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Playing games on electronic devices is one of the most favorite hobbies for children nowadays. Whether your children love playing games on the internet or offline console, excessive gaming seriously impacts them in a negative manner. Those who are addicted to playing games seldom engage in physical activities, and therefore, it affects their physical health and strength seriously. Extensive studies and data have indicated that playing games for more than 3 hours a day continuously can negatively affect the eyesight, mental health, appetite & even result to stress in children.

According to research conducted by the University of Texas in Dallas, it has been found that children who are addicted to gaming can face medical disorders like backaches, headaches, depression & carpal tunnel syndrome. So you can understand how dangerous game addiction can be. Today we will show you how you can set Google Play Parental Controls in the Play Store app and how you can prevent your child from becoming addicted to playing games.

How to set Parental Controls within the Google Play Store?

Google Play Store can provide access to thousands of games to your children on any Android device, and therefore, you need to make sure that they have limited access to it. You can easily do this by setting up parental controls in the app. How are you going to do so? Let us have a look in this guide.

  • Launch the Google Play Store app from your android menu and come to the home screen of the application.


  • In the home screen at the top left, you can see the Menu Icon indicated by the three horizontal lines. Click on that and then in the sliding menu, click on Settings.


  • Under the Settings menu, you are able to get the Parental controls in the User controls options. The option is turned off by default; you need to turn it on.


  • Inside the Parental Controls, you will see that all the options have been grayed out and you need to turn them on as per your preferences.


  • You will be asked to set up a pin for restricted access. You can also set content restrictions.

a-full-parent-guide-to-put-google-play-parental-controls a-full-parent-guide-to-put-google-play-parental-controls

  • Once you have tweaked the settings according to your preference & the way you want your child to access the internet, click on save & exit the app.

So here are the important steps that you will need to set up Google Play Parental Controls on Google Play Store. These controls are very much effective in setting up restricted access to your child from getting addicted to games. Have a look at some pros and cons it has when compared to a third-party app for providing restricted access to the app.


  • An in-app feature which is much easier to use
  • Does not require you to install another app which will take up more space in the storage memory.
  • Allows you to set up different security codes and measures which are very effective.


  • Easy to find out the source of the parental control
  • Third-party apps have more control options
  • The app can get faulty at times

Use Google Play Family Link for Parental Control?

Google Play Family Link is one of the best ways to keep your children under surveillance without them knowing. This app allows your family members to adopt good digital habits and prevent them from getting latched into internet addiction. Here are the important steps you can follow to enable the app.

  • You need to use the latest version of Android available for your device to use the app. Download the Google Play Family Link app; once it is installed in your device, click on the icon & you will get started.


  • In the app, choose the Google Account with which you would want to link the parental control settings. If you want to add a new account, then you can tap on the ADD icon to get the new Parent account.


  • Now, you will be asked if your child has their own Google Account or not. If they do have one, then click on YES and if they don't, click on NO. If you click on NO, you will be guided to create one.
  • Once the account is set, you will be asked to click on Next to find your child's device. It will be done after you enter a 9-digit code to link the device.
  • In your child's device, you need to open the Family Link app and enter the previous 9-digit code to start the linking process before you can control their activities.
  • After the process is finished, you can have access to your child's device & they have restricted usage on the device you own as well.

Here are the important steps that you will need to follow in order to use the Google Play Family Link application for controlling the Internet activities of your children and to prevent them from getting addicted to games or other recreation.

What to do if you think Google Protect is not enough?

Undoubtedly, Google Parent Controls is one of the most efficient ways to keep your children under restricted access to the Play Store. However, if you think that you need a more personalized application with diverse feature to prevent any breach to your mobile device, you can find many third-party apps. One of the best alternatives to the Google Play Parental Controls is Spyzie.

Yes! It is one of the best security and monitoring app that parents can use. It has a lot more features and benefits that will help you to get much more efficiency via different methods. In the coming segment, you will see that Spyzie has some of the most brilliant features that can prevent game addiction, making it the best parental control app.

Here are some amazing features of Spyzie:

  • Supports both Android and iOS: Spyzie is very easy to install on both Android and iOS devices in just 3-4 steps and can be done without root access on Android or doing a jailbreak on iOS.
  • Supports an Invisible Mode: The app support invisible mode which does not allow the children to check is there any such spying app has been installed on their device or not.
  • Provides several features for surveillance: You can monitor social message, keywords alert, schedule restriction, block apps, see the application timeline, check to browse the history, etc., providing 100% complete surveillance.
  • Brilliant global customer support: Spyzie has Global customer support that is available for you; in case you have faced any difficulties while using the app, you can reach them via calling.
  • Easy and smooth user access: It is a very simple and user-friendly app without any complicated settings or instructions. You can use the app on your mobile to explore its 150+ features.

You can see that Spiezio is one of the best parental control apps that you can use for restricting access. It comes at an affordable price, and therefore, it is not that difficult to use. Let us now have a look at how you are going to use Spyzie.

How to use Spyzie?

As we have already mentioned that Spiezio is one of the best alternatives to Google Play Parental Controls, it enables you to keep an eye on your children throughout the day without them knowing. Here are the important steps you need to follow to use Spyzie.

Install Spyzie on Android: Here are the important steps to follow when you want to install Spyzie on Android.

  • The very first thing you need to do is to create a Spyzie account and purchase a premium plan in order to use all the features that we have mentioned.
  • Once you have purchased a plan of your choice, you will need to install the application from the website into your target device. Make sure to click on Android when the app prompts you to choose the OS.


  • After the app has been installed, you will be asked to complete different security settings and secure your application in the most efficient manner.


Install Spyzie on iOS: Here are the important steps to follow while using the application on iOS devices.

  • You need to first create a Spyzie account and subscribe for the premium package. You will need this account to get access to the control panel. You can use your email id for the authentication and to receive alerts in future.


  • Now go through the setup wizard and fill the personal information like name and age. After completing, move to the next page and insert the iCloud ID and also the password to verify. Ensure that the iCloud backup and the syncing service are activated on the device you are going to use.


So, here are the different ways by which you can use Spyzie in both Android and iOS devices without any hassles. It is a brilliant alternative app to the Google Play Family Link.


We know how much parents are always worried about their children. Technology and smartphones can surely help your children in innumerable ways, but they can result in their harm as well. Therefore, to prevent them from facing any problems or getting addicted to any particular game over time, apps like Google Play Parental Controls and Spyzie are the best way to keep them safe and away from any addictions.

Spyzie comes with more than 150+ features which have been directed towards providing the parents with 100% control over their children phone to ensure that they are safe and sound. So what are you waiting for? Download the Spyzie app and start keeping track of your children for their safety.

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