front of the television and watch YouTube or other online channels. This is fine since there are many channels with suitable content for your children to watch.

However, if your children are able to control the television themselves if the auto-play feature is enabled, this means you’re risking the chance that inappropriate, violent and adult content can creep through the playlists onto your screens.

The best way to approach this is to pay attention to what content your children are accessing so you can see for yourself what’s appropriate and what isn’t, enabling you to block adult content effectively.

How to Block Adult Sites

Spyzie - Best Parental Control for Cell Phones

It’s important to realise that desktop computers, laptops and televisions aren’t the only platforms that adult content can be accessed on. Mobile smartphones are also highly connectable devices where adult content can be accessed and will need to be monitored and controlled. This refers to both smartphones and tablets.

This is where Spyzie comes in. This is a leading and powerful device management and monitoring solution that’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices and is packed with features that can help you guarantee your child’s wellbeing while they are using the internet.

Some of the best features you can benefit from including the ability to block and restrict access to the apps that are installed on your child’s device. You can set up custom time limits and notifications, all of which can be accessed by you securely and remotely.

Best Parental Control for Cell Phones

You can also watch what is happening on your child’s device live, monitor the web browser and download history so you can see any access to sex websites which are not blocked and see what apps are being used and when. You can even see who your child is getting in contact with via text, instant messaging or through phone calls.

phone control

All these powerful features can be accessed from your own web browser on your computer or your smartphone, meaning you can guarantee your child’s safety, no matter where you are in the world.

As you can see, there are many different approaches you can take when it comes to learning how to block adult content. Adult content has been proven time and time again to harm your child’s mental well-being and personal development, and it’s important you take action to stop this becoming a problem in your life.

Using Spyzie is one of the most effective ways to manage and oversee your child’s access to the internet on their mobile devices, giving you full control as a responsible parent.

To get you started, there’s even a free trial period available so you can see whether the app is for you, so what are you waiting for?

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