Best Android Parental Control Apps to Set Screen Time Limit

Looking to control your kid’s time on screen, then you should go through our list of the best Android Parental Control time limit apps below.

6 Best Android Parental Control Apps to Set Screen Time limit

Mobile devices are an excellent asset for any parent because it keeps children entertained, while still teaching them new things. However, using electronic devices for a long time is harmful. Studies indicate that overexposure to electronic devices hinders learning, and even leads to a sullen, angry attitude. Children can also be exposed to inappropriate topics if they browse the internet. Hence, it behooves us to protect children from excessive mobile device use. Fortunately there are plenty of Android parental control time limit apps to protect children from excessive use. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps for Android devices.

1. Spyzie Parental Control

Spyzie is an Android parental control time limit app, for parents who want to limit time on mobile devices. The app is ideal for monitoring children’s online activity and limiting the amount of time on the phone. Spyzie is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. The app works with dozens of mobile devices from Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC and Google. If you wish to read the full list of compatible devices, visit the Compatibility policy page.

Spyzie’s comprehensive set of features make it a very popular app. The device monitoring app is endorsed by CNet, Forbes, Daily Mail and other prominent media outlets. If you are looking for a single app to limit screen time and monitor usage, Spyzie is the perfect choice.

  • Monitor calls and text messages.
  • Check social media activity.
  • Limit screen time.
  • Check real-time location
  • Check what has been typed on keypad.
  • Capture screenshots of target mobile device.
  • Monitor calendar events.

Price: $29.99

Supported OS: Android, iPhone

Android parental control time limit - Spyzie Parental Control

2. FamiSafe: Parental Control for Android

Developed by Kaspersky, the makers of the famous anti-virus software, SafeKids gives parents complete control over their kids’ mobile devices. SafeKids lets you monitor and limit screen time remotely. You can place restrictions and monitor your children from a different device. The app is convenient for parents who want to monitor their kids, while at work.

Android parental control time limit - FamiSafe: Parental Control for Android

  • Set your own list of blocked apps.
  • Monitor child’s device usage via personal account.
  • Monitor main social media and YouTube activity.
  • ipad parental control app - FamiSafe android parental monitoring app - FamiSafe

  • Sends notifications on suspicious activity.
  • best android parental control app - FamiSafe iphone parental control app - FamiSafe

  • Detect suspicious photos in kids' phone galleries.
  • FamiSafe- best iphone monitoring parental control app

Ratings: 4.5/5

Supported OS: Android & iOS

Price: $9.9 a month with 3 free day trial on Google play and App store (cross platform and one account can mange up to 30 devices)


3. Kids Place - Parental Control

Kids Place Parental Control was designed to help parents monitor their child’s mobile device usage. Parents can use the app to stop other programs, restrict calls, block texting and even restart closed apps. Parental control gives parents complete control over how their children use their mobile devices.

  • Prevent children from buying/downloading new apps.
  • Disable wireless signals.
  • Offers additional plug-ins to filter web content
  • Toddler Lock: A feature to automatically restart apps stopped by small children.
  • Works with any Android phone and tablet.

Ratings: 4/5

Supported OS: Android

Android parental control time limit - Kids Place - Parental Control

4. Screen Time Parental Control

Screen Time Parental Control is a top-tier Android parental control time limit app designed to restrict time spent on the phone. Ideally suited for families with teenagers, the app lets you monitor up to six children at the same time. Screen Time lets you set limits on screen time for each mobile device.

  • See which apps are being used and how often.
  • Receive notifications when your kids install new apps.
  • Check the websites your children visit.
  • See the search terms used by children.
  • Set agreements and limits in advance.

Rating: 4/5

Supported OS: Android

Price: Free, with additional features for paid version.

Android parental control time limit - Screen Time Parental Control

5. Kid’s Shell – Kid Launcher

Kid’s Shell Kid Launcher by Whisper Arts is a little different from the other apps on the list because it is an app launcher. When you open Kid Launcher you can choose which apps your children can or cannot open. Hence, you create a ‘safe zone’ for your children where unwanted apps cannot function.

  • Choose apps to be launched with Kids Launcher.
  • Protects child without compromising your device’s safety.
  • ‘Child Lock’ features to make sure children do not select unapproved apps.
  • Blocks all ways to leave the ‘safe zone’.
  • Works in multiple languages.

Rating: 4/5

Supported OS: Android

Android parental control time limit - Kid’s Shell – Kid Launcher

6. FamilyTime Parental Control

FamilyTime is the ultimate screen limit app for Android devices. FamilyTime allows you to monitor your child’s activities, while placing limits on what they can do. The app lets you control what children do on their mobile devices, and how long they use it.

  • Set limits on time spent on the device.
  • Remotely block apps and games.
  • Monitor which apps are used frequently.
  • Get activity reports.
  • Get SOS alerts with real time location.

Ratings: 4/5

Price: Free, with additional features for paid version.

Android parental control time limit - FamilyTime Parental Control

How to Limit Time on Android Screen

As we already learned from this article, Spyzie is a great monitoring tool for Android. Schedule Restriction is an exclusive feature available for the Android version of the Spyzie app. It is used to set time limits for using tablets and smart phones. Implementing the process is relatively simple; you need only follow these steps.

Step 1 – Create a Spyzie account using a name and email address.

How to Limit Time on Android Screen

Step 2 – After the account is set up, you need to install the app onto the target device. Add the name of the device owner, for identification purposes.

Limit Time on Android Screen

Step 3 – To go to ‘Unknown Sources’ and install the app. Log into your Spyzie account to activate the service.

Step 4 – Access the Control Panel, and select ‘Schedule Restrictions

limit android screen time

Step 5 – Set the terms of the restriction. Terms include ‘Start Hour’, ‘End Hour’ and ‘Days of the Week’.

Block Unwanted Apps

Spyzie gives parents the chance to block apps. The ‘Block Apps’ feature is an excellent chance to filter undesirable apps, and prevent your child from accessing them. The feature allows parents to identify inappropriate apps installed on your child’s device and block them. The feature can be used for controlling children. For example, if they spend lots of time playing games or surfing the web, parents can block the app. App Blocker can be enforced remotely from your own device.

Select the apps you want to block. You can also select the ‘Block all Apps’ option.

how to limit android screen time

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

There are plenty of Android parental control time limit apps to choose from. However, if you want a comprehensive program to protect your children, we highly recommend Spyzie. The app is perfect for restricting screen time for children, and monitoring their activity. Spyzie empowers parents to enforce guidelines about mobile usage even when they are at work. The app works remotely and parents will know if their children are not following the rules.

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