How to monitor the kid’s phone and app usage

How to monitor the kid’s phone and app usage

In the 21st century, and almost all of us are dependent on the internet as well as on mobile phones. Everything is available on the internet. From education to marketing, the internet has everything in its palate to offer. Nevertheless, apart from its perks and benefits the internet also has its dark sides, which are harmful to society, especially for the kids. The Internet has made it accessible for the kids to surf the explicit and violent contents with ease, which is not good for their future and the psychological development of the kids. Therefore, if you are a concerned parent, you can look up to app usage monitor apps to get a deeper insight into the phone usage and the app usage of your child. Thus, to make it clear to you, here we are going to provide you with a guide about how to monitor your kid’s phone and app usage.

What can kids benefit from the phone usage monitor?

Apart from the parents, kids will also cherish the benefits of the phone usage monitor. It will help them in the process of developing a healthy future along with healthy psychology. So, let us discuss a bit about the benefits of the kids if their parents monitor their phone.

It will help them to develop a healthy and proper psychology

Well, we already talked about how violent and explicit contents are capable of taking a serious toll on the mind of the kids. Those contents will develop a scar in the mentality of the kids, and they can suffer from it for the rest of their life. But, if you can take control of the situation by using an app usage monitor app, you can avoid those unwanted situations by monitoring their online activities. Hence, you can help your kid to develop healthy psychology which is important for their future.

It will protect them from the potential dangers

At this moment, the world is full of risks, and for that reason most of the parents are concerned. So, if the parents are tracking the phone usage of their child with the help of a phone usage monitor app, it will ultimately protect the child. And by potential dangers, we meant kidnapping, cyberbullying, identity theft and several other things.

Kids can reach home safely without losing their track

There are many times when a kid loses his way while coming back from school or any other place. During those times, they become tensed and take some inappropriate steps in haste, which induces several harmful aspects. So, if a parent is tracking the location of their child by using an app usage monitor, they will be able to guide their child properly, so that they can reach home safely.

Helps in the process of character development

Sometimes, after surfing the explicit contents on the internet, some kids head towards a dark path. Those contents create wounds in the psychology of those kids and hamper the process of character development. But if they are under the monitor of their parents, it is likely that they will not choose that path, which is eventually good for the sake of their bright future.

Study & play properly

Most of the times, kids lose track of time while using the phone which affects their study timing and indoor or outdoor activities. Parents must monitor the phone usage of the kids to check if they are not on the phone for hours after hours neglecting their studies. This way the kid can be good on their studies as well as other activities.

What can parents benefit from the phone usage monitor?

Now, it is the time when we must discuss the benefits that parents are going to enjoy if they use a phone usage monitor app. No one will be happier than the parents if they find out that their kids are safe from all the unwanted dangers. So, here is the list of benefits, of which we are talking about:

Protection of their child from the explicit contents

A massive amount of garbage is present in the ocean of the internet, and they shouldn’t reach the kids by any means. Or else, the kid will develop negative influences, and that can hamper his behavior. Apart from that, there is also a possibility that his friends will introduce him to sexting without the parent’s prior knowledge and that can be detrimental for the future of the kid. The nude images, which he will send in the form of sexting, can be used as a tool of blackmailing in the future. So, it is recommended for the parents to use any app usage monitor app for the sake of protection of their child.

Stolen devices can be quickly recovered

When there is a phone in the hands of your child, be sure that it is quite vulnerable because the parents don’t know where the child is going to travel, as they are explorer by nature. If the situation arises when the child visits some unsafe places or if someone steals his phone, it becomes very tough to find it. Thus, to avoid that situation, parents should install phone usage monitor app so that they can quickly recover the phone with the help of GPS and punish the goon who have stolen the phone.

Tracking the movements of the child

There are several times when you will find out that your child is breaking the law, which you have set for them and they are travelling to those places which you have warned them about. Thus, if you are using the app that tracks the movement of the child, it will be easier for you to keep monitoring him even when you are not with him. Also, there is a chance that when your child is exploring the adjacent areas of your house, he might lose his way and you can go to him for the sake of his rescue.

Knowing the people who are spending time with your child

If you don’t monitor the phone usage of your child, it will be hard for you to find out the people with whom your child is spending time. Maybe he is with someone who can establish some bad influences in your child or abuse him. So, to avoid those circumstances, it will be good for you as a parent if you use an app usage monitor app that tracks the app usage of your child and also provides you with the information of the places where your child is visiting.

A possible way to monitor app usage without a third-party app

Well, it is possible to monitor app usage without using a third-party app, and now we are going to discuss it.

In case of iOS

Like the task manager for the windows, there is an inbuilt tool present in the iOS named ‘Activity Monitor’. With the help of that tool, you can monitor the app usage of the various apps, which are running in your device. All you have to do is to open the ‘Activity Monitor’ and tap on the ‘Network’ tab to know the app usage of your device.

In the case of Androids

Like any other platforms, Android also has an inbuilt tool, which will help you to monitor the app usage of your Android device. Do not expect it to be as detailed as iOS but it is quite useful if you don’t prefer any third-party apps on your device. To open this tool, you first have to visit the settings option, followed by ‘network and internet’ option and finally, you have to tap on the ‘data usage’ option on your phone and then you will get the details about the app usage of your device.

How to monitor kid’s app usage with Spyzie?

As Spyzie is a very user-friendly app, you don’t have to go through any hard times while using this app.

How to monitor the kid’s phone and app usage

Features of Spyzie

  • Tracks text messages.
  • Give access to contacts.
  • Allows checking the browser history.
  • Lets you to view photos of the target device.
  • It gives accession to the calendar.
  • Helps you to view the installed apps.
  • It provides you with a preview of the videos.
  • It helps to read the notes and reminders.

How to install Spyzie?

To install Spyzie, there are few steps to follow:

Step 1: You have to go to the official website of the Spyzie and register yourself with it and download the app from there.

How to monitor the kid’s phone and app usage

Step 2: After that, you have to submit all the necessary information about the target device

How to monitor the kid’s phone and app usage

Step 3: You must activate the unknown sources in your device from the security settings.

How to monitor the kid’s phone and app usage

Step 4: After installation, activate the option ‘system update service’.

How to monitor the kid’s phone and app usage

How to monitor the kid’s phone and app usage

Finally, you will be able to get access to the Spyzie dashboard. From there, you will be allowed to monitor the location, messages, photos, calendars, reminders and numerous other things of the targeted device.


Therefore, monitor your kid’s phone usage and app usage so that you can make yourself aware of the dangers near him and eventually protect him.

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