How to Set a Screen Time Limit on iPhone

iPhone has become a much-loved device among both the adults and children. Since the launch of the first iPhone, it has become a much-anticipated smartphone among others. Adults and children use the iPhone for various purposes and it is no wonder that your kid might also have an iPhone of their own. But as a parent, you might be concerned about your children neglecting their studies due to their iPhone. You may be worried whether your child uses the iPhone at school too during classes. This can affect their future in the worst possible way and so you would like to set iPhone time limit on their device. For more information, continue with the article.

Best Apps to Limit Time on iPhone

As a parent, you will be always concerned about the safety of your children especially if they have an iPhone of their own. If your child spends too much time on their iPhone, they may neglect their studies and this will affect their future. Children can easily get addicted to games and social media and to control their addiction, you would like iPhone parental controls time limit apps. These apps, like the name suggests, will limit the screen time of the targeted iPhone and lock or unlock the apps and games for a specified time. You can set the time limit for the apps and games. Your child will only be able to access that app for a fixed time in a day. This will ensure that your children stay glued to their smartphone and pay attention to their studies.

1. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a wonderful parental control app to limit time on iPhone available for both iOS and Android devices. It also supports Windows and MacOS based computers and laptops. Net Nanny has a screen time limiter feature that allows you to control the time your children can use the internet or other apps. Once a limit has been set, the target will only be able to use the internet at specified times and otherwise, it will be locked.

  • Supports remote monitoring.
  • Allows filtering of web content and warns about inappropriate content.
  • Blocks pornography and other illicit content.
  • Schedule time limits in which the target can use their device.


  • $12/device for 5 devices
  • $9/device for 10 devices

iPhone parental controls time limit - Net Nanny

2. OurPact

OurPact is a parental control app designed for parents to restrict smartphone usage of their kids on their iPhone and Android Smartphones. OurPact allows parents to block their kid’s access to the internet by blocking Safari and other browsers. You can even block apps and games while also blocking social media. You can even set daily screen time limit for your children and also schedule internet and apps usage.

  • OurPact has a screen time limiter.
  • You can block and schedule app usage.
  • It also allows blocking the internet.
  • Can be remotely operated on any device.

Price - Free version is available but screen time limiter feature is only available in premium version. Premium version costs $6.99/ month.

iPhone parental controls time limit - OurPact

3. Screen Time

Screen Time is yet another addition to the best iPhone parental control time limit apps. You can get daily reports of Web usage of your kids, while also monitoring what they download and install. Moreover, you can get protection, not allowing your kids to uninstall the Screen Time. You can sign for a single Screen Time account and monitor all of your devices, whether they are Android or iPhone

  • Easily set time limits for your child iPhone.
  • Can be accessed through a mobile app or any browser i.e. remote monitoring.
  • Create and edit schedules for homework, outdoor activities and iPhone usage.
  • Monitor web and app usage of your child.
  • You can even block apps and games including social media.

Price - Premium version at $3.99/ month

iPhone parental controls time limit - Screen Time

4. Space

Space an iPhone time limit app that allows you to monitor screen time and set warning about over usage of apps. Space can be used to free the people addicted to their mobile devices by calculating the usage of every app. Then when you go overboard, a warning notification is sent telling you that you have used the app for too long. Parents can use this app to control the smartphone addiction of their children who can get easily addicted to any latest technology.

  • Monitor app usage and device usage patterns.
  • Calculates device usage in real time.
  • Disable internet, calls, and messages.
  • Schedule internet and apps usage time.

Price - Free to download. Premium version - $3.99/3 months, $5.99/6 months

iPhone parental controls time limit - Space

5. unGlue

unGlue is a screen time parental control app to limit time on iPhone. This parental control app allows you to set a limit on your child’s screen time and teach them a lesson on healthy device habits. Moreover, it has a feature that lets your child earn more screen time by taking part in physical activities. This helps them learn the value of time and change their behavior for good. Moreover, you don’t need to install the app on each device.

  • UnGlue has a screen time tracker and limiter.
  • Block apps and games and limit usage time.
  • Monitor web activity and block adult content.
  • You can turn internet on and off on a device remotely.
  • Allows monitoring apps usage.

Price - $9.99/month

iPhone parental controls time limit - unGlue

Spyzie: Best iPhone Monitoring Tool

Screen Time monitoring of kids have become very necessary as all kids nowadays have a smartphone like iPhone or Android Smartphone. These smartphones are like a miniature computer on which you can surf internet, play games, install hundreds of different apps, browse social networks. Phone calls and messaging are a given. Due to smartphones, monitoring children have become very difficult as they are easy to hide than computers. Kids use iPhone for several hours a day, which isn’t good for health as well as moral behavior.

So if you are a parent, you would like a parental control app and Spyzie is the best app for this purpose. You can use Spyzie to monitor cell phone activities of your kids as well monitor app usage and browser history. Spyzie is available for both iPhone and Android devices, it can only limit screen time on Android devices. This feature is not available for iPhone and other iOS devices. But still, it is the best monitoring tool that you can use to monitor iOS devices without jailbreaking your device.

Best iPhone Monitoring Tool

Spyzie iPhone monitoring features -

  • You can track browser history and bookmarks on the target iPhone.
  • View call logs and messages sent and received with full contact name, time and frequency of contact.
  • Remotely see the contacts, reminders, and notes on the target iPhone.
  • Track location history and application usage.
  • Preview photos and videos on the target iOS devices.

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

Monitoring tools are a great necessity these days and Spyzie is one of the best monitoring tools available today. You can even monitor iPhone without needing to jailbreak the iPhone and installing monitoring app on the iPhone. You just need to know the iCloud ID and password on the target device and you can start monitoring it easily. So just Sign up for a free Spyzie account and buy a monthly subscription as per your needs and start monitoring your kid’s activities.

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