How To Keep Track Of Kids With Geofence Alerts?

Part 1: Introduction:

Undoubtedly, today's kids are very curious. They love to explore different things of the world, no matter whether it is bad or good. It becomes the parent’s responsibility to show their kid’s right path. Considering this, parenting is quite a tough job. In this technology world, you as a parent must want to keep a close eye always on your kid’s for their safety from both the real and digital world. But, the fact is that sometimes, you end up violating your kid’s privacy while safeguarding them. What’s more, it is not possible to have an eye on them all day and night.

Thus, now the main question is how you can safeguard your kid’s? Well, the ultimate solution is to take advantage of the “geofence alerts” feature provided by parental control software. Now, wondering what geofencing and geofence alerts are. Here, in this post, you will get to know about both terms in detail and how they can help you to protect your kid’s.

How To Keep Track Of Kids With Geofence Alerts?

Part 2: What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a method to create a virtual geographic boundary that you can use to restrict your kid’s in a specific area. It relies on GPS technology, RFID, cellular data or Wi-Fi network. The app or software which uses this Geofencing technique triggers an action whenever a device enters or leaves that specific area.

Part 3: What are the Geofence Alerts?

Depending on the geofence technique is configured in the app or software you are using, it can trigger push notifications on the phone in various forms, such as text messages or alerts or also called geofence alerts. What’s more, some geofence set up can even track the activities in particular areas. It can be beneficial for parents to get notified whenever their kid’s leaves or enters the safe or virtual area.

Thus, it means you can know about your kid’s whereabouts with geofence alerts. Let’s take an example; you have created an area, for instance, bar as the restricted area. If your kid visits that place, then you will instantly get a notification. What’s more? Again imagine, you have set restricted area as a club, but not its nearby places, such as houses. You will get alerts or notification whenever your kid leaves or enters the geofence or safe zones.

Part 4: How to Track Your Kids' Location with Geofence Alerts?

Now, how to track your kid location with geofence alerts? If your kid is an iPhone user, then you can track your kid’s iPhone with the help of Find My Friends app provided by Apple. But, what if your kid is an Android user? As there is no direct way to track Android phone location with geofence alerts and that’s why Spyzie is here.

Spyzie is one of the most powerful and reliable parental control software. With the help of this software, you can easily track your kid phone real-time location, and even, it can provide you information about your kid’s past location. Take advantage of Spyzie, and get instant geofence alerts whenever your kid enters or leaves the safe zone. Indeed, it has never been so easy for parents to know their kid’s whereabouts and the places they visited in the past. Besides geofence features, you can even track your kid’s phone, and get all the information you need from your kid’s phone remotely.

Main Features of Spyzie:

  • Create Geofences: It allows you to create geofence or safe zone for the target device and all you have to do is to create a circular around the specific location.
  • Get Geofence Alerts: Whenever the target device enters or leaves the safe zone, you will instantly get a notification email.
  • Monitor GPS Location: It let you track the real-time location of the target device so that you get to know about the whereabouts of the target device user.
  • View Past Locations: You can even view all past locations of the target device, and the route was taken by the target user to see its location history.
  • Track Phone Calls: It allows you to track detailed call history of the target device, which includes contacts, incoming and outgoing calls, etc.
  • Track Text Messages: Besides call tracker, it is also text message tracker that can help you to read text messages of the target phone.
  • Wi-Fi Logger: You can also track the target device’s location through Wi-Fi hotspots.

How to Set Up Geofencing with the help of Spyzie?

There are many apps and tools available on the internet to help you to understand the geofencing meaning and to set up geofencing. But, Spyzie is one of the easy ways you can ever have to do this. Let’s learn how to set up geofencing with Spyzie:

Step 1: Create an account:

To begin the process, go to Spyzie official site, and create your Spyzie account. For this, you have to provide your primary email where you get your Spyzie login details.

How To Keep Track Of Kids With Geofence Alerts?

Step 2: Complete setup process:

After you log-in to the account, you have to do the setup process. For this, enter target phone information, such as its name and age. Also, select the target device platform, i.e. “Android.”

How To Keep Track Of Kids With Geofence Alerts?

Step 3: Download Spyzie app on the target device:

Next, you have to download the app on the target phone, and you can find the Apk link from its Setup Wizard page. After downloading and installing the app on the target phone successfully, log-in to the account, grant all necessary permissions and click on “Start Monitoring” button.

Note: if you fail to download APK, then go to the “settings” on the target phone. Then, go to “Security” and here, enable “Unknown sources” option and again, try to download the APK file.

How To Keep Track Of Kids With Geofence Alerts?

Step 4: Create geofences and begin monitoring:

After that, sign-in to the dashboard of Spyzie with the same account. And locate “Geofences” option from the left menu. Here, you can create geofences, and you will then receive notifications whenever the target user enters or leaves geofence.

How To Keep Track Of Kids With Geofence Alerts?

Part 5: What Other Things Can Spyzie Do To Parents?

As you have seen yourself how much it is easy to set up geofences places with the help of Spyzie. Now, if you are wondering what it can do more for you as a parent, then it can do much more you think. It is a complete parental control app that can help you in your parenting and control your kid’s in a smart and better way. It comes with a wide range of features that you can use to track every kind of your kid’s phone information.

  • Set restrictions and block apps:

You can block unwanted apps on your kid’s phone remotely. For instance, you can block social media apps, and games. In this way, you can protect your kid’s from social media threats. In addition to it, you can even set restrictions on your kid’s phone app usage. It will help you to protect your kid’s from excessive usage of apps.

  • Browsing history:

It is a major concern of every parent to know what their kids are browsing on the internet. Now, they can easily monitor the browsing history of their kid’s phone using Spyzie.

  • Track social apps:

With the help of Spyzie, you can track a wide range of social media apps on your kid’s phone. It can monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, WeChat, Line, and Instagram. Now, you can check to whom your kid is messaging, and what kind of messages.

  • Clue

With this Clue feature, you can get to know which calls, photos, videos, and messages are deleted on your kid’s phone. This Spyzie feature can help you to know whether your kid is involved in any wrong activity or not.

  • Keylogger

Do you want to record the input information of your kid’s phone? If yes, then Spyzie keylogger feature can help you to record the input information automatically.

  • Track documents

You can even check out documents saved on your kid’s phone. Moreover, you can view them without physical access to your kid’s phone.

Without any doubt, Spyzie has every feature that every parent ever wants to protect their kid’s from both real and digital world threats.

Part 6: Conclusion:

Now, you know what geofence alerts are and how it can be beneficial to ensure your kid’s safety. To take advantage of geofence functionality, all you have to do is to use Spyzie. With this parental control app, you can’t just track your kid’s whereabouts, but how your kids use their phone, and what kind of activities they do on their phone. Give a try to it now… and start protecting your kid’s.

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