Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location

Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location

To travel here and there for the sake of curiosity is a part of a child’s nature. And as a parent, you must let your kid explore different places to quench his thirst of curiosity. If you always stop him from going out, it will take a toll in his future because he will be deprived of several experiences, which is necessary for life. But we can also understand that letting him go out can induce several problems as well because there are numerous negative places, which are not appropriate for the kid’s psychology. Then what to do? Well, you can opt for apps that will provide you with the option of geofence alert, which you can use to monitor the current location of your kid as well as the locations which he has visited before. Here, we are going to guide you about using a geofence alert option for the safety of your kid.

Definition of geofence alert

First, we must tell you what is a geofence alert. Well, it is a feature that allows an administrator to set up some boundaries for the targeted device and if the targeted device crosses that boundary, it will trigger an alert to the administrator’s device. Let us make it a bit simpler for you. If you set up a geofence alert in your kid’s phone then it will create some boundaries in it, it will alert you whenever your kid is crossing that boundary so that you can warn him from the potential dangers of that place. So, clear your confusion about what is a geofence alert and protect your kid from getting indulged into those potential dangers.

What can geofence alert do for parents?

As parents, you can use the feature of geofence alert quite effectively. By using this feature, you can monitor your child pretty precisely and can make your child avoid the places which you think is dangerous for him. The benefits of it and how it will help you to protect your child are given below

Mark the safe places like home and school

If you can set the boundaries for your kid’s device around the school area, it will allow you to track your kid and will also provide you with the information about where your kid is spending all his time. For example, if your child is crossing the marked school boundary, it will trigger an alert in your device so that you can take the necessary steps. Also, it will be of great use if you are a working parent and you are not at home. You can get the knowledge about whether your kid has returned home safely or went to some other places.

If your kid is in the no safe zone, it will also alert you

There are some places where you don’t want your kid to go to. So, what you can do is to set alarms if your kid is crossing the permissible boundaries. Well, these days the world is full of harmful people who will allure your kid to be friends with them and misguide your kid to a harmful place, which is not at all safe for your kid. If you are suspecting that your kid is going to the ‘no safe’ zone, you can simply set up your alert, and you will get informed that your child is going to a ‘no safe’ zone.

You can keep track of your teenager child who knows driving

Another benefit of using the feature of geofencing is to track your teenager child if he knows how to drive. If your child crosses your permissible boundary, you will get an instant alert so that you can warn him not to cross it. Once the car leaves the ‘authorized’ zone, you will get the alarm of it so that you can stop your teenager kid from involving into any potential dangers.

So, these points will help to understand the benefits of geofencing and will help you to clear your question about what is a geofence alert.

What can geofence alert do for kids?

Well, it is a very true fact that setting the feature of geofencing in your kid’s device is an act of snooping with the privacy of your kid but looking at the present situation parents are bound to do this for the sake of the safety of their child. Right now, potential threats can come across your kids from any part, be it the real world or virtual world. So, apart from the parents, it will also be beneficial for the kids. So, let us look into some positive aspects of geofencing in case of the kids.

  • The kids will be protected by their parents so that they don’t involve themselves with any negative things.
  • If a child loses his way, a parent can track him with the help of geofencing and can help him to reach home safely.
  • By avoiding the kids from doing anything wrong, this feature will play a vital part in shaping their future properly.
  • Geofencing will also help a kid to develop a proper psychological strength as it will protect them from potential mental shocks as they will be under the complete guidance of their parents.
  • Again, geofencing will play a vital part in the process of protection because it will help the parents to know whether their child has reached home or school safely or not.
  • Also, if any kids or teenagers are learning the process of driving, he will get proper guidance from their parents about the routes, if the geofencing is activated.

So, these are some of the points which will help a kid if the geofence alert is enabled in their device. Also, if you are thinking about what is a geofence alert, this will help you to clear your doubt.

How to do geofence alert with Spyzie?

Spyzie is a fantastic app, which will help you to track the locations of your kid by enabling the geofence alert for the kid. You can monitor both the current location as well as the history of the places, which your kid has travelled. It will help you to study the behavior of your kid so that you can take preparations according to that. Apart from tracking the location of your kid, Spyzie app will also provide you with other benefits like monitoring the internet usage, tracking the texts messages, monitoring the apps that your kid is using and several other things. Here is the step by step demonstration about how to do the geofencing alert with Spyzie. Be sure about the fact that you can install the app of Spyzie in your device effortlessly. You don’t have to come across any complications while installing this app. So, to know more, carry on with your reading.

Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location

Step 1: You have to create an account on Spyzie

The first thing that you have to do is to create an account to enjoy the services provided by Spyzie. To do that, all you need to do is to submit your email address along with a secure password so that you can maintain the safety of your account. After that, you have to accept the terms and conditions, which will be followed by clicking on the ‘sign up’ so that you can move forward to the next step.

Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location

Step 2: Now, the process of installing Spyzie

On the next page what you have to do is to provide Spyzie with some of the necessary information of your child. The details, which you have to submit about your child, are their name, age (for the sake of age-sensitive notifications) and the operating system of their child. Upon doing that, you have to move towards your child’s device and enable the option of ‘unknown resources’. Next, you have to follow the download link, which you will get in your install and download the app on your device. After that, all you must do is to follow the instruction.

Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location

Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location

Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location

Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location

Step 3: The usage of Spyzie to track the device

Again, get back to the website of Spyzie from your mobile device irrespective of the place as it can be any part of the world. After that, you will be directed towards personal control panel. In the left-hand side, you will get several options, and from those options, you have to select the option of ‘locations’, or you can simply use the map on the homepage so that you can accurately get the information of date and real-time location of your kid’s device.

Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location

Geofence alert: Know instantly your kid’s location


So, this is how you can set the geofence alert on your kid’s device and protect them from the unwanted dangers. So, get a clear conception about what is a geofence alert and monitor the locations of your child.

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