Top 10 Apps to Turn Your Old Smart Phone Into A Baby Monitor

Are you concerned about your baby’s safety and want a baby monitor? Do you know you can use your old mobile phone to monitor your baby? Yes, it is absolutely possible to use the old smart phone as baby monitor. The old camera can still be used to keep an eye on your baby and for your relief, is it not that difficult to turn your smart phone to a smart baby monitor. Clearly, what else would you expect of your old smart phone to do, not lying around and being used to monitor your baby. Especially at a time when you always might not find time to have an in person watch on your baby, the old smart phone which has been lying around without any use put together to form a baby monitor comes as a big relief. Let’s now see how we can convert an old phone to a baby monitor with some interesting applications and most importantly, the working camera of the old phone.

Part 1: How to Turn Old Smart Phones Into Baby Monitors

It is very easy to convert an old good enough smart phone with a working camera to a baby monitor. The camera of the old smart phone is used to monitor the baby. You can easily keep an eye on your little baby whenever you feel like, even when you are travelling and this is best thing you can do if you are a new mom or dad.

Two of the important things required to make this happen is internet access and camera. This requires two phones working one of them being the old one and the other one being the new phone. Both the phones have to work on the same wifi network and then what’s required is the suitable baby monitoring application on both the phones and it’s done. Setup one phone with the camera pointing towards the baby kept little far away just enough to see the baby and little of the surrounding. But one thing that has to be ensured is that the phone set to keep a watch on the baby is connected to the same wifi network as is the other phone and plugged into an outlet. Make sure that the advanced security features are already active so that the video streams of your baby are private and accessible only by you.

Now, that it is already clear how to use an old smart phone and an application to monitor your baby, you would be intrigued to know more about the applications that can be used. Here are top 10 best baby monitor apps that you can use.

Part 2: Top 10 Baby Monitor Apps

There are various baby monitor applications that you can use. The list of baby monitor applications below gives you a brief idea about the applications that you might be looking for.

1. Baby Monitor by Dormi

Baby monitor by Dormi is one of the best baby monitor applications to be found in Google Play. It can be easily downloaded on both the devices that are to be used in this process and operated with or without internet. You can easily use this application when you are travelling and this application allows connection of multiple parent devices to the same child device.

Price: $8.99 (Lifetime unlimited usage)

Key Features:

• Microphone sensitivity need not be configured. Dormi adjusts automatically to the noise levels.

• Dormi notifies of any missed calls and text messages on the child device.

• Parent phone starts vibrating if the baby starts crying.

• Enhanced night vision mode

• Dormi works in the background enem when the screen is off.

baby monitor app dormi

2. Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor has to be downloaded on various Apple devices. The devices can be iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac. After the device is downloaded, the application has to be run on both the devices. The unit which stays with the baby is the child unit and the one which stays with the parent is parent unit. This application can be easily used to turn your iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, iPad into a secure Video Baby Monitor.

Price: $3.99

Key Features:

• It supports unlimited range

• Noise and motion alert

• Video Baby monitor

• Battery alert feature gives notifications when the battery is low

• Multiple parent and multi child unit support

cloud baby monitor

3. Baby Monitor by Faebir

Baby Monitor by Faebir is a simple baby monitor app Android when it comes to its design and functionality. Baby Monitor detects when the baby makes noise or cries and alerts via a regular call, text message or a skype call.

Price: Free

Key Features:

• Alerts through skype call, message or a regular call when the baby is crying

• Low battery alert

• Works in background even when the screen is off

• Customized microphone sensitivity

• Auto recovery from temporary problems

baby monitor by faebir

4. Baby Monitor by CodeGoo

CodeGoo Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitor applications for iPhone. This when installed in iPhone and placed near the baby, places regular phone calls to the number fed to the application. This works great while you are travelling.

Price: $4.99

Key Features:

• Unlimited range of monitor

• Compatible with most of the carriers

• Use with FaceTime

codegoo baby monitor

5. Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine Apps

Baby Monitor HD is another application which can be used to monitor your baby through iPhone, iPad, etc, over WiFi or 3G. This again helps you to keep a watch on your baby when you are travelling or even when you are home. It is a high quality video and audio baby monitor tool which can serve best with retina display support and up to 4 live video feeds on screen at the same time.

Price: Free

Key Features:

• Quick and simple camera setup

• Tilt controls

• Active support group

• Double tap zoom

• Digital video and audio monitor

baby monitor hd

6. Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G is available for iOS users as well as android users and turns any two phones, computers or tablets into a reliable and secure baby monitor. You can easily download this application from the app store and Google Play store. This application transfers live video of the baby to your smart phone. You can even control the sensitivity of the microphone to hear the sounds distinctly from the baby’s room.

Price: Rs. 300 (Android)

$3.99 (iOS)

baby monitor 3g for android

Key Features:

• Unlimited range

• Activity recording

• Supports multi parent units

• Adjustable microphone sensitivity

• Vibrating alert when anything detected from the baby’s room

• Safe and secure

baby monitor 3g for ios

7. Baby Monitor and Alarm

Baby Monitor and Alarm is a reliable and secure baby monitor app which can be used in both iPhone and Android devices. This allows call to parent functionality and noise recording. The phone alert function notifies you by placing a call to you when there is a noise in the child’s room. You can even replay the noises when required.

Price: Rs 220.00(Google Play)


$2.99 (App Store)

baby monitor and alarm for android

Key Features:

• Reliable and easy to use

• Noise recording which can be played later on

• Activity log

• Call to parents function active

• Mommy’s voice function

baby monitor alarm for ios

8. WiFi Baby Monitor

WiFi Baby Monitor allows you to monitor you baby through video and audio broadcasts. You can zoom in and out to see what the baby is doing and what’s happening in the surrounding. It is highly secure as it has password protection for cameras while allowing simultaneous connections for multiple viewers. It also has both iOS version and Android version.

Price: Free

wifi baby monitor for android

Key Features:

• High quality video and audio streaming

• Video zoom in feature to have a closer look

• Adjustable video resolution

• Simultaneous multiple connections

• Password protection for cameras

wifi baby monitor for ios

9. Third Eye

Third Eye is another application which is compatible with iPhone, Mac or PC. It allows you to wirelessly monitor your baby in any room through audio and video. When connected to the same wifi network, you can easily hear real time audio and remotely record audio which is an amazing feature.

Price: Free

Key Features:

• Supports multiple connections

• Real time video streaming

• Real time audio

• Remote recording

baby monitor third eye

10. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi App Box

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi App Box is an application which can be used to monitor for iPhone. Simply download this application from iTunes and start monitoring your baby remotely and everything is so simple. This is an extremely good toolbox that can be used on iPhone. You can save snapshots of your baby as well while monitoring along with using both front and rear camera.

Price: Free

Key Features:

• Save snapshots while monitoring

• Use front and back camera

• Adjustable snapshot timer

bluetooth and wifi app box baby monitor

Being a parent you must be concerned about your child’s safety and would have been hunting for such applications which can help you keep a watch on your baby always, the aforesaid list of applications would come as a great help for you.

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