A Parental Guide to Find Hidden Danger on Kid's Phone Remotely

Not only you, but your kids also want to be the sole users of their handsets. Interference from your part can be annoying to them. Children may hide some applications to clear their home screen, while some other times, they might conceal the application hiding concerned matter of subject. Though parental control app would be a great help, determining the issue is an imperative need.


Hiding applications may not always be a matter of concern for the parents. However, when it comes to managing the content accessed by the kids on their phone, it is important for parents to know about the hidden applications installed in a kid's phone.

There are various hidden app finders that you can have access to find the applications hidden in your child’s phone for using age-inappropriate content. Here we have compiled a list of applications and the ways by which you can check their use on the targeted device.

Hidden and Vault Applications

Kids are, definitely, a step ahead of their parents these days. They have found out ways to save themselves from the prying eyes of their parents. You as a parent might not be able to discover even the Instagram, Facebook, and the like applications on their cell phones. Concerned parents need to find the ways by which they can guide their kids in appropriate ways to shape their better future.


It might not always be the case that the content or the applications hidden are unethical, but sometimes, these could be the games you have been stopping your kids from using them.

Some of these hidden apps in the targeted device are:



Similar to the ordinary calculator, this is a vault application. This hidden app for Android takes in a password instead of calculations and can hide the applications and pictures that your child does not want you to have its access.



This hidden application is similar to a calculator and opposite to parental control app. The app is used to hide the images, videos, and some other applications.

Cover Me


This application is used to communicate with peers and friends secretly. You can contact, call, or text anyone by using this application. The text messages sent through this application can disappear. The users can shake the cell phone to hide or lock the texts you have sent. Other than this, it also works as a vault to hide images, videos, and applications. The most interesting feature of the application is that it can help you in creating a private number.

Best Secret Folder


Yet another vault application, Best Secret Folder is a password-protected application. One can save the videos and images secretly in this application. In case of the wrong password is entered, and if someone is accessing your phone in your absence, the application plays an alarm for you to alert on time. This is similar to working of hidden app finder as well.

If you suspect any nasty behavior on the part of your kid, you need to keep an eye on his activities that he performs on the internet. The first thing that comes to your mind is to check their cell-phones when they are asleep. But this can even be dangerous, as your child might find it insulting and lose trust in you. So, now the question arises how to find hidden applications remotely? We have a solution for it. Let’s check this out.

Various spying applications are available in the market that helps you to keep a check on the data accessed by the targeted device.



Not only images, and videos, but mSpy tracker also helps in tracking all the social media activities of the targeted device. This application works in a stealthy mode as it completely hides after installation. It monitors the child’s phone and sends the reports on the online mySpy account, which can be easily accessed through any device. You can check everything from text messages to call durations. Other than this, you will also be able to check the number of keystrokes made on the targeted device helping you to know the passwords set for various applications.



For those who are searching for reliable and inexpensive spying software, SpyMasterPro is the solution. This application has enough facilities to offer to its users. One can easily monitor the activities of the targeted device and can even stop access to certain sites and illegal information. The amazing spying features offered by this application make it the best choice for the users.

Definitely, mobile phones have been a wonderful invention in today’s era. Though it has made everything in the world just a click away, everything offering so many benefits comes with its consequences. Being parents, you should be well aware of the effects its excessive usage can have on your school goers. When you provide this wonder gadget to your kid, you should be very well aware of the ways it can be used by your kids.

Spyzie: An Incredible App That Act as Hidden App Finder and Parent Control Tool


This spying application helps concerned parents to keep a check on the social media whereabouts of their child. Not only this, parents can check the comments made by their kids, and the information browsed on the internet. Parents can get the real-time screenshots of the application being accessed by their child with this parental control app. This application also works in a stealth mode, and your targeted device will not be able to know that you are having access to its information.

Moreover, Spyzie helps your kids protect from online predators, pornography, cyberbullying, and other threats. The App has impeccable features for parents to access inevitably. Here are its features:

  • View Call Log History: This app helps parents to view the complete call history on a target device. You can easily check the call history in a chronological way where you can see phone numbers, contact names, call duration, time of a call, and calls types such as outgoing, incoming, rejected, or missed call.
  • Analyze Call Logs: With the help of this parental control app, Spyzie, allows you to have a quick glance at top 5 most dialed or contacted persons along with details including time and call duration.
  • Monitor WhatsApp: You are able to read and go through WhatsApp chat history and group chats of the monitored device.
  • Track Downloaded Files and Media from WhatsApp: Parents can easily access and view downloaded files and shared files of their kids' device.
  • View Installed Apps: The unique factor of Spyzie is its ability to help you know how to find hidden apps remotely. Its features are designed in such a manner that this app acts as a parent's true friend and kid's helpful mentor. Moreover, the app also helps you to identify the apps installed and files saved through those installed apps in the device.
  • Manage Media Files: An effective app, Spyzie allows you to reach easily to videos, images, downloaded media files, and saved documents on the target device.
  • Track Reminders and Notes: Spyzie not only act as a hidden app for Android and iOS but also act as an identifier to note down what's going on a monitored device. On the Spyzie dashboard, all the notes of the targeted device are shown in sequence. You can also see the audio files and track reminders.

Therefore, help yourself and your kids by installing an excellent parental control app, Spyzie.

Steps to Monitor Android Phones with Spyzie

It's a game of three steps and after this, the control of a target device is in your hand. Follow these three simple steps:

1. Make an account on Spyzie: Enter your authentic email id in order to receive the login credentials and download link for the app after registration. You can go for premium plans for advanced features.


2. Download the App on a Monitored Device: Follow all the setup process precisely and as asked. Make sure to allow all the permission requests.


3. Access to Monitored Data via Control Panel: After the installation of the app on your device and target device, you will be directed to control panel dashboard where you can check every activity of your kid or monitored device.


This is where Spyzie let you know how to find hidden apps remotely in a target device and help your kids to stay on the right track for a better future.

Various Hidden App finders for Android are amazing applications that parents can use for their advantage. Without coming into the light, parents can check the information shared and searched by their kids. These applications not only help the parents to track the messages or calls but also the social media whereabouts of their kids. You can sit back and relax when these applications will inform you about the activities performed on the targeted device.


Due to app diversity, protecting your child from checking out the undesired content has been made easier with the hidden app finders. To protect your child from falling into the trap of any unethical content, frequent conversations, and timely discussions about the harmful effects should be made with the kids.

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