How Parents Handle Secret Calculator Apps on Kid's Phone

Do you know what a secret calculator app is and how it makes young kids addicted? If not, then you must read the article below to get rid of this menace and your kid’s life better.

Part 1: Introduction


As the name reflects, secret calculator app acts as a normal calculator one uses in a phone, but a disguised manner. It hides media files such as images, videos, or document, etc. It is hard to access since to open the app; you need to enter the secret password put up by the kid during installation.

The situation is worrisome for parents whose kid’s are deploying the excessive amount of time on their mobile device and maybe are involved in some inappropriate activities like, adult content, etc., through these calculator apps for Android.

It is high time for you to take some prompt action to avoid any ill happening.

Therefore, to know how to get rid of secret calculator app on kid’s Android devices, keep reading the article.

Part 2: How Does the Secret Calculator App Hide Photos on an Android Device?


It is entirely unexpected from parents to be aware of such kind of secret calculator app since apps are smart enough to hide the media files from your eyes.

Now, you might think about how?

Well, that is the catch. The files stored in any version of the secret calculator app are not available or visible from other location, neither from the camera roll or media gallery.

Let’s try to understand how the secret calculator app hides the files:

There are various secret calculator apps available on Google Play store under different names such as Secret Calculator, KeepSafe, PhotoHider, etc.

So, whenever a kid installs the app on his/her device, the app will ask to keep a secret password code to block access to any other person.

Then, after the installation when the kid transfers any photo, media or document from Camera Roll, or the Gallery to the calculator app for Android, then those transferred media/file will get removed from the Camera or Gallery area. Thus, no one will have any idea about the secret location of the data on the phone where they are secretly kept safe.

Now, whenever the kid wants to access those media files, they need to open the app> enter the Passcode then enter the percentage (%) sign to unlock the photo or video files.

Part 3: How Parents Handle Secret Calculator App

For parents, it is imperative to understand the ill-effects which might occur by the regular usage of any secret calculator app by kids.

Here are some of the ways you can follow to minimize the effects of a calculator app for Android.

a. 3 ways to handle this problem

As a parent, it is your priority to handle the problem with your wit. To understand it in a better way, follow the three ways that you can do to handle the situation smoothly:

Method 1: Educate yourself

Parents should make some real efforts to know more about the digital world, and about the secret calculator apps. Some of the popular keywords from which you can get an idea about the availability of secret apps are; Calculator Plus, Keep Safe, Photo Vault, Photo Hider,

So visit the Play Store on your kid’s mobile, and search the above keywords. If against any such secret calculator app the word, “Open” appears, it means that the calculator app for Android is already installed in your kid’s phone.

Thus, you should be ready to take some stringent yet safe action (which is explained later in this article). Also, make sure that there isn’t another calculator app besides the default one on the mobile phone.


Method 2: Create Mutual Understanding

Nowadays, the younger generation is not ready to get snooped by their parents. Hence, try to create a mutual understanding with them by having a healthy conversation. Let them know the dangers of sharing secret information, media files to others if leaked in public domain, risks of getting hacked, etc.


Method 3: Teach them how to remain safe in the virtual online world

Being a parent, it is a must for you to make your kids understand the meaning of safety. You should educate them on how they can exclude themselves from pornography, sexting, or getting involved with an unknown person through an online platform. Being careless might result in undue mental disturbance, a distraction from their career goal, or loss of job opportunities.


b. Spyzie and what Spyzie can do to protect children remotely


Spyzie acts like a one parental control solution against all your kid’s activities, which otherwise is like a far-fetched idea to handle the situation. At time of need, Spyzie sounds like a true friend to the parents who are quite careful about the online activities of their kids and want to monitor their diversion towards social media, online content, and mobile devices. Equipped with well-formed technology, Spyzie makes the monitoring process quite easy for parents and works in hidden mode to kids device. Hence, they have no room to panic if their parents are trying to check their phone in their absence.


You must be curious about what else Spyzie can do to help the Parents and how it takes care of kids’ device. So, keeping that thing in priority moving ahead with some of the features to put more light over the strength over using Spyzie as parental control app for the target device:

Feature 1: Spyzie can track almost everything that a parent might want to, from covering online monitoring activities to searching kids browsing history.

Feature 2: It can easily track and find out the App usage, time spent, and whether it is passing the usage criteria set up by the parents.

Feature 3: It can keep a call log, can track messages, identify a SIM card, and if any changes occur to it.

Feature 4: Spyzie can remotely check the documents of the phone, media files available on the target device as well as deleted data.

Feature 5: Follow a Keylogger feature to check the hidden usage of the device.

Not only this, but in addition to them, it can also view and check online emails, memo, and notes. So, all in all, Spyzie acts like the best tool to perform various monitoring tasks altogether.

c. What can Spyzie do to help you?

Have you ever wondered about the situation when even after getting a warning, monitoring, or discussion children get back to use such kind of calculator app for Android device again? At that point, what will be your strategy to overcome the issue? Well, you need to get worried about it. Since this time you do have Spyzie with you that can take control over the situation.

There are specific actions that a parent can take using the help of Spyzie, such as:


  • Taking the Screenshot

To find out if your kids involve with any secret calculator app again, you can take the screenshot whenever kids try to access any particular app more than often using Spyzie from your device remotely. It can verify if kids are using it or not.

  • See deleted Photos/Videos

If you check the dashboard of Spyzie, it offers you to check the photos and videos of the target device. So by using this facility, you can keep an eye over media usage of your kid’s device.

  • Keylogger

Keylogger feature enables you to know every impression made on your kids’ device remotely using Spyzie app and its dashboard. Thus you can check and understand what particular app is your kid accessing.

  • App timeline

With the help of Spyzie, you can check a particular app timeline that will give you an idea about the amount of time spent on it, type of file accessed or other related information.

  • Checking Browsing History and Data

Further, you can check the browsing history and online data accessed by kid’s device anytime using Spyzie anytime from your device by accessing Spyzie Dashboard.

  • Following App Block

If you are sure that your kid's device is accessing some inappropriate app, then you can block that particular app from your device using Spyzie’s app block feature. Thus, you can remain under double security zone if you follow the Spyzie services and its facilities from your device.

Part 4: Conclusion

Undoubtedly, the current generation is getting smart with new apps like secret calculator app that assists them in hiding the media file from others. Hence, you, as a parent should take the help of parental control apps like Spyzie that will work in a smarter way to handle the issue, both with due care, and complete responsibility. Since, Spyzie can not only help you to identify whether your kids are involved in any illegal activity but can also help you overcome all such issues with its functional features like app blocking, and others.

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