How to Set a Time Limit for Kids on Their iPad

It’s becoming increasingly common for us to read articles, posts, studies and through word of mouth that iPads are becoming more and more of a problem in modern-day life. Of course, as a tool and as a computer, it’s a wonderful piece of technology with the possibilities to do amazing things that could shape the way the human race evolves.

However, there is a rapid increase in the number of reports that iPads are having dangerous side effects, especially when it comes to children. Most notably are the physical and mental side effects that these devices are having.

Today, we’re going to explore and the ins and outs of iPads on children and how you can proactively limit the screen time that children have every day.

Set Time Limit on iPad

The iPad has been available since 2012, so the long-term effects of extended use of these devices are relatively unknown. However, many scientists, researchers and psychologists are already starting to see the effects, and they are mainly negative. In a physical sense, children are playing and being far less active than they used to be. This is because they are sitting around too much and not getting the recommended amount of exercise (at least an hour a day).

However, the effects are far more damaging if you look at the mental side of things. Many psychologists have already started to notice signs of anxiety, depression, increased levels of anger and aggression and extremely disrupted sleep patterns, even in children as young as three years old.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that parents around the world are looking for ways to limit their children’s screen time while encouraging them to get outside and enjoy life socially.

5 Best iPad Time Limit Apps

If you’re looking for ways to limit your child’s iPad screen time, you won’t need to look any further than this. To get you off on the right foot, here is our top five iPad screen time limiting apps to help you keep control.

1. Spyzie Parental Control

Spyzie is a world-class, market-leading iPad time limit app that’s full of features you can use to track and monitor your child’s screen time. Not only can track the time, but you can also actively block apps and restrict internet access.

  • Block apps and internet usage
  • Track and monitor app usage
  • Remote control the iPad from anywhere in the world
  • Set iPad time limit app

Price - Free - $39.99 per month

iPad time limit app - Spyzie Parental Control

2. OurPact

OurPact is a family-based device control app that allows you to monitor and track the amount of time your children, and the rest of your family, spend on their devices. Not only do you have remote control options with this app, but you’ll also have access to reports, so you can see exactly what’s going on.

  • Web filter and internet restrictor
  • Time allowance feature
  • Individual, custom app rules
  • Real-time device location tracking

Price - Free (with pro options per device)

iPad time limit app - OurPact

3. Kidslox

Kidslox is a free, easy-to-use iPad time limit app that works across a range of iOS devices. Not only will you have the ability to block certain apps on an individual level, but you can also apply custom web filters, manage daily limits and even monitor multiple devices from one app remotely.

  • Individual app blocking features
  • Custom website blocking features
  • Set time limits for individual or all apps
  • Set iPad time limit app

Price - Free

iPad time limit app - Kidslox

4. ScreenTime

As the title suggests, ScreenTime is a comprehensive screen time and iPad time limit app that allows you to track and monitor the usage of your child’s iPad while actively sending you reports, so you know exactly what’s being accessed and when.

  • Comprehensive reports and device statistics
  • Create a custom device schedule
  • Reward and tasks system
  • Pause your child’s device at any time

Price - Free

iPad time limit app - ScreenTime

5. Moment

Moment is one of the most popular screen control and iPad time limit app apps that can you track and monitor your children, and the rest of your families, device usage. You can see exactly what is being accessed, when and how long for.

  • App-by-app statistics on usage
  • Set iPad time limit app
  • Add and manage multiple devices

Price - Free

iPad time limit app - Moment

Spyzie - The Best iPad Monitoring Software

As we mentioned above, Spyzie is a world-class phone and tablet monitoring app that has helped thousands of families around the world take back control of their lives from the grip of technological devices. Currently, the restrictions settings only work on Android devices, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t monitor iOS devices.

Using Spyzie, you’ll be able to wirelessly install the app onto your child’s iPad which opens a whole wealth of activity for you to stay informed. In addition to real-time GPS location tracking and website and download history monitoring, you’ll also be able to use added features such as live screenshots and screen recording, keyloggers and unrestricted access to social media accounts, emails, messages, phone calls and app usage statistics.

What’s more, you can sign into your Spyzie account and the control panel from your phone, tablet or desktop computer, all you need is a browser. This means you can remotely access the phone, using a secure password service, no matter where you are in the world, meaning you can track and monitor out the house when your child might try to sneak time on their device.

This means you can be sure exactly what’s happening on your child’s device, so you can stay in control and keep your child safe.

iPad Monitoring Software

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

As you can see, when you’re trying to monitor, track and stay in control of your child’s iPad device, as a parent should be doing in terms of your child’s health and safety, there are numerous options out there that you can start using and implementing today.

Furthermore, Spyzie comes with a free trial period to get you started. This means you can try out the iPad monitoring software for yourself, making sure it’s the exact platform you want, without having to spend a cent!

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