Best iPad Parental Control Apps 2018

The internet is a great way for kids to learn, but, it can also be an unsafe place for teenagers. Basically, the internet is a group of millions of network that connect each other. There is every type of people on the internet from hacker to common man. With the advent of technology, Concern of privacy leak has become more critical than previous days as it had made internet easily. It is necessary for parents to keep an eye on their kids to protect them from worst content, ideas, and behaviors. This can be possible with a help of iPad parental control app. Here, we will talk about best parental control apps for your iPad.

What can iPad parental control app do?

The parental control app is a great way to manage your kid activities. If you want to keep your kids safe from harmful online threats then, try parental control tool. Software application can’t do every single thing, of course, there is no such method that can supervise kid activity online. iPad Parental control app is an app that is used to supervise kids activity online. Getting engaging with iPad parental control, you can keep an eye on your kid to know what he/she is doing on iPad.

  • 24 x 7 protections from harmful threats including adult content.
  • Web protection includes protection from phishing, cyberbullying, and others.
  • Access to web browser history.
  • Know the real-time location of your kid.
  • Complete access to the iPad.

Spyzie - The Best iPad Monitoring Software

Spyzie is a iPad monitoring tool to remotely spy on call logs, messages, photos, videos, and other content. This is available for both Android and iOS operating system. You can avail it as per your device type. Getting engaging with Spyzie, one can also track the real-time location of their kid device at any time. You don't need to get complete access to the target iPad. Spyzie is not limited to few features; one can also record the voice of the incoming and outgoing call. It works in the background without any noise and read every gesture that is made on the target device. In simple words, Spyzie is the best monitoring software for parents.

Why we need it?

Parental control app such as Spyzie is very useful when it comes to keeping up to date with kid activities. For parents, it is necessary to know what your kids are doing while online. Parental control apps are mainly designed for keeping kids security in the mind. Simply, install such tool on your kid device and gain access to the target device.

Why is Spyzie better than others?

  • Web Browser History: Browser history is enough to know what your kids are doing online. Spyzie allows the parents to view the complete web browser history of their kid device. You can access it anytime from anywhere.
  • Get access to call history: Want to know what other person is doing on a call? Try Spyzie spying tool. It enables the user to know view incoming, outgoing and missed call logs of the target device in single click.
  • Live location tracking: Tracking kid location is one of the major things that every parent wants in parental control tool. Spyzie is equipped with live location tracking. You just have to open Spyzie web client and you will location time with an accurate address.
  • Access text SMS: Want to access text messages? With Spyzie, you can easily view every single sent and received SMS remotely.

iPad Monitoring Software

5 Best iPad Parental Control Apps

Here are our picks of another best iPad parental control apps that are available on the web.

1. Qustodio iPad Parental Control

Qustodio is a parental controlling application that is compatible with Android, iOS, Kindle, Nook, Windows, and Mac operating system. It is the easiest way to supervise your kid's activity, you just have to install this tool on the target device and capture every single activity that is performing on the target device.

Features of Qustodio

  • Block inappropriate content: With its real-time web filtering tool, it will block adult content from the web browser and give you clean web browsing experience.
  • Location tracking: Tracking location with Qustodio is very simple.
  • Access call history and text messages: You can track the call history of target device and messages without them knowing.

Price: You can avail it at $32.


Qustodio iPad Parental Control

2. mSpy iPad Parental Control

mSpy is another iPad parental control app. It is also available for Android, Windows, and Mac operating system. Parents can use this tool as a monitoring tool to keep an eye on their children. This is a great tool for the supervision of kids. One can also use this tool to as an employee monitoring tool.

Feature of mSpy

  • Access to web history: With mSpy, you can easily access the web browser history and view every single address with time.
  • Social media messaging monitoring: mSpy tool has a capability to access every social messaging application. You just have to install the app on the target device and access every single sent and received SMS.
  • Price:   The basic version of this tool is started from $8.33 and premium version from $ 16.65.
  • URL:

mSpy iPad Parental Control

3. Norton Family

Norton family is an award-winning parental control application. With this tool, you can always keep your eye on children. It is equipped with lots of features that make it better than others. This tool is designed and coded by Norton team. Norton family is available for both Android and iOS operating system.

Features of Norton family:

  • Web protection: If you kids spend lots of time on the internet then, you need to install parental control application on your kid device.
  • Video Supervision: With Norton family, you can supervise YouTube video.

Price: You can download this tool from Apple App store at free of cost.


Norton Family

4. F-Secure Safe

F-Secure Safe is an all-in-one tool that used to protect kids from harmful online threats such as cyberbullying, predators, and others. If you are a parent then, this is a great tool for you. Simply, install this app on the target device and get complete access to the target device.

Features of F-Secure Safe

  • One can use for Web protection
  • It protects kids from adult content by blocking inappropriate content.
  • Available in multiple languages.

Price: Basically, it is available for free but contains in-app purchases.


F-Secure Safe

5. Kidtrol

Kidtrol is another iPad parental control app that is used to supervise kid activities. Getting engaging with this tool, parents can remotely access the app without any problem.

Features of Kidtrol

  • With Kidtrol parental control app, parents can schedule and restrict the app from use.
  • You can also set data usage limit on the target device.

Price: You can download it from the Apple App store at free of cost.


Kidtrol Parental Control

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

These days, every kid has a mobile device on their hands. They perform various digital operations on such devices in their daily life. It is necessary to keep up to date with kids activities. You can take help of phone monitoring tools to protect them from harmful threats available on the web. Here, in this article, we provided best iPad parental control apps that are available.

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