How to limit your kids’ iPhone usage

Want to know how to limit iPhone usage of your kids? Read the article below that covers all aspects of limiting iPhone usage for your kid.

From watching movies to playing video games, iPhone’s are stellar devices that enable us to do anything. However, as fantastic as iPhones are, there are real dangers to excessively using iPhones, especially for children. Studies show that too much sensory stimulation can impede brain development in a child. Exposure to sensory stimulation from electronic devices can hinder learning, and lead to sullen, angry behavior. Therefore, it is beneficial to limit iPhone usage for kids. Placing limits on children is tricky, but there are several apps to limit smartphone usage. In addition to apps, you can even use iOS settings to limit phone usage.

How to Limit Your Child's Mobile Usage

iOS settings within the iPhone can be used to restrict usage. Parents can tweak the settings to restrict what can be used and downloaded onto iPhone. Here are some of the settings you can access to limit iPhone usage.

Restriction code

All iOS devices allow parents to restrict what children access. Restrictions are placed by adding a Restriction code, the code allows you to block any apps. To place a restriction code, you need to go to Settings> General > Restrictions. Scroll down to Restrictions and tap to enable restrictions. You will then find a list of all the apps or features on the iPhone, tap on the slider next to each app to block the app.

Guided Access

Guided Access prevents unwarranted purchases. If you have children who buy apps online unknowingly then Guided Access can be used to block these purchases. To activate ‘Guided Access’ you need to go to Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access. You should add a passcode to ensure only you can turn off Guided Access.

Guided Access can even be used to place restrictions on certain apps. To do this, select an app, tap on the home screen button three times. A menu will pop up, allowing you to circle parts of the app to be restricted.

Deactivate Simple Passcode

An excellent method for restricting use is adding a complex passcode. Go to Settings > General > Password Lock, turn off ‘Simple Passcode’. Replace the old password with a new, complex passcode. The passcode should include numbers, letters, and symbols to prevent children from deciphering the code and accessing the phone. Placing a complex passcode is a simple but effective way of limiting iPhone usage. If children do not know the passcode, they cannot access the iPhone, thus limiting usage.

  • Protecting Privacy: It is possible to place restrictions on privacy, which in turn places restrictions on Bluetooth, social media, contacts and location services. To access privacy settings go to General > Restrictions. There is a list of all features that can be restricted. Select a feature to check the settings and what you want to block. Restricting certain features like Bluetooth and social media is an excellent way to limit the number of time children spend on the iPhone. Some apps need access to location services, allowing you to put more limits on app functionality, crucial for limiting usage.
  • Game Center: If your child plays a lot of multiplayer games on the iPhone, then you need to restrict access to games. The best way to restrict access to games, then you should visit ‘Games Center’. The ‘Games Center’ allows you to place restrictions on the type of games your children can play.

5 Best Apps that Limit Your Kids' iPhone Usage

Today, we’re going explore the top five apps that limit your kids' iPhone usage.

1. OurPact Parent Control

OurPact Parent Control is more than just a monitoring app. The app is dedicated to teaching kids the value of time management through internet blocking. Encourage healthy habits in children by teaching them proper time management.

  • Locate family members through geolocation.
  • Download list of apps.
  • Block use of specific apps.
  • Schedule time for use throughout the day or week.
  • Block children from texting at certain times.

Price: Free, with other pricing options included.

Limit iphone usage - OurPact Parent Control

2. Kidslox

As a parent, there is no bigger concern for children than the amount of time spent on the phone. Manage your child’s time on the iPhone through the Kidslox app. The parental control app allows you to manage multiple iOS devices from a single account.

  • Block Internet access.
  • Disable individual apps.
  • Block social media activity.
  • Set screen limits on a daily basis.
  • Filter and block pornographic content.

Price: Free

Limit iphone usage - Kidslox

3. Mobicip Parental Controls

Mobicip is a parental control app using cloud-based web filtering technology. The app allows parents to limit iPhone usage from a single device or account. Parents can also filter inappropriate websites and block app usage.

  • Set custom filtering levels.
  • Filter Youtube content based on title/keywords.
  • Manage other tablets and smartphones.
  • Manage app use remotely.
  • Real-time analysis of websites.

Price: Free, with other pricing options included.

Limit iphone usage - Mobicip Parental Controls

4. Kidgy

Kidgy is a parental control designed to help you manage your family activity remotely. Take charge of your children’s time on the phone from a distance. Kidgy is family tracker designed to make it easier to manage your family’s online activities.

  • Create ‘geofences’ and be informed when children leave the fence.
  • Set tasks for children and be notified when they are done.
  • Check installed apps.
  • Monitor all calls and contacts.
  • Filter websites.

Pricing: Free

Limit iphone usage - Kidgy

5. ScreenGuide Parental Control

ScreenGuide Parental Control by Mosyle allows you to monitor your children’s iPhone usage. The app allows you to enforce parenting rules quickly and easily through a plethora of features.

  • Remotely delete inappropriate apps.
  • Block installation of new apps.
  • Block social media activity.
  • Add multiple devices.
  • Prevent changes to the passcode.

Pricing: Free, with other pricing options included.

Limit iphone usage - ScreenGuide Parental Control

Spyzie - The Best Parental Control Software

Spyzie is a smart phone monitoring app used to complete a variety of functions. It is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. If you need to restrict Android use or monitor iOS usage, then Spyzie is the perfect solution for you. Spyzie can be installed on several devices from top makers including Samsung and Huawei.

Spyzie is ideal for restricting usage on Android phones. However, if you need to monitor your children’s iPhone usage, then Spyzie is the perfect app to use. Spyzie lets you keep tabs on how often your children use the iPhone and what they are doing online. This comprehensive monitoring is possible through several features available after you download the app.

  • Track current location.
  • Download list of contacts.
  • Browse call logs.
  • View installed apps.
  • Monitor social media activity.
  • Track text messages.

Best Parental Control Software

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

iPhones are highly beneficial devices, but excessive use can hurt children’s health in the long run. We recommend installing the Spyzie app to limit iPhone usage. Spyzie is monitoring app, perfect for monitoring and limiting children’s phone usage. Setting up a Spyzie account is a clean, easy process. Spyzie is the most cost-effective option and users can choose any pricing package that suits their finances. The app works on other iOS and Android devices. If you need to limit usage of iPhones and Android devices, then you can use Spyzie all the same.

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