How to Setup Parental Controls on an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone

Willing to keep a Parental Controls on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone with complete guidance, then reading this article will be the right solution to your concern.

The iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone are family-friendly devices designed to educate, entertain and engage children. However, we also need to place parental restrictions on these devices to protect our children. There are plenty of options for adding parental restrictions to iOS devices. Many iOS devices come with settings that allow you to place iPhone parental controls. Settings allow you to fine tune your settings to a fine degree. If you need more options, then there are several apps designed to help parents monitor their child’s use of an iPhone or iPad. We explore the best options for placing parental restrictions on iOS devices.

iOS devices are incredibly powerful with plenty of features. Children can access WI-FI, typing out blog posts, interacting with friends on social media, and watch videos. Children have plenty to be distracted about from playing games to engaging friends. As parents, we have a duty to ensure children are not consumed by their iOS devices.

Here are several reasons why you would want to place parental controls on iPad/iPhone/iOS device.

Placing parental restrictions on iOS devices is crucial for the following reasons:

  • Prevents children from visiting raunchy websites
  • Ensures that no apps are bought unknowingly
  • Guarantee that inappropriate content is not rented or bought.
  • Protect children from malicious online attackers.
  • Set limits on how much time is spent on the iOS device.
  • Restrict time spent playing games.
  • Limits time spent on social media.

How to Setup Parental Controls on an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone

Fortunately, Apple anticipated our concerns regarding child safety and added a robust parental control system to all iOS devices. Parents can do the following:

1. Restrict access to the iPhone

The simplest way to set up iPhone parental controls (or iOS device) is to place a pin number. A pin number acts like a password, blocking access to the iOS device. Children cannot use the device even if you are not in the house. Adding a pin number is a simple process. You need to go General > Restrictions >Enable Restrictions. You will be prompted to add a pin number to the iPhone. Enabling restrictions is the first step in enforcing parental control on iOS devices.

Setup Parental Controls on an iPad

How to Setup Parental Controls on an iPad

2. Set content restrictions

You can set age restrictions on music, film, TV shows, podcasts and other forms of media. To set the restrictions go to ‘Allowed Content’ in ‘Restrictions’ and choose from one of the different categories. Select the rating you deem most appropriate. Restriction settings start with G to NC 17.

ipad parental control

3. Disable app and in-app purchases

Parental controls on iPad allow you to block apps/in-app purchases to prevent children downloading apps or making in-app purchases. To block app installation set the ‘Install Apps’ feature to ‘OFF’. You can still download new apps, but you will have to give a PIN number before downloading. Disabling in-app purchases is a similar process. Go to General > Settings > In-App Purchases Swipe to disable the option.

iphone parental control

4. Block Apps

You can use iPhone parental controls certain apps on your iOS device. Go to General> Settings> Apps. Choose the app you want block and select ‘OFF’. Blocking apps is one way to make sure kids are not spending too much browsing, playing games or watching videos. You can even block the location to make sure kids are not revealing their location through social media.

ipod parental control

iOS devices offer a robust restriction system, in addition to the functions mentioned above, you can do much more. Other functions include hiding TV shows and movies on the cloud, and regional based restrictions. However, the default restriction system can be improved with a parental control app. Parental control apps plug-in any weaknesses in the default restriction system with additional features. Hence, we highly recommend downloading a parental control app to beef up restrictions and better protect your children.

Spyzie - The Best Parental Control for iPad, iPhone, iPod

Spyzie is the best app for monitoring and restricting children’s iPhone usage. The app integrates neatly into the parental restriction system in iPhone parental controls to enhance protection. Spyzie allows you to restrict iPhone usage and monitor how they use the iOS device, even from a distance. Spyzie comes with a host of features that allows you to do things, you could not have done otherwise. Some of the features include:

  • Monitor social media activity.
  • Track real time location.
  • Browse through contact list.
  • Track and analyze call logs.
  • Download text messages
  • Observe multimedia content sent and received to friends.
  • Keep track of words typed on keypad.
  • Monitor browser history.

Best Parental Control for iPad, iPhone, iPod

How to Setup Spyzie Parental Controls on an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone

If you are interested in using Spyzie then you can install in a few easy steps. Spyzie is a simple-to-use, accessible app. The parental restriction app is designed for people who are not familiar with technology. Monitoring children’s activity on the iOS device is easier than ever with Spyzie. If you combine Spyzie with parental controls on iPad you get the best monitoring system.

To use Spyzie you will need to install the app onto your phone and onto your children’s phone. Installing the app involves the following the steps:

Step 1 – Create a free Spyzie account. You need a real email address.

Setup Spyzie Parental Controls on an iPad

Step 2 – You will be taken to a Setup Wizard process. You have to give basic information on the device you want to spy on. Give the target name and age, and select the MAC symbol for OS system.


Setup Spyzie Parental Controls on an iPhone

Step 3 – You have to verify iCloud ID by entering the username and password. Verifying iCloud ID lets Spyzie sync data between devices.


Setup Spyzie Parental Controls on an iPod

Step 4 – Access the control panel and go to the dashboard. You will find all the features on the left side of the panel. It will take a few seconds for the data to sync between your device and the target device. Make sure your child’s iPhone is on and connected to the internet.

How to Setup Spyzie Parental Controls on an iPad

Spyzie is an excellent app for parental restrictions. Parents have more options for restricting and disciplining children. The default restriction system available on the iOS system is fantastic. However, there are some things you cannot do with parental controls on iPad that can be done with Sypzie. The app gives you more features, and more options for monitoring children. If you need to know where children are, or who they are communicating with, then Spyzie is perfect. Spyzie is a more comprehensive system that perfectly complements the already robust restriction system implemented by Apple.

If you want to access all the features the app has to offer, then you have to pay a fee. Spyzie is a fantastic app because it gives you a lot of bang for your buck. You will not have a problem setting rules for your children, and actually enforcing rules on your children. Even if your children are smart and tech-savvy, they will not be able to bypass the technology powering Spyzie. If you need a powerful, feature rich parental control app, then Spyzie is your best choice.

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