All about YouTube parental control system

YouTube is regarded as a family-oriented video app, however, there is some online content that is deemed inappropriate for kids, to counter this, and some sort of supervision is needed so that your kids stay in a safe realm while watching videos on YouTube.

  • A beneficial technique such as parental control for Android can be configured on your phone so that the children can be tracked based on their activities while they are using the app, this filter safeguards your children from the ugly content that is spread over the internet.
  • As a parent, you need to restrict YouTube on Android, resulting in a monitored usage of the app, the YouTube parental control for Android is one such facility that can watch over your kids like a hawk and alert you, the YouTube Parental control app gives you access to their downloaded content, the favorite videos they watch, and also the words they use to search the videos.
  • The type of content that circulates on the home screen and the subscriptions they have made while using the app can be tracked; you could put a YouTube restriction on the app and the duration of time they spend will be restricted.
  • All of the activities can be monitored via parental control for Android. It is every parent’s dream to have YouTube restriction so that their kids can enjoy their childhood properly away from the profanity of the world.

The YouTube safety mode


There are many advantages of using the YouTube safety mode on Android, this can block out the unwanted content that could appear in the search results.

It is also better known as the restrictive mode, the children are very tech-smart nowadays, and they can configure the settings easily, this is the reason, the safety mode is not the best choice; you need a better provision for YouTube restriction.

For Android, follow these steps to filter the YouTube content

  • Open the YouTube app on Android. You will find the settings option from the account menu, click on it.


  • The two choices that appear are do not filter and restrict, select according to your needs.

Spyzie can help with YouTube restriction


The YouTube restriction does not do a competitive job as it is easily configurable by kids hence you need a better YouTube parental control app. Spyzie assists with the YouTube restriction that can put your fears as parents to rest.

Not only that, but Spyzie can also provide you with a great amount of supervision over the everyday activities that take place on your iOS and Android. It is a reliable option for parents who wish to keep their children guarded against the unpredictable side of the web.

Here are some great features of Spyzie

  • With its amazing tracking abilities, it can alert you with the type of videos your kids are watching.
  • The screenshots can be taken of different events such as login and log out, and any other account they try to sync for watching YouTube.
  • The key logger provides the data that is typed in by your kids.
  • The shares and likes, and downloads along with comments are excellently monitored.

This is not it, there is more to Spyzie


  • YouTube restriction is just one aspect of Spyzie, it focuses on the entire Android or iPhone usage by your kids, this includes the online surfing in browsers, to the videos and images they have created, Spyzie can also track the location of the phone,
  • It will grant you complete parental control for Android regarding what messages they have been sending. All the chats can be accessed, not only this but who they have been calling can be monitored too.
  • You can see their activities on Facebook, the content they are uploading and downloading on the popular social media platform.

Gain a grip on YouTube by installing Spyzie


For Android

  • Registration: It is very easy to install Spyzie on your android device, you can set up an account with Spyzie using your email address and after you have registered, you will get the download links from us.
  • Selecting the plan: If you wish to have all the facilities of the app then you can opt for a premium account, there is also an option for an ultimate account if you wish for excellent parental control for Android.
  • Configuring on the device:
  1. The device you want to install Spyzie on should be with you. The setup will ask you to input your name if you wish to monitor the phone’s activities. You can further choose the operating system like Android.
  • Modifying the settings and installing the app:
  1. You will see an option that says enable unknown sources from the lock screen button, from the settings menu, choose that and select ok in the end.
  2. On the device you can choose the Google settings option, further, you can click on security and now select the Google play protect tab, follow this with switching off the scanning device for security threats facility.
  3. Open your browser, and in the address bar, you can input to download the APK file. You can install this setup by double-clicking on it, you can locate the setup in the downloads folder.
  • Permissions and agreements:
  1. Open the app you have installed, and you can accept the necessary agreements and permissions. You can now log in to your Spyzie account, and go to the settings tab on the bottom right of your screen.
  2. You can choose to switch on the system update facility, along with track the usage option. After updating, the device manager now will capture every activity on your phone.
  3. You can allow the several permissions required in order to activate Spyzie onto your phone. You can now use Spyzie and monitor the activities on your phone.

For iPhone

  • Create an account: you can make an account with Spyzie using your email address and after logging in to your Spyzie account, you can provide the information about your children such as name and age, you can select iPhone as the device that is going to be monitored.
  • Verifying ICloud ID: On your phone, you can verify the ICloud ID by filling in your email address details, you must make sure that the ICloud syncing and backup facility to your device is attuned, and you can proceed to monitor your device using Spyzie.

With Spyzie your children are in safe hands


You have plenty of worries as a parent about your kids who use your phone most of the time, treating it like a toy or a mini theatre, today’s children are very tech-efficient so it is important that they do not go in the wrong direction, given that YouTube can be a very raw social interactive place for your children.

But with proper YouTube restriction, we can put an end to your worst nightmares, by providing you with excellent parental control for Android and YouTube safety mode feature compared to any other alternative you can come across and simultaneously keep you on the alert as to where your kids might be heading.

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