Effective Solutions To Set Notification On Youtube For Children

Part 1: Introduction:

With the existence of smartphones and social media, applications have completely changed the lifestyle of people of all ages. Now, even kid can surf the internet without much hassle, and all thanks go to innovate and easy-to-use technology called Smartphone. There is no doubt that life has become much easier now, but social media, especially YouTube has a bad impact on the kids.

YouTube is an amazing source of information, and you can find anything you're looking for. But, it also has a dark side. Sometimes, kid's surfing on the internet end up accessing harmful content like pornography. Considering this factor, it has become a significant concern for parents to protect their kid's from harmful content on YouTube.

Thankfully, there are some possible ways like you can set a notification on YouTube that can help you to limit your kid's access to the videos on YouTube.


Part 2: What is a notification on YouTube and set up notification?

YouTube is all about watching videos online and subscribing to various channels. However, there is so much more one can do now with this social media app. There is a YouTube feature called notifications, and this feature notifies you whenever there is a new video and update available from your subscribed channels and other types of content via push notifications and email on Smartphone. That's all about YouTube notification.

Now, wondering how to set notification? Well, it is quite easy, and you can enable the notification within the YouTube app on both Android and iPhone devices.

Step 1: Go to your YouTube app and then, click "Settings."


Step 2: Next, click "Notifications" and then, click "Turn on" and follow the instructions.


Step 3: Now, you can select what notifications you like to get.


You can choose to get notifications about recommendations according to what you're watching, updates of your subscribed channels, comments, and much more. As you also know, getting a lot of notifications can be quite distracting at work or when you are watching videos. The good news is that the app can save all of your notifications and view them at a particular time and you can do it by enabling the "Scheduled Digest" feature.

Pros of YouTube Notification:

  • Notifications always help you to stay up-to-date about new updates and videos from your favorite channels.
  • YouTube will send your notifications via email or push notification based on your interests.

Cons of YouTube Notification:

  • Sometimes, it can be very irritating to receive YouTube notifications when you're doing some important task.

Recently, YouTube app for iOS and Android devices have updated with features that can benefit parents who are interested to know what their kids are watching on YouTube. The primary purpose of the new feature is to minimize the kid's addiction to the Smartphone and interment and restrict YouTube time. Most of the new features that YouTube has updated in its app are parental control options, which are introduced for controlling the time limit.

What can do if YouTube notification not works?

If YouTube notification and its parental control options don't work, then don't be panic as you can use Spyzie, an alternative third-party app that can help you to set up a notification on YouTube.

Spyzie is the most trusted and powerful monitoring tool available on the internet that parents can use to monitor their kid's internet activities. Many parents use Spyzie to protect their kid's from various digital threats. YouTube is quite a popular social media app, especially among kid's and teens. To ensure that your child doesn't access harmful content on YouTube, this monitoring solution is very helpful.

Wondering how Spyzie can help you to set up a notification on YouTube? Then, it has the keywords alerts feature. With the help of this feature, you can get instant notification whenever wrong or inappropriate phrases or keywords are used on the target phone. It can help you to find out if your kid is searching for wrong content such as drug, violence, pornography, etc.

Part 3: What else can Spyzie do better to protect kids' safety?

Keeping the kids safe nowadays is a very big challenge for the parents. But if you want to protect your kids from the online threats and dangers, keeping them away from harmful content is also your job. Spyzie can help you to do so. It is the most trustworthy monitoring and tracking solution for Android and iOS devices. From keywords alert to app activity monitoring, Spyzie has all the features that you need in a parental control tool. The app works efficiently without disrupting the phone routine. So, your child won't even realize that they have a spying app on their phone.

The various features of Spyzie which make it far more useful than any other monitoring tool are mentioned below:

  • Monitor social messages, call logs, photos, and videos on the target device remotely.
  • Limit the use of the phone with the help of Schedule Restriction feature.
  • App Activity monitor will provide an accurate report of the device usage and the time spent on every application.
  • App Blocker makes it possible to block any application on the target device permanently.
  • GPS and Wi-Fi logger feature to track the exact location of the target device anytime.
  • Set Geofences to get alerts when the target device crosses the safe zone.
  • Clue feature to notify the parents regarding deleted SMS, calls, videos, and photos on the device.
  • Check voice, memos, events, and arrangements on the calendar
  • Stay updated with social media apps and tracks all activities online.
  • Use the keylogger feature to record the input information of various apps installed on the device.

To use Spyzie on the kid's phone, you first need to install it. Here are the steps that you need to follow to set up the tool for monitoring.

Step 1: Open the main website page and register for a Spyzie account. Click on the Sign-Up button and provide a valid Email ID for the account. Create a password for login and press the Sign-Up button after agreeing with the terms of use.

To make sure that you can use the app, prefer using an authentic Email address. You will receive the order detail, download link, and the account credential inside the mail.


Step 2: Begin the setup process and input the kid's name and age whose device you want to track. Pick the Operating System of the target device and move forward with the setup.


Step 3: Get physical access to the Android phone and open Security Settings. Enable the Unknown Sources installation on the device and then proceed with the download. Open the mail and click on the download link. Wait while the app downloads on the device and install it as soon as the download finishes.


Step 4: Launch the app and sign-in using the same email id and password. The app will ask you to access various features of the device. Grant all permission and activate the Device Administrator service. As you activate the service, the app icon will disappear from the home screen. Now, the child won't be able to see the app on their device, and it'll work in stealth mode.


Step 5: Start monitoring the target device from the app or website. As you log in, you will be redirected to the control panel where you can put up restriction over the device. You can set a notification on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and every other app installed on the phone.


Why Spyzie stands out?

You must be wondering that there are numerous tools available on the internet, so why we should choose Spyzie among them. Well, here are some reasons to prefer Spyzie over other tracking and monitoring apps.

  1. No need or jailbreak of the target device is essential to install Spyzie.
  2. The application comes with dedicated customer support.
  3. It runs in stealth mode and hence can't be detected by the target user.
  4. The application features are available via website and application dashboard.
  5. The premium membership of Spyzie account is available at reasonable prices.

Part 4: Conclusion:

Thus, it concludes that Spyzie is the best app on which you can rely on when the YouTube notification is not working. Spyzie allows the parents to track the kids anytime, anywhere without any hassle. So, the next time one of your friends or family member faces a situation like this, you can recommend Spyzie and help them to deal with the crisis easily.

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