5 Apps to Help You Limit Cell Phone Use

How to limit phone usage? I have two teenage kids and they both spend too much time on their phones. Is there any app to limit phone use?”

These days, a lot of parents approach us with questions like this. If you are also a concerned parent or an employer who would like to limit cell phone use of someone around you, then you are up for a treat. There are plenty of applications out there that can help you do the same. For your convenience, we have handpicked the 5 best tools in this post. Also, we will teach you how to limit phone usage with one of the best tools out there. Let’s get it started with!

5 Apps to Help You Limit Cell Phone Use

If you wish to limit cell phone use of your kids, then give the following apps a try.

#1 - Spyzie Parental Control

Spyzie is undoubtedly the best app to limit phone use. It is quite easy to setup various restrictions using its monitoring interface. You can set as many restrictions as you want and label them as well. There is a native tool to help you set weekly or daily restrictions from its interface.

  • Set unlimited restrictions on the device remotely
  • Add, remove, or edit time restrictions pretty easily
  • Restricts everything on the target device in one go.
  • Besides restricting the device usage, you can also spy on it and track every major detail related to it remotely.
  • It can also run in a stealth mode.
  • You can also capture screenshots of the device without being detected
  • The restriction feature works on all Android devices

Price: Plans start from $7.5 a month

Spyzie Parental Control

#2 - Phonesheriff

Phonesheriff is one of the oldest and most trusted apps to limit cell phone use. It has an easy to use interface and an extended compatibility that works on all major Android phones and tablets.

  • Parents can easily set restrictions related to selected apps or the entire device.
  • You can also block certain phone numbers to contact your kids.
  • The tool can help you track your kids by extracting their messages and call logs
  • Real-time location tracking of the device
  • Compatible with all leading Android devices

Price: $49 for 6 months

App to limit phone use - #2 - Phonesheriff

#3 - Norton Family Premium

If your budget allows, then go with this app to limit phone use. It has the trusted brand name of Norton and comes with tons of advanced features. Besides restricting the device use, you can also block certain websites and content as well to safeguard your kids.

  • You can manage a maximum of 10 devices in one place
  • Location tracking is also supported
  • Excellent web content filtering
  • Easily set time-based or app-based restrictions
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Price: $49.99 a year

App to limit phone use - #3 - Norton Family Premium

#4 - Net Nanny

Net Nanny is one of the most trusted ways to limit cell phone use. It can block all kinds of unwanted content on a device and let you set limited restrictions as well. All of this can be done from its web-based dashboard.

  • It has an excellent real-time profanity masking and web filtering feature
  • Get instant alerts whenever the device bypasses a restriction
  • Manage multiple devices in one place and personally manage them easily.
  • Besides iOS and Android, it can also restrict Windows and Mac as well

Price: $12 per device

App to limit phone use - #4 - Net Nanny

#5 - Qustodio

Qustodio is a smart and highly advanced app to limit phone use. It supports a maximum of 15 devices that can be monitored together under one roof.

  • Easy to set and manage device restrictions
  • You can also blacklist apps, website, or contacts
  • Real-time location tracking feature
  • It can be used to restrict all the leading smart devices like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Kindle, and Nook.

Price: $55 for three devices

App to limit phone use - #5 - Qustodio

How to limit phone usage using Spyzie Parental Control?

After getting to know about all these amazing apps to limit cell phone use, you must be excited to use one as well. As you can see, Spyzie is the best and the most affordable app to limit phone use. It is a complete device tracking solution that will let you keep an eye on the device’s real-time location, social media activity, calls, and so much more. It also has an advanced keylogger, call recorder, and geo-fencing feature too.

You can learn how to limit phone usage with Spyzie by following these steps:

1. Firstly, create your Spyzie account. Enter a working email id, set up a strong password, and buy the subscription of your choice.

how to limit phone usage

2. In order to complete the setup wizard, you need to enter basic details regarding the device owner and the type of platform it runs on. Currently, you can schedule restrictions only on Android devices.

3. After buying a subscription, access the target Android device once. Make sure that you are able to download apps from third-party sources by visiting its security settings.

4. Once it is done, go to Spyzie’s website and download the tracking app on the same device.

limit cell phone use

5. You need to log-in by using your own account credentials. Also, allow all the permissions to make the app function flawlessly.

6. Turn on the device administration and start monitoring it. If you want, you can remove the app icon and let it run in the background invisibly.

7. Now, to track the device, you can go to Spyzie’s dashboard from its web interface or mobile app. The dashboard has all the major shortcuts.

8. From the left panel, you can go to the “Schedule Restriction” feature. From here, you can add a restriction.

app to limit phone use

9. To learn how to limit phone usage, simply set the start and the end hour for the relevant day of the week. You can also select multiple days and label the restriction as well.

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

Now when you know how to limit phone usage of your kids, you can let them concentrate on their studies or sleep without any distractions. Go ahead and give Spyzie a try. It is certainly the best app to limit phone use and track the device remotely. You can set as many restrictions as you want and manage them from its dashboard. Give it a try and feel free to contact us regarding any query you have about the tool.

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