How to Use iOS 12 Screen Time on Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


Our lives today are virtually non-existent without smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Work and leisure have become synonymous with our online presence. Days and nights are entirely spent on social media and browsing. It’s no surprise that for most of us, especially millennials, we’ve been doing all that our entire lives.

So how do we take back the control from the screens staring back at us?

We can decide to exercise our will power over the urge to remain glued to our smartphones. It would require a mastery of our desire and great discipline, but how reliable is it?

However, a constant reminder might be useful to keep us going. Perhaps making good use of the technology we already have can work. This article discusses how to use iOS 12 Screen Time on your iPhone and Spyzie on both platforms to enforce control on-screen time management.

Part 1: Importance of Screen Time to Parental Control

Looking into a child’s growth and development process, you can’t ignore the fact that they need guidance every day, especially from parents and guardians.

Today, technology has made it difficult to do so. The presence of online interactions, e.g. checking emails, following on WhatsApp chat groups from work, etc., takes up more time; thus, kids are left unsupervised.


However, technology has also provided a way out, e.g. with iOS 12 Screen Time Parental controls.

One of the recent studies on effects of media on children and adults revealed how parental monitoring (e.g., iOS 12 Screen Time Parental controls) of a child’s use of media led to better sleeping patterns, facilitation of better diet and improvement of grades in school.


You may not notice the change right away, but there will be a subtle improvement. Better health and increase in a child’s attention span are some the notable differences. It shows how persistent parental control on iPhones and other OS can go a long way.

Part 2: What is Screen Time iOS 12 and how to use screen time iOS 12

iOS 12 Screen Time is a new feature in the iOS 12 platform, similar to Focus Assist on windows but, cloud-based. Since iOS 12 Screen Time is cloud-based, it’s able to monitor you on all Internet-connected devices including that of your child using iOS Screen Time Parental Controls.

To use iOS 12 Screen Time ensure you are running iOS 12.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Find the general tab, click on it.
  3. You will find the about option. Click on it.

Here you can see your iOS version. If not version 12, or higher (12.2), go to the general tab and find software update. Click on it and go to the link to update of your iOS software.


To enable Screen Time;

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Find the Screen Time tab and click on it.
  3. In the Screen Time menu, turn it on using the option given.
  4. Click to continue.
  5. Select whether the gadget belongs to a child or yourself.


Some of the features of Screen Time include;

1. Scheduling of downtimes

Turn it on to make the button green. It controls the time range where specific applications will work. It can be set to run in the specified time range daily, or you can customize the number of days.

2. Setting up of app limits

The app limits feature regulates hours in which an app can work. When time is up, it gets terminated. You can set it for everyday or customize days. The limit can be set up for all applications or a group of applications.

3. Selecting allowed apps

Screen Time can be used to set exceptions. Selected applications can bypass the restrictions set like downtimes. These applications can also be removed.

4. Content and privacy restrictions

Taping on this entry tab gives you the capacity to select on what content types to allow. You can also change individual privacy settings on your phone, amongst other changes.

You can also set up a screen time passcode as follows;

  1. Under settings, find the Screen Time tab.
  2. Scroll down to find a link on setting up the passcode.

The passcode is for securing the Screen Time settings post changes.

You can use Screen Time across multiple devices. A push button under the passcode setting can be turned on. For it to work, one has to enable two-factor authentication. This is to facilitate encryption on both ends of the devices. You are then required to enter the passcode you have set to allow for sharing across all your devices.


Setting up Screen Time for kids.

When setting up Screen Time at this point, you select it as a child’s device:

Step 1: You can choose various applications to limit and give each application a range of time just like you did for yourself. Tap on set to execute your specifications.

Step 2: Downtimes can also be selected where the device is usable in a certain time in a day.

Step 3: Where there are the content and privacy settings, you can enter the parental passcode in the same process as you did your set up above.

Screen Time settings can now be modified further on a child’s device according to a parent’s preference.


Downtime warning messages

Applications get greyed out when their set timeline expires. The interface gives a notification that their time limit has reached.


App limit warnings

When the time limit for an application is up, a pop-up notifies you that it will be blocked. You can extend the time only entering your passcode.


Part 3: What if iOS 12 Screen Time Can't Protect Kids Completely?

When iOS 12 Screen Time is not working, seek a better option such as Spyzie. Spyzie can be used for both children and adults.

You can download the iPhone version on


Spyzie is a feature-rich software with the capacity to:

  1. Track the phone’s location using its inbuilt GPS.
  2. It has geo-fencing with you can mark particular areas on the map as safe zones. For kids, the danger zones are most crucial to note.
  3. Spyzie can be used in monitoring calls and checking on your child’s contacts. It also has an extra ‘clue section’ which you can use to check deleted contacts.
  4. Tracking of suspicious activities is possible as Spyzie usually logs information on the phone’s activities.
  5. Spyzie can monitor messages and emails. In the event your child is getting any threats, Spyzie allows you to have access first hand.
  6. The software tool can also track social media activities. It allows you as a parent to check on any cyberbullying activities or social predators preying on vulnerable kids.
  7. You can use Spyzie to block of applications for the child or an employee where a company is concerned.
  8. Spyzie can also be used in capturing of screenshots of what a child is viewing on their smartphone.


How can Spyzie be used to protect children?

  1. By monitoring browser history, you can see the kind of sites a child is visiting. You can then decide to encourage or block the site.
  2. Monitoring messages remotely gives you the power to check on your child’s social interactions.
  3. Monitoring of various applications lets you as the parent see what your child is engaging in , e.g. in the case of cyberbullying.

Part 4: How to Use Spyzie?

Note: In case iOS 12 Screen Time is not working, you’ll have to create an account and sign up on Spyzie. The email address has to be active.


Setting up Spyzie for iPhone:

Step 1: Enter the individual’s name and age on the wizard.

Step 2: Then, select iOS as an operating system.


Step 3: Enter your iCloud ID and password on the target iPhone.


Step 4: Click Verify.

Step 5: Ensure back up and sync is activated.

After the verification process, at the control panel, data will be synced every time you log in, provided the target device is connected to the Internet.

Setting up Spyzie for Android

You need to have a premium account to use Spyzie on Android. Register and sign up.

Download the Android version on

Spyzie isn’t available on Google Play Store.

Step1: Enter your name and age.

Step2: Choose the type of operating system, in this case, Android.


Step 3: Now, enable installation from unknown sources in settings.


Step 4: Using the link provided in the set-up wizard, download the application.


Step 5: Install the APK file.



Step 6: Launch Spyzie, sign in, and accept all user agreement.


Step 7: Accept all permissions for it to work well.


Step 8: Click Start Monitoring.


The application icon will get deleted, and Spyzie will operate in stealth mode.


In today’s world, gadgets have taken over our lives. Everyone is spending lots of time staring at their screens. There are less physical socializing, and more social media interactions. By doing so, we endanger both our lives and especially of our children mentally.

Using apps like iOS 12 Screen Time and Spyzie, you get to control on the time spent on screen. They encourage normalcy and also protect children from online dangers leading to kidnappings and cyberbullying.

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