How to set up Parental Control on iTunes

With over 575 million users, iTunes is easier one of the most popular entertainment platforms that have ever existed. As a family, the chances are that you use the platform all the time, whether you’re downloading apps to your iOS device, streaming files or listening to your favourite playlists.

However, if you’re a parent and have children, it’s important to remember that iTunes is there to cater for everybody, meaning adult content is readily available for your children to access. As a responsible parent, it’s important for you to understand the dangers and problems adult content can have on your child and how you can take steps to ensure it isn’t a problem.

Today, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of setting up parental controls on your iTunes programs, and your child’s iOS device, so you can have full control over the accessible content and your child’s well-being.

Set up Parental Controls on iTunes?

As an adult, you’ll know what sort of content is available on iTunes. It could be foul-mouthed albums and artists, high-octane action films with a tonne of shooting and violence, horror films with a disturbing twist or apps and games with an adult twist, such as adult material or gambling functions.

While many of us find these kinds of media entertainment, when it comes to your children, they may not be old enough to understand what’s going on and it can even cause mental and developmental problems. For example, imagine letting your child of 5-years-old watch the Saw films. Bedtime would be a nightmare for weeks, even months, to come.

This is the exact reason why we need to implement parental controls on our iOS devices and platforms. Today, we’re going to show you how to do it.

How to Set Up iTunes Parental Controls

Firstly, let’s look into how you can set up iTunes parental controls. This will help you to block the ability for your child to purchase media through the desktop app, as well as age-restricting items and applying search filters.

Step #1 - Open your iTunes software and make sure you’re running the latest version.

Step #2 - Click the ‘iTunes’ button (‘Edit’ if you’re using Windows) and click ‘Preferences’.

Step #3 - Click the ‘Restrictions’ option.

How to Set Up iTunes Parental Controls

Step #4 - Make your way down the list of restrictions you can apply to your iTunes profile until you’re happy with all the settings.

Step #5 - If you don’t want your children to change the settings back, click the ‘Lock’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Step #6 - When you’re happy with everything, click ‘OK’ to save your settings.

How to Use iTunes Parental Controls on Your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)

Not only do you want to set up iTunes parental controls, but you’ll also want to make sure the settings are applied to your child’s iOS device, so they can’t access the same materials. Here’s how to do just that;

Step #1 - Open your iOS menu and navigate to the ‘Settings’ option.

Step #2 - Click ‘General’ followed by ‘Restrictions’.

Set Up iTunes Parental Controls

Step #3 - Scroll down this menu and tap the ‘Enable Restrictions’ option.

set up Parental Control on iTunes

Step #4 - Firstly, create a personal passcode that will enable you to lock the settings, so they can’t be changed by anybody else.

Step #5 - Go through the available options and allow or block access to certain apps or settings.

There is a broad selection of apps that are compatible with the Restrictions feature, as there are settings, account settings, device functionality and built-in privacy settings. When you’re ready and happy with your settings, the feature will automatically save your preferences.

Spyzie - The Best iPhone Parental Control

As you can see, although you have the ability to block and restrict access to certain types of app, you don’t really get full control of what your child can access on their device, such as seeing how long they are using apps, what they are actually doing on their device or what content is being accessed.

For example, if you’re blocking the Safari browser, you might be happy for your children to access certain websites, but not others, so you won’t want to block the entire app. This means you’ll need an alternative device management system.

This is where Spyzie comes in.

Set up Parental Control on Your Kid’s iPhone

Spyzie is a complete and comprehensive mobile phone monitoring solution that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This is a solution that gives you full control over your child’s device.

Set up Parental Control on Cell Phone

The application is easy to install using your linked iCloud account information, which means that you’ll be able to sign into your Spyzie control panel remotely from your own smartphone browser, or a desktop computer at any time, no matter where you are in the world.

iphone parental control

Some of the leading features of this powerful solution include having the ability to block and restrict access to applications, setting up timed notifications, and even blocking all app access altogether, perfect for when it’s bedtime.

In addition to these leading features, you’ll also be able to monitor things like website browsing history and download history. This means you’ll be able to see exactly what websites your child is accessing and what material they are downloading, either through their web browser or the app store.

You’ll also be able to monitor all forms of communication, such as text messages, phone calls and instant messaging services, so you can see exactly who your child is talking to and what they are saying, ideal for making sure that they are not talking to strangers.

parental control on iphone

Finally, you’ll also gain access to a complete range of high-performance monitoring services. This includes real-time GPS location tracking of the device, as well as the ability to see where the device has been in the past, and you can even take screenshots and live videos of the screen (Android only), so you can keep proof of everything that’s going on.

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

While Apple has obviously gone out of their way to make a simple yet powerful parental control feature for iTunes and connected iOS devices, it’s easy to see that there are better, more functional alternatives out there for you to benefit from.

Spyzie is, by far, one of the most powerful and increasingly popular iTunes parental controls solutions to carry out this task, used by families and responsible parents all over the world. However, don’t fret if this doesn’t seem like the solution for you.

There’s a free trial version available so you can see the true power of this software for yourself!

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