How Parents Remotely See Kid's YouTube Viewing History?

Part 1: Introduction

Have you ever wondered what your kids could be watching on YouTube?

Well, the Internet offers so much for our children to learn since the information is readily available. It can be shared easily through various online platforms. But are these platforms safe for our kids or us?

Without a parental control app, the Internet can be a dangerous neighborhood for them.


All sorts of people use the Internet. Some use it for good, others see it as a means to exploit the innocent and those uninformed. Most of the innocent and unaware are kids and teenagers and because of their innocence, your children can expose you and themselves without knowing.

Such instances can be as a result of social media posts, accidental download of malware, or providing too much information to sites that aren’t safe. Cybersecurity software can go a long way in protecting your devices, but what about protecting your child?

Internet safety is about awareness. The content your child accesses can be harming them without your knowledge. Some of it might seem entirely safe for them, like the YouTube kid’s platform, which is not.

Taking steps such as monitoring their YouTube viewing history and even having to block YouTube is a good start in parental control on YouTube.

All in all, it doesn’t ensure general online safety. Thus, a parental control app is needed.

Part 2: Two Normal Ways to Monitor Kid’s YouTube Viewing History

YouTube has become a favorite source of entertainment for children. They use their devices, e.g. smartphone; thus, they are usually isolated. Therefore, to enforce parental control on YouTube, you have to find a way to monitor their YouTube viewing history.

You can do so by:

1. Ensuring they watch YouTube in public areas

Public areas in your home can include the sitting room or kitchen. Your child can decide to use their phone or TV. This way, you’ll be able to check their YouTube viewing history. It might work with toddlers and maybe pre-teens but certainly not with most teenagers.


2. Using a Reporting application.

Using an app certainly outweighs physical monitoring. With an app, your child gets to have more privacy, and you gain more flexibility. One such app is Boomerang, a parental control app that gives you the power to check your child’s YouTube viewing history even when they have deleted it.

The Boomerang parental control app by Ben Moore is available for you on Android at or download it from your Google Play Store app.

Find it for iPhone at or get it from the App Store.

Setting up Boomerang for iOS;

Step 1: Download the iOS app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on the app. On the page that opens select, I’m New if it is your first time doing this.


Step 3: On the next window, choose child mode.


Step 4: On the next window, allow permissions.

Step 5: Then, set your child’s screen time and age range.

Step 6: Turn on or off the In-app Purchases, App Store, and iTunes. Boomerang works with its SPIN safe browser so don’t prohibit App Store.

how-parents-see-kids-youyube-viewing-history how-parents-see-kids-youyube-viewing-history

Step 7: Enter your child’s name and set a password to create an account and install.

how-parents-see-kids-youyube-viewing-history how-parents-see-kids-youyube-viewing-history

Step 8: Allow installation of the profile, and you are done.


Ensure to do the same on the parent app, this time just log-in and choose the parent option.

Setting up Boomerang for Android;

Step 1: Download the app and launch it.

Step 2: Select I’m New if it’s the first time you are doing so with Boomerang.


Step 3: Choose child mode.

Step 4: On the Android device, allow accessibility permissions, then go ahead to configure screen time ranges for your child.

Step 5: Boomerang’s Android version has a feature where you can select useful apps for your child. These can be used past the screen time.

Step 6: Now, to select browsing options, select the SPIN safe browser that Boomerang works with, you set it to monitor YouTube and send reports to you.

Step 7: Here, enter your child’s credentials like email, name, and password to create an account and click create.

Step 8: Finally, activate administrator options so that Boomerang can’t get uninstalled.

With Android, also log-in on the parent device to establish it as a parental control app.

Part 3: Spyzie parental control app

Spyzie parental control app is one of the most advanced monitoring applications. It has been developed to suit both Android and iOS platforms. Spyzie is not available for Mac and Windows OS.

To start monitoring on the Android platform, you need:

  1. A Premium Account.
  2. A monitoring app installed on the target phone.
  3. Legal access to the target phone’s operation.
  4. A control panel app, which is optional.

On the iPhone, what you’ll need is:

  1. A Premium Account.
  2. Access to the target iPhone.
  3. An iCloud Account on the target iPhone.
  4. A control panel app which is optional.

Spyzie comes with a host of features that ensure all-around safety for your child as a parental control app. These features cover browsers, social media platforms, text messaging apps, and even calling apps like Skype and true caller.


Spyzie stands out thanks to features such as:

1. Monitoring of social messages

Spyzie can show you a window in which text messages sent and received are displayed. An extra feature called clue gives information on deleted messages too. This feature works well to uncover secretive communication.

2. Keywords alert

Spyzie allows you to view the type of words being typed in from the device’s keyboard. It allows you as the parent monitor your kid’s language and topics that concern them.

3. Scheduled restriction

This feature deals with the operation of the phone itself. You can use this to set up the timeline within which the child can use their phone.

4. App blocker

Spyzie gives you the power to lock your child out of some apps that are suspicious or harmful. With this feature, you can block YouTube and many other applications.


5. Viewing App timeline show you for how long an application has been running on your child’s phone. You also get to see how frequent it’s used.

6. Checking browsing history gives you the ability to see the sites your child visits. With this feature, you can check your kid’s YouTube viewing history.

Part 4: How to Use Spyzie

Setting up Spyzie for iPhone

Step 1: Create a Spyzie online account.

To do so, visit the Spyzie website. Here you’ll need to enter a valid email address and your password twice just for confirmation purposes and agree to the terms and conditions.


Step 2: Register your child’s credentials on the target iPhone.

These include their name and age. Select the mobile operating system as iOS with the Apple symbol.


Step 3: Verify iCloud credentials on the next page.

You’ll enter the iCloud ID and password of the target iPhone and click verify.


The target phone will enter into the control panel window, and start syncing data. Ensure back up, and sync for iCloud are enabled.

Setting up Spyzie for Android

Step 1: Create a Spyzie account on the Spyzie website and sign up.

You’ll have to pay up for a premium subscription. Accept the terms and conditions then click sign up.


Step 2: Register your child on the target phone.

Fill in your child’s name and age then select the type of operating system as Android.


Step 3: Enable installation from unknown sources.

This is available on the settings menu under security. Download and install Spyzie app from the download link on the set-up wizard.

Step 4: Allow all permissions

On the target phone, click on start, and start monitoring the target device.


Part 5: Conclusion

The Internet has never been safe. For parents, it’s a growing concern, especially where kid’s safe platforms get affected. YouTube kid’s platform has been leading in gaining criticism. You, as a parent, are therefore forced to keep monitoring your kid’s YouTube viewing history.

Parental control on YouTube is now crucial. Enabling of filters and Google safe search has proved not to be enough, especially when kids get smarter. Parental control apps like Boomerang are developed for this, but they are unable to offer all-around protection when needed.

I would, therefore, recommend Spyzie parental control app. It is feature rich and efficient in monitoring your child’s online interactions. This makes it the best parental control app that can also monitor YouTube viewing history, block YouTube, and do so much more for your child’s safety.

So, to check out Spyzie parental control app, its features, and how to use it read more on the article How Parents Remotely See Kid's YouTube Viewing History or visit the official website right away!

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