How to set child lock easily on Samsung tablet for parental control

Samsung is a big name in the tech world because of its coolest devices and gadgets. All the phones, tablets and gadgets that are created by Samsung is adored and used by a huge number of people around the world, that includes kids also. Samsung tablets are very famous for their size, performance, stability and ease of use among kids and parents. Parents allow their kids to use these tablets and access the internet, games, social media websites and various other contents. Your kids can get addicted to these Samsung tablets, social media apps, games and also access harmful contents on the internet. You need to start considering parental control on Samsung tablet as an important factor for a parent. If you don’t know anything about Android parental control, then you have come to the right place. With the help of this article, you are going to learn everything about Samsung kid mode and how to use the best parental control app to set Android child lock easily.

Part 1: Samsung kid mode and how to use it

Samsung kid mode is a great way to put parental control on a Samsung tablet. Parents have a big duty to protect their children from anything harmful or addictive for them. Samsung tablets are very powerful with various apps, games, social media apps. With the help the internet kids can access almost anything from their Samsung tablet. All these social media apps, games and some other apps can be very addictive to kids in this modern era and they can access all the good and bad contents of the internet that are age inappropriate. Samsung kid mode will help you to let your kid’s use the Samsung Tablet and enter into their own imaginary world without anything harmful for them. It allows kids to be in a child-friendly environment with bright colors and cheerful characters. They will have very limited access to the functions of Samsung tablet and you will decide which apps your children can access and their usage time. You will have full control over your kid’s tablet usage and they won’t be able to access anything else that are not allowed for them

Here is how to use Samsung kid mode

1. First you need to download the app from Google Play Store on the Samsung tablet.

download samsung kids mode

2. Then you need to launch the app using the “Kids Mode” icon of your tablet screen.


3. Next you need to set a new pin code to enable parental control and child protection.


4. After that you need to set a profile for your kid. You need to fill up the information of your kid that includes gender, name, date of birth etc. and more. Provide this information and create your kid’s profile.

5. Next you need to set usage and playtime limits for your kid. You can also manage what kind of contents you will allow your kids to access.


6. You can also set other restrictions or change your pin if you want, from the “Settings” menu.

7. Finally, you can just open Kids Mode, start playtime and let your kid play with the Samsung tablet.


Part 2: What to do if Samsung Kid Mode Doesn’t Work or Can’t Protect Kids in All Round Way – An Alternative

Samsung Kids Mode is a great parental control app but it doesn’t cover the whole parental control thing on Samsung tablet. In order to protect your kids in all round way or Kids Mode doesn’t work properly then you need to start using an alternative. An alternative Android parental control app named Spyzie can help you to protect your children in all round way. It’s one of the most advanced Android parental control solution that will blow your mind with its attractive features. This amazing app will allow you to control your kid’s Android and iOS devices and protect them from any harmful content or addictive apps. It has a very user friendly interface that is easy to operate anytime.


  • It will allow you to check WhatsApp and other social media app messages like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram etc. on your kid’s phone.
  • You will be able to monitor all the text messages of your kid’s device.
  • It will allow you to track real-time location of your kid’s device so that you know your kid location.
  • You will be able to check the browsing history and call logs, block harmful websites and take screenshot of your kid’s phone anytime.
  • Spyzie can monitor all kinds of data from your kid’s device that includes any kind of app activities.
  • It has keylogger feature that will allow you to know the keystrokes of your kid’s phone.
  • It will also alert you about sensitive information of your kid’s device anytime.

Alt: spyzie android parental control

Part 3: How to Use Spyzie to Set Child Lock

Here is how to set up Android child lock for Samsung Tablet by using Spyzie –

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

First you need to sign up for a new Spyzie account from their official website.

sign up for an account

Step 2: Finish Setting up Account

Then you need to provide the information needed to set up your account and choose your target device to finish setting up your account.

setup spyzie account

Step 3: Download App on Kids Tablet

Next you need to download Spyzie apk file on your kid’s Samsung tablet and install the app.

download and install spyzie

Step 4: Launch the App and Login

After that, you need to launch the app on your kid’s tablet and login by using your accounts login information. Then set up the app by providing needed permissions.

Step 5: Start Monitoring

Then, you can login to the web based dashboard of Spyzie from your computer or other device. You will find an interface like below.

login to dashboard and start monitoring

Step 6: Manage Restrictions

Finally, you can manage schedule restrictions from the dashboard and set the time limits for each app of your choice or restrict any app usage.

manage usage restrictions


After reading this article, all you can think about now is Android parental control. It’s really easy to setup Samsung kid mode if you have a step by step guideline like this article. But for permanent and stable parental control on Samsung tablet, you need to start using Spyzie. It will provide you better and successful results on Android child lock than any other app available on the internet.

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