Ways to Set Your iTunes Child-Friendly with Parental Control Restriction


Parental control apps for iOS devices are great ways of providing an envelope of protection around your child. However, you are only monitoring their activities on the Phone and their access to several internet contents. With iTunes parental controls and iTunes restrictions, you can stop your children from gaining access to any inappropriate content such as pornography, explicit music that require parental advice. One as a parent must understand what is necessary for them to allow and what to restrict for their children. Besides, all sorts of content are freely available on the internet when you want to have access to it and children get more involved very quickly with that sort of material. There are a few ad-one and features provided by Apple for children's safety access.

Parental control means to fight the internet world and its negatives by staying aware of your children's activities. To deal with such events that are leading your child to lousy future, you must take note of a few apps that can help you with this kind OS monitoring. On your safety and parental control over your children, iTunes restrictions and iTunes parental controls are necessary because they prevent access to pornography and other contents in your child's devices.

iTunes is a store that is full of music, TV shows, books and movies but not all contents are appropriate for children, that is why Apple came out with a built-in feature for parents to monitor and control the content on iTunes.

Here is how to use iTunes restrictions with steps

A few steps to follow are:

1. Click settings, then restrictions. You can then restrict the websites, music & podcasts and so on according to your preference. You can also limit adult content as shown in the image below.



2. Click on the Restrictions tab, and that is where you will find the restrictions options from where you have to block the contents:

  • The iTunes internet radio stations
  • The iTunes store it and if you stick your access to the store, you can still have access to content through iTunes U.
  • The podcasts
  • The shared libraries
  • Apple music artist's posts and profiles


The pros :

  • The privacy settings can be locked according to the configuration set by parents.
  • As a parent, you can restrict your children from downloading apps and browsing the web.

The Cons :

  • You cannot prevent access from certain apps unless and until you delete them first.
  • One cannot hide Apple-installed system apps.

Few tips for using iTunes restrictions with multiple accounts :

  1. With the accounts created, tell everyone in the family their username and password and make sure they understand that they must log out of their mind when they are done using the computer. Parents should make sure they know all of their kids' usernames and passwords.
  2. Each kid should also have his or her own iTunes account. You can learn to create a website for kids here.
  3. To apply content restrictions to kids' iTunes, log into each user account and configure iTunes Restrictions as explained on the previous page.

An alternative to iTunes restrictions :

If iTunes restrictions do not work properly, then one can go with other features in iOS. With the help of this feature, one can easily prevent explicit contents.

Some contents that you can restrict are

  • Prevents specific ratings and apps
  • For books, prevents specific ratings and content
  • News and posts and podcasts
  • Materials that are inappropriate for the kids – specially matured content, explicit lyrics.

To limit access to adult content, the iOS app can help filter it for the kids. You can limit access to specific websites and the content. Follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Screen Time.

2. Enter the screen time password after setting the privacy restrictions

3. Tap Content Restrictions, then tap Web Content.

Choose unrestricted access and limit adult websites. Depending on the access you allow, you can add the website that you want to restrict.

To restrict Siri features:

1. Go to Settings and tap Screen Time.

2. Go to the privacy restrictions and then tap content restrictions

3. Choose your settings after scrolling down to Siri. Restrict Siri features

  • Prevent Siri from searching the restricted websites
  • Restrict Siri from revealing explicit language

Spyzie, a parental control app


Spyzie is a renowned parental control application because it can help you monitor and control your kid's activities remotely. Therefore, if you are planning thinking about restricting your children from a few applications that you feel are harmful to them and if iTunes restrictions are not working properly, then you must download this app from the play store or app store. The app is available for both Android and iOS. You can restrict content on iTunes by following a few steps. There is a bunch of stuff that you can control with this app; you can filter out the content for your children, giving them access to only what is appropriate according to you. Spyzie is very easy to use, and it has many features that will help you figure out how to filter the content very quickly.

With Spyzie, you can instantly start monitoring data of your children activities like their everyday work and what they are doing with their phones. Spyzie can help you track down messages remotely without your children knowing about it because the app works in a stealth mode. It has a very efficient GPS that can help you track the target device. The app can be installed on both Android and iOS systems, and if you are looking for complete protection then for your children, then this is the app that you need. Spyzie is widely used by people to track down, monitor and spy on other people. Moreover, like monitor social messages remotely, check browsing history and app installation can also be done with Spyzie. You can easily monitor any device in real time, and it is 100% safe as well.

You can download the Spyzie app and make use of it quickly because of its great features.

Features :

  • Tracks your data and filters them for you (prevents unwanted material and content)
  • 100% privacy protection
  • You can have real-time access to your children's devices
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Pros :

  • Prevents the access of explicit data for your Smartphone
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Has a powerful GPS.
  • Filters out all the unwanted apps from your iOS devices and keeps your children from inappropriate content.

Easy steps to set Spyzie :

Part 1: You need a premium account, access to the target iPhone, the iCloud account on the target iPhone. Control panel app.


Part 2:

Step 1: Open a Spyzie account from your iPhone and get a premium subscription. Provide your authentic e-mail address and gain access to the control panel.


Step 2: To monitor your Phone, complete the simple setup process, and there is a wizard to go through right after registration. Choose the OS and to fill in the name of the target device. Put in the iCloud password that is signed in the target's Phone. Make sure that the iCloud backup and syncing service is activated on the target device. If not, please visit apple.com to learn how to set up an iCloud backup on an iPhone.


Part 3: To view the data, you must access the control panel of the device. The data will be synced after the data process is complete. The monitored data will not be updated if the target device is disconnected or turned off.


In this article, you can find how to restrict your kids from gaining access to additional and unwanted material on iTunes. ITunes parental controls are essential for a parent to monitor the phone and online activities of their kids and safeguard their future. Spyzie is the best online app that provides all-round protection from harmful contents and filters out the rest for your children to have access. The app has the capacity to restrict your children from harmful applications, and it has delivered the best results for iOS devices. You can find many apps in the Appstore, but Spyzie has its own benefits. It is an essential app for all parents who want to keep their children from accessing, adult and inappropriate content and monitor their online activities remotely. Spyzie has a very effective screen time tool to help your children as well.

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