How to track phone usage for parental control

Meta description To safeguard your child from the adverse effects of a phone and the internet, parents must look for kids’ phone usage tracker apps so that they can monitor their child’s online activities.

How to track phone usage for parental control

To gain knowledge and to experience entertainment at the same time, nothing can come at par with the internet, right now. Be it education, be it entertainment or any other things, kids these days are utilizing the perks of the internet to the fullest. However, there are some online dangers too which are not at all good for the psychology of the kids. If you look a bit precisely, you will find out that there are countless violent and explicit contents on the internet, which are easily accessible by the kids and they are capable of giving some unwanted mental shocks to the kids.

Moreover, kids spend a lot of time on their phone which is affecting their studies and mental health. Thus, it is your duty as a parent to safeguard your child from all these things. And to do that, you can look for several apps which you can use as a usage tracker that will help you to monitor the phone usage as well as internet usage of your child.

Why parents want to use phone usage tracker

We are aware that in the back of your mind, you are feeling a bit guilty as you are thinking about the privacy of your child. But you have to understand the fact that whatever you are doing or whatever decision you are taking for your child is going to be good for them in the long run. Hence, to validate that you are making the right decision, here we are presenting you with some reasons why you must use the phone usage tracker to monitor the online activities along with the phone activities of your child. Here are the reasons, which we are talking about.

When your child is entering the unsafe zone

Almost all the parents are concerned about their child entering in unsafe places like bad and harmful neighbors or any other kind of risky places. In this case, you can look for any usage tracker app that has the option of geo-fencing. It will allow you to track the current location of your child and will also provide you with information about his visiting-places history. Also, you will be notified whenever your child is crossing the safe zone which you have marked in your geo-fencing. In this way, you can warn your child to avoid the places that hold potential dangers. So, it will be a right decision if you opt for phone usage tracker.

Cyber identity theft

Another reason, for which you must be concerned about, is the social media identity theft. With the coming of the social media platforms, it has become easier to get the cyber identity of the kids, and it can lead to some severe problems to them in the future. You will find out that a lot of cyber-crimes are happening by stealing the profile information from the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and many other things. So, as a parent, you must be strict about taking control over the matter by instructing them about the limitations of the information, which they share in the social media. Several usage tracker apps will help you in this process.

Sending texts to unknown friends

We understand that to grow up, it is pretty evident that your kid will meet new people and to stop them from this might hamper his process of growing. But, in this era of digitalization, your kid is exposed to a vast number of unknown people, and sometimes they can be pretty harmful. Thus, if you can observe that your kid is interacting with someone who is not at all suitable for his future, you can always have the option of tracking his phone usage by the help of any phone usage tracker. What you have to do is to step in and avoid your kid from getting into some unpleasant situations.

If your child is browsing inappropriate contents

We have already discussed that the internet is a vast ocean of contents which can be informative and educational. But there are also several contents, which are violent as well as explicit and those can take a serious toll on the psychological health of your kid. So, you have to take responsibility and control over the phone usage and the internet usage of your child and to do that; you can take help of any usage tracker app.


Now, this is a severe aspect, and you have to take care of that quite precisely. If you find out that your child is going through the symptoms of depression, then you can assume that your child has been the victim of cyberbullying. According to some studies it has been found that several kids are suffering from the symptoms of depression, anxieties, frustration and several other psychological disorders and one of the most significant reasons behind this is cyberbullying. Therefore, if you want your child to avoid the cyberbullying, it is the time when you must look for a phone usage tracker app that can provide you with the information of the phone usage of your child. And if your child is using an iPhone, you will also get several iPhone usage tracker apps that can help.

An iPhone usage tracker app

In case, if you are confused about how to track the iPhone usage of your child if he is using one, then you are in the right place. Here, we are going to introduce you an iPhone usage tracker app that can help you to track the iPhone usage of your child. The name of the app is SpyMyFone and is a efficient app when it comes to monitoring the iPhone activities of your child. This iPhone usage tracker app will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can get the proper insight about the iPhone usage of your child. Therefore, to install the SpyMyPhone app, you have to follow certain steps that are given below

Step 1: Creating an account on the SpyMyFone for the phone spy service

First, you have to visit the official website of the SpyMyFone app and tap on the ‘sign up’ or ‘try it new’ option to create an account on the SpyMyFone. It will be best for you if you can provide with the genuine email address so that you can receive the essential emails that comprise of the order confirmation mail or password resetting.

How to track phone usage for parental control

Step 2: Activation of the spy service on the targeted device of your child

To activate the SpyMyFone spy service on the iPhone of your child, you again have to follow some few steps. Let us give you the details about those steps.

  • Submit all the necessary information about your child whom you would like to monitor.
  • Then, you will get an option of selecting the mobile device, and from there you have to choose the iOS.
  • Upon selecting the device of iOS, you have to give information to verify the credentials of iCloud including the email address of the iCloud account along with the password.
  • Make sure that the two-step authentication is not enabled in the kid’s device.

How to track phone usage for parental control

Step 3: Finally, choose your favored way to monitor the iPhone device of your child

How to track phone usage for parental control

You can now log in to the data dashboard whenever you want by logging in to the control panel through any browser. Or else, you can also install the app of SpyMyFone control panel.

So, to monitor the iPhone activities of your app, you can look for SpyMyFone iPhone usage tracker and it will be really beneficial to you.

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Use Spyzie to track to tracking phone usage

How to track phone usage for parental control

Well, now we are going to introduce with an app which is a beneficial phone usage tracker. The best part about Spyzie is that apart from tracking the android devices, it can also serve you as an iPhone usage tracker as it is capable of monitoring the phone usage of the iPhone. You can now track the phone usage of your child and can protect as well as warn him from all the potential dangers with its easy to use user interface. With Spyzie on your side, you can now monitor the location, messages, phone calls, browsing history as well as several other things. So, if you find anything suspicious, you can take care of it as soon as possible. Let us provide you with the step by step guidance about how to use Spyzie to track the phone usage of the targeted device.

Step 1: You have to create an account

At first, you have to visit the official site of Spyzie and create an account by registering yourself with the app. It is recommended that you must use an authentic email id to receive the app download links along with the login credentials. To access all the advanced features, you must go for the premium subscription.

How to track phone usage for parental control How to track phone usage for parental control

Step 2: Install the app of Spyzie

After you are done with the process of registration, you have to head towards the setup process. All you must do is to install Spyzie on the target device by adjusting some necessary settings. Now, you have to submit the name of the monitored device on the first page of the setup wizard. While doing this, it is mandatory to select the operating system as the setup process of iOS is a bit different from the Android device. Here, we are choosing the Android device so that we can carry on with our process. Next, you have to go through some steps:

  • Click on the ‘settings option’ and from there; enable the ‘unknown resources option’.
  • After that, you have to download as well as install the Spyzie monitoring app.
  • Open the installed app and log in to your Spyzie account and finally, click on the ‘start’ to activate the service of the device administrator.

How to track phone usage for parental control

How to track phone usage for parental control

How to track phone usage for parental control

Step 3: View the monitored data with the help from the control panel

After the installation process is done, you have to head back towards your computer or your phone to complete the setup process. You can do this by visiting the Spyzie dashboard, or you can download the control panel app. On the top left, you will find the function menu where you will get the list of all the supported features. You have to see that the monitored device must be connected to the internet and it is not switched off.


Therefore, as a parent, you can now understand the fact, why it is significant to monitor the phone usage of your child. Being a parent, you must keep track of your kids’ online activities to make sure that they are doing the right thing.

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