How to Block Apps on iPhone While Studying

Children love technology and, unlike millennials or baby boomers, they are exposed to it at a much younger age. They often grow up seeing tablets and smartphones all around them and some kids even start using them before they learn to walk. So, if in the past children would ask their parents for their own phone at around 12, now they do that at 9 or even earlier. The iPhone is quite a coveted "toy" and it does have its benefits: it helps children get accustomed to technology, it can be used for educational purposes and it enables parents to reach their kids much easier. However, as soon as homework enters the picture, the iPhone can become a massive distraction. Instead of studying and doing their homework, they play games on their phone or go on social media and parents are often shocked to discover that their child sat quietly in their room for hours without being productive at all. This is a common situation and it's precisely why parental controls are for - to block apps on iPhone and prevent children from becoming distracted. Even parents who aren't tech savvy can learn to block apps on iPhone while studying and prevent children from getting distracted. Here's how:

Part 1: How to Block apps on iPhone While Studying

To block apps on iPhone, you can start with the official version, the one suggested by Apple. In the Settings menu, you can activate or deactivate restrictions so that your child cannot access specific apps when he/she should be studying. Here are the steps:

How to block apps on iPhone while studying

  1. Go to the Settings menu and choose General > Restrictions
  2. Select Enable Restrictions
  3. How to block apps on iPhone while studying

  4. Pick a passcode for the restrictions. This is the code you will use to access these settings every time, otherwise your child will be able to overwrite them. Make sure you don't forget it because if you do you will have to erase your iPhone and then set it as a new device to regain access to the restrictions menu. You can change your restrictions passcode at any time.
  5. After you enter the passcode, you will see a list of apps and settings that you can restrict. Select the ones that might have a negative impact on your child's productivity, such as Safari, camera, music, email, social media apps, AppStore and so on.
  6. Once your child is done studying, disable the restrictions.

Part 2: How to Spy App Activities on iPhone

Apple's restriction settings definitely come in handy, but sometimes you might want to do more than just block apps on iPhone while studying; you want to protect your kids from accessing the wrong kind of content while they're using their phone. Unfortunately, the Internet can be a dangerous place for children, so the more control you have over their phones, the better. You cannot remotely monitor app activity using iPhone settings, but you can use Spyzie, a powerful monitoring app created for increased parental control. Spyzie has many useful features for parents to monitor many phone activities and you can use it to find out what your children do on their iPhone even when you are not with them. For example:

  • Check what apps they installed
  • See what videos and photos were taken
  • Browse phone contacts
  • Track the phone's location and set up geofencing to find out when they pass a certain location (useful if you want to check if they are skipping school.Only available for android users.)
  • Check the call log and the messages
  • View the browsing history, memos and calendar
  • Check all messages on messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Kik and Instagram
  • Block apps one by one and select for how long they should stay blocked. This way, when your child tries to open a certain app at school or when they should be studying, they will get a message saying that the app is blocked.(Only available for android users.)

How to block apps on iPhone while studying

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

Technology can be very good for children, provided they access it in a controlled, non-disruptive way. You shouldn't avoid getting your child an iPhone for fear that they might use it the wrong way, because you can use parental controls. The type of service you should use in this respect is entirely up to you. If you're only worried that your child plays on their iPhone instead of studying, you can rely on the iPhone's native restriction settings to block apps. However, if want to have better control over your child's phone activity and protect them, you should install an app with extensive parental controls features such as Spyzie. This way, you will know if someone with malicious intentions is trying to contact them, if they are bullied online, if they are skipping school or if they access any type of harmful contact.

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