How to keep your kids safe from playing Fortnite?

What is Fortnite?

For the last few months, a popular battle royale mode game, named Fortnite, has dominated the popular culture and has been involved in entertaining the youth and even the grown-ups. There is a lot to expect from the game, starting from the goofy and funny emotes which is used for entertainment process to its cartoonish graphics and its genre of shoot-to-kill games, there is a lot in the game which can be enjoyed. Especially for children.


Any player can log in at any given time, be it day or night, and then playoff with 99 different people from different servers of the game in an intense survival game where in order to win would have to kill the remaining 99 players and then they will emerge as the winner. It requires the players to strategically play the game with proper coordination among the players to survive until the last man or team stands. It is all about recognizing the potential dangers of the competitors and having your teammates back, by having proper communication and calling out threats. It is the competitive nature of the game, which involves proper use of resources to defend and attack, is what pulls the crowd to play it. It is also come to notice that since the game also facilitates players of all age groups and cultures the people teaming up can have interesting conversations and also help out each other during the intense battle. Generally, a game of battle royal usually takes time to complete from anywhere between 20 minutes to thirty minutes depending on how the game is played by the team and the opposition team members. Even though the game might seem cartoonish, it is justified by the smooth handling of the graphics, even though there are millions playing at the same time and normally this should have been a problem in hosting games but no. The developers have managed to handle the servers of the game without any lags and crashes which talks volumes about the games handling prowess. It should come to notice that there are more than 250 million registered players alone who play Fortnite and it has to be noted that a total of 10 million players play Fortnite simultaneously. And not only that, the average number of registered players has been increasing ever since and there is no recent sign of stopping any increase in numbers any time soon.


The root of concern for parents:

Now since the game has already blown up more than it was expected, the game is a kid magnet. But, to every game or thing to be blunt, it has its own set of concerns. Even though Fortnite is a certified 12+ game, there are many parents who are concerned about their 10-year old kids playing Fortnite and then getting addicted. It is not the addiction that concerns the parents, it’s the change in the behavioral pattern when these parents tell their kids to get off the game. Parents complain that their kids have gotten so addictive that they turn violent and start screaming when they are told to quit the game. This not only is disturbing but also may affect the kids’ mental stability in the long run. And there are already many cases where kids are exposed to the adults who are already playing the games and they learn all the expletives at a very tender age and violence of course. This disturbs the parents that these games eat into their kids' life and this game also eats into the other activities that the kids were involved in before. There are Fortnite parental controls, third-party Parental Control android to regulate these activities but kids usually know how to get around it. They couldn’t find the time to pursue the extra-curricular activities, let alone go out and play with the kids at the playground.

What can parents do to avoid this?

  1. Parents can set a specific time for their kids to play Fortnite.
  2. Parents can use Fortnite parental controls to curb playtime.
  3. Parents could make their children involved in other playful activities and other outdoor sports.
  4. Use third-party applications such as Spyzie to monitor your kids’ online activity using parental control android.

How does Spyzie work?

Spyzie allows a host of features to allows parental control to regulate their child’s activity on the internet and also help them know what all games and activities their kids are into.

Now, taking an example of the game Fortnite itself, which is also available on both the Android and iOS platform, parents can regulate and know how many hours their kids spend on these games. Because Fortnite parental controls might be too easy for kids to bypass.

How to track app activity?

Step 1: The parent needs to register an account on the Spyzie website or on the official app. It has to be noted that the ID can be accessed on both the website and the app.


Step 2: Enter the required information after logging into Spyzie and complete the process according to the platform you own. Parental control android is mostly in this particular platform.


Step 3: Upon successful registration, the customer is allotted the features they have signed up for. And on the left side of the app, there would a set of names and icons visible and there is a detailed set of instructions required on the right side of the panel.


Step 4: Check to see whether your child uses any particular games such as Fortnite, where the parent can use either Fortnite parental controls or uses Spyzie app for regulating their children’s gaming addiction and that’s basically the step on how to put parental controls on Fortnite.

The steps mentioned above can be used to control on not only Fortnite or any other applications and for parental control android, be it social apps or any other gaming app which eats into your kid’s study time. If you think that your kid has been playing when you are off to bed, then the parents could schedule restriction using the Spyzie app itself. Parents must know this because not all parents know how to put parental controls on Fortnite.

Steps to enable restriction:

Step 1: The parent needs to register on the website or the app which would enable the parent to use the features of the application.

Step 2: The parent would need to fill up the information regarding the type of platform their kid’s phone is based on.

Step 3: On the left side of the app, there would be an option named ‘Schedule Restriction’ where the user will be prompted to set up the custom restriction.


Step 4: The parent can add any restriction name and time to schedule the restriction and the parent could save it.


Note: There are many YouTube tutorials where there are detailed instructions on how to put parental controls on Fortnite.

These are some of the best methods for enabling parental control android over Fortnite or other apps in general. Even though these restrictions are based on the application Spyzie, the parent can also use Fortnite parental controls to curb their kid’s addiction to the game. But some parents do not know how to put parental controls on Fortnite. Although the best solution is to introduce them to outdoor activities which are more engaging and indulgent than any video games. Not only does it help in making kids get more and more socially involved, but it also helps them realize the importance of physical activity, which they waste by playing any video game for that matter. This could give them a chance to improve their love towards activities and it could also help them make friends which are real and not present in the virtual world. This could also help the parents in knowing how to put parental controls on Fortnite.

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