Giving a Kid an iPhone or iPod touch? Do This First

If you think your kids have reached the right age, then chances are that you must be planning to give them a smart device as well. Though, before you take that step, you need to make iPhone for kids safe. Simply take a step back and follow some thoughtful suggestions for making iPhone or iPod for kids suitable. In this guide, we will teach you how to monitor my child’s iPhone and what preliminary steps one should take before giving an iOS device to their kids. Let’s get it started with!

10 Things to do before giving an iPhone to your kids

At some point, you need to give an iPhone or iPod Touch to your little one. Though, in order to ensure the iPod for kids is safe, you need to take these necessary measures beforehand.

1. Create an Apple ID for Your Kids

In order to prepare an iPhone for kids, you need to link the device to an Apple ID. Instead of using your own Apple account, we recommend creating a new ID for your kids. Though, you should create an ID for them so that you can know its credentials. While setting up a new device, you can choose to create a new Apple ID for free. It comes with a 5GB of iCloud storage as well.

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2. Set Up Your iPod touch or iPhone

While setting up an iPhone or iPod for kids, you can let Apple know that you are setting up the device for your kids. This will let you control lots of features on the device and let you learn how to monitor my child’s iPhone. For instance, you can set up a security question, enable permissions to buy any content from the App Store, share location with family, etc.

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3. Set a Passcode to Protect the Device

To make sure that the device won’t be used by anyone, you need to set a passcode. While setting up a device, you will get an option to set up a new passcode. Also, if you have a newer generation device, then you can protect the device by fingerprint access using its Touch ID. Teach your kids about Touch ID and use their fingerprints to calibrate it.

set parental controls on iphone

4. Set Up Find My iPhone

Apple has a native feature of “Find my iPhone” to locate a lost or stolen device. Simply go to the device’s Settings > iCloud and turn on the option of Find my iPhone and location sharing. If the iPhone for kids is lost, then you can track it remotely by visiting the Find my iPhone online service on iCloud’s website.

set parental controls on ipod

5. Set Up Family Sharing

The Family Sharing feature on iPhone let us share photos, purchases, schedules, location, and so much more with our family. Not only will it help you keep a track on your kids but will also save your money on purchases too. Simply go to iCloud settings and tap on the “Set up Family Sharing”. Follow on-screen instructions to make iPod for kids ready.

how to set parental controls on iphone

6. Install New Apps

To prepare iPhone for kids and let them have a great time, you can also install some apps on the device as well. This could be learning apps to help them in their educator or tracking apps to know how to monitor my child’s iPhone. The App Store has a dedicated section for Kids that you can visit to get these apps.

how to set parental controls on ipod

7. Set Restrictions on Mature Content

If you don’t want your kids to be exposed to inappropriate or explicit content at an early age, then you can set restrictions on their device as well. This is the most vital things to do while setting up an iPhone for kids. Go to the device’s Settings > General > Restrictions and turn it on. From here, you can put restrictions on websites, music, movies, TV shows, books, and more.

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8. Consider a Family Subscription for Apple Music

Music is an evident part of our life and is also enjoyed by kids. By getting a family subscription for Apple Music, you can save a lot and manage everything in one place. While buying the subscription, select the Family option and connect it with the iPod for kids to let them listen to the music of their choice.

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9. Set Up iPhone Monitoring for Kid's iPhone

If you wish to learn how to monitor my child’s iPhone, then simply use a device tracking tool like Spyzie. It can let you track all the crucial details and information on the target iOS device remotely, without even accessing it once. This includes the device’s call logs, messages, WhatsApp chats, location history, browser history, calendar, notes, voice memos, third-party media, and so much more.

Spyzie is extremely easy to deploy and doesn’t require any prior technical experience as well. To learn how to monitor my child’s iPhone using Spyzie, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, create your Spyzie account by providing your email id.
  2. monitor iphone

  3. Specify the type of device you wish to track and the age of your kids.
  4. To complete the setup process, you need to log-in to the iCloud account that is linked to the target device of your kids.
  5. how to monitor iphone

  6. That’s it! Now, to monitor their iOS device, simply go to Spyzie’s dashboard and select the target device. This will automatically load all the important details related to the device.
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10. Back up the content on iCloud

By default, Apple provides a free space of 5 GB to every Apple ID. Later, it can be expanded or shared with your family as well. By taking a backup of an iOS device, you would be sure to keep its vital information safe. Even if the data is lost, you can restore it from the iCloud backup. It can also help you keep a track on your kid’s device using a monitoring tool like Spyzie. Just go to the iCloud settings and turn on the backup option.

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Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

We are sure that after following these suggestions, you can make an iPhone or iPod for your kids ready and safe. Now when you know how to monitor my child’s iPhone and set up their device, you can give it to them without any trouble. Simply take the assistance of Spyzie to know how your kids are using their device remotely. In this way, you can keep a track on their activities without letting them know.

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