How to Put Parental Control on Hulu for Children?

Part 1: Introduction:

The streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Roku, YouTube, and others have a vast library of movies and shows. And when you have access to these streaming services at your fingertips, no can stop you from exploring new things. But the massive collection makes it easy for the kids to stumble across inappropriate content online. That’s why there are parental controls on Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and other online streaming services.

If you look closer, it is pretty clear that parental controls are the most evident tool to prevent the kids from interacting with offensive and adult content. But what if the Hulu parental controls are not working? It will create a dilemma for you like these, even with these so-called restrictions; your kids are not safe. Not only should you know how to establish proper parental controls but also regularly update the settings to keep an eye on your kids.

Here, we are going to explore how to use the Parental control feature of Hulu. Hopefully, when you finish the article, you’ll know how to keep your kids away from the detrimental and negative impact of these streaming services.


Part 2: What is Hulu Parental Control and How to Enable It on Android?

Hulu is a top-rated American video-on-demand service which is controlled and owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Customer & International. The subscription provides a more extensive array of choices to the viewers. It can be accessed on Computer, laptop, TV, and mobile phones too.

Similarly to the other streaming services, Hulu also offers parental control services. Although you won’t find Roku parental controls anywhere, Hulu makes it sure that the parents can control what their kids watch on these portals.

To set parental control on Hulu, you have to follow straightforward criteria. The best thing is to create a separate profile for your kids. But you’ll also have to make sure that the kids don’t log out of their profile and log in to your profile. If they play by your specified rules, there is no chance that the kids will accidentally stumble across the adult movies or shows they shouldn’t be watching.

According to Hulu, you should be at least 17 years old to view the mature content online. But parents can change the age of the kid’s profile to continue blocking adult content from the kids even after they are 17. The parents can create a profile using TV, website, and even a mobile application. If you want to enable the parental controls, you simply have to create the kid’s separate profile. Follow the steps below to add a kid’s profile on your Android phone:

1: Click on your Account icon in the Hulu app on your phone.

2: Tap on your name and open the Profiles Page.

3: Hit the “+” icon, and you will be able to create a new profile.

4: Hover over the Profile Name and enter your kid’s name. Enter his/her birth details and gender. If you want, you can also enable Kid-friendly programs.


5: After filling out the kid’s information, hit the Create Profile button at the bottom.

Now, if you log out of the device, the kids can only log in to their account which has parental controls. As Hulu doesn’t have any custom parental control options, kids always sneak out and use their parent’s account to browse through the unlimited content on Hulu.

Part 3: Best Alternative To Hulu Parental Control:

If the Hulu parental controls are not working out to prevent your kids from browsing, then you can try out a better alternative. After all, there are more than enough third-party parental control tools available in the market. But you need the one which is effective and remote. So, we will recommend using Spyzie as it is one of the most iconic programs to track and monitor the kid’s activities all day long.

A: Spyzie:

Spyzie is the app which can keep track of your kids or spouse or boyfriend or any other person. It is a complete phone tracking and monitoring solution which operates remotely. You can monitor both Android and iOS devices with this tool. This app can also be used to establish parental controls on Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, or any other app on the target device, then Spyzie is your Go-To solution. The functions of Spyzie will make it possible for the parents to gain remote access to the kid’s device and track them physically and virtually.

The various features of the software that you can use to keep your kids safe and secure are given below:

  • Track all smartphones using the GPS, Geofencing, and Wi-Fi logger feature.
  • Block unwanted and inappropriate application on the device with the App Blocker.
  • Restrict mobile phone usage using Schedule Restriction.
  • Check the browsing history, call log, messages, and emails remotely.
  • Automatically record the input information of all apps with the smart keylogger feature.
  • Clue will give you detail regarding the deleted data on the mobile phone.
  • Social media monitoring feature will keep the parent updated with your current activities.
  • App Activity Monitor sends a timely report of the usage of the target device, including duration.

B: How to Use Spyzie?

When the Hulu parental controls are not working, using Spyzie will assure that the kids don’t overexploit the services they have. The incredible features guarantee that the kids won’t be able to use the apps in the Android phone without the parent’s permission. To use Spyzie, follow the steps explained below. The main steps are only three, but we are explaining them in detail for the users.

Step 1: Begin with visiting the official website of Spyzie. Click on the Sign-Up button and proceed with the registration process. Enter a valid email ID and create a password for your account. Agree with the terms of use and click on the Sign-Up button.


Make sure that you enter an authentic ID as the confirmation link, download link, and order details are sent via email.

Step 2: Move forward with the setup process and provide the target device information. Enter the kid’s name, age, and his/her device Operating System information.


Step 3: Now, you’ll have to install the application on the target device. Get physical access of the target phone and enable Unknown Sources Installation on the device under the Security settings.


Step 4: Open your Email ID and click on the download link. Wait while the app downloading finishes and install the app on the device.


Step 5: Open the app and sign in with the same account credentials that you used for sign up. Grant all the permissions to the app and activate the device administrator service. Once the service is activated, the app icon will disappear immediately. The app will work in the background in stealth mode.


Step 6: After the setup is finished, it’s your choice whether you want to monitor the device via website or app. When you log in, you will be redirected to the control panel dashboard where you can access the available features of the application. When you access the panel for the first time, it takes several minutes to sync the data. Refresh the panel after a few minutes and start monitoring.


You can use Spyzie to take a screenshot of the kid’s activities, see if they delete any photo, video, message, or call on the phone. You can also use the app blocker feature to entirely block the Hulu app from the device or put Schedule restriction to it. Plus, you get to stay updated with the App timeline feature which gives you a status report in the usage of all apps on the Android device.

Part 4: Conclusion:

Now, you know that Hulu parental controls 2019 are useful only up to a certain point. But, you know that there is another application which can do the job better than the inbuilt parental control feature. Don’t forget to recommend Spyzie to your friends and family members who are experiencing the same issue with their kids. You never know who needs Spyzie more than you.

FAQs: How to change age on Hulu profile?

First, go to the Hulu Website, log in, and select the profile you want to edit as the one watching. Hover over the name on the top right until a menu option appears. Select “Profiles.” And then hover over the name of the profile you wish to change and press the pencil button. Select “Male” or “Female” and hit save.

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