Top 5 Parental Control Apps to Track Kid’s Phone Usage for Safety

In the modern and technology times, kids usually spend time on Smartphone instead of playgrounds. There would be hardly any kid in the world who don’t play games on smart devices. But, whatever the technology suggests, mobile phones always come with pros and cons, and when it comes to kids, the issue becomes trickier. As a parent, protecting your kid from cyberbullying like issues, is important. Therefore, parental control apps come out with exquisite solutions for your help.


A normal discussion with kids can also help but not every time. Your teen may find something interesting while browsing online when with friends and start watching that particular content, regardless of its impact. Some kids try to be smarter as they delete their browsing history before reaching home after school or extra classes. This is, definitely, a matter of concern for parents. What should you to remotely track phone usage of your kid? If your kids are smarter, then technology is one step ahead. With its smart techniques, it has come with the best solutions as well.

You can take help of apps that help in tracking phone usage by an individual without his or her knowledge. Get to know about the top five apps that track phone usage apps here:

1. Spyzie

For those parents, who want to know about every activity of their kids on the phone, Spyzie is the right option for them. This is the app that tracks phone usage so that children remain safe from any nuisance of web surfing.


Features of Spyzie are:

  • Kid’s Safety: Parents, as an administrator on Spyzie account, can block certain apps from kids’ device. Moreover, they can schedule restricted mobile usage with the help of this parental control app.
  • Track Your Kids: With the availability of Geofencing, WiFi Logger, and GPS, you can easily track your children’s live location and can set alerts if they cross the restricted areas.
  • Stay Updated to Your Kid’s Activities: Whether it is messages, call log, app activity, emails, documents searching, and any web activity, Spyzie is an excellent app to notify you about whereabouts of your kid’s phone accessibility.
  • Know About their Social Activities: Your child is busy on the phone all the time and doesn’t share anything much with you. This is bothering you. No need to worry, Spyzie app allows you to check all messages of your children on different social media platforms and tracks every web activity.


  • Easy to access and understand
  • No jailbreaking needed
  • Includes alert features and app blocker


  • Need operating access to the target device to install

2. Social Fever

Most of the time, you may have noted that when your kids wake up in the morning, they look for their phone before wishing good morning to you. Well, it’s an addiction, which you need to help them control it. With Social Fever, you can make your children differentiate between time spent on mobile phones and time spent in the real world. By installing it, you can remotely track phone usage by your child.


Features of Social Fever:

  • User-friendly: It has easy accessibility and is simple to understand.
  • Gather Information: You can check the time spent on the phone by a target device any day or after a week.
  • Set time Limit: It allows the user to set the time limit for phone usage and web activity.


  • Lightweight app
  • Consumes less battery
  • User-friendly interface


  • It operates manually

3. AutoForward

Compatible for both Android and Apple devices, AutoForward is an effective parental control app that monitors every activity on the target phone in real time. You can get a detailed report, including a number of hours spent on a particular app.


Features of AutoForward:

  • It is one of the best-updated apps of 2019
  • Works on different operating systems
  • Investigate every activity from text messages to uploading photos on social sites.


  • User-friendly
  • Great monitoring of the target device
  • Remote installation


  • No Geofencing feature

4. Trackmyfone

If you feel that your kids hook on mobile games or surf social sites for long hours, then Trackmyfone is an ultimate app that frames web and app activity with complete details sent to the administrative device.


Features of this parental control app are:

  • Effective for kids to prevent them away from danger and troubles of the technology and online world
  • Provides better and reliable software options for parents to choose from
  • Considered as an average monitoring tool


  • It notifies you with instant alerts, possesses geo-fencing features, and is an app blocker.
  • Easy to use and understand


  • Delay in updates and improper functioning of GPS tracking

5. iSpyoo

An app that tracks phone usage of a target device has an effective monitoring tool. However, you need to set up this app manually in a target device. Once you install it in your kid’s phone or target’s phone, you can easily get notifications on your device every hour.


Features of iSpyoo:

  • It’s hard to discover for a kid about the installation of this app in his device
  • Simple to use and easy terms used in the app
  • One can attain continuous secret monitoring of a target device


  • Tracks the data you need from the target device
  • Easy understanding of the control panel
  • Real-time records
  • Offers two days trial


  • Follows manual installation Process
  • The app delays in response sometimes.

Among all the apps, if you are confused for which one to choose, here are the effectual reasons that would convince you to pick Spyzie as your partner in crime helping you in tracking web and app activity of your child.

How Does Spyzie Come into a Picture to protect Kids?

  • A well-designed parental control app, Spyzie is a monitoring solution compatible to both Android and Apple devices. For tracking an iOS device, you require its iCloud ID, and everything is set. And, for an Android device, you need to install a plug-in in a target device for successful functioning and monitoring.
  • While the growing popularity of using mobile phones, the need for Spyzie as remotely tracking phone usage app is boosting day by day. It acts as a tracking app more than just hacking software. Due to the high-quality features of Spyzie, it stands out as an amazing solution for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids' social media activities and web activities all the time.
  • 5-parental-control-apps-to-track-kids-phone-usage

  • Not only it allows parents to keep an eye on their kids' web and app activities, but also facilitate them with the feature to restrict a child from using certain sites. For instance, you can block or ban adult content or online games sites according to your choice. Moreover, you have control over app activities of kids.
  • A feature of reading messages of Facebook is rarely found in any other app, but Spyzie does. You can check and track social media messages, photos, number of times spent, and content shared by a target device. However, the app featured keywords alerts, with the help of which, you'll get to know if your child is searching or browsing in an unauthentic way.

Also, tracking phone logs and text messages is also possible with this authentic tracking app.

How to Use Spyzie to Track Phone Usage

After you come to know why Spyzie stands out among all, you can step ahead to install it in your device. Here are the simple installation steps for your help:

Step 1: Registration

Visit the official site of Spyzie and create an account. Make sure to use an authentic mail id so that you receive a download link of this app along with the login credentials.



Step 2: Installation

After the registration comes to the process of installation, you need to adjust some settings in the target device to proceed. On the first page of the setup wizard, you have to assign a name to the target device and select the operating of the setup as well.




While you use Spyzie for your Android phone, consider the following process:

  • Go to the setting option and enable unknown resources option.
  • Download and install the Spyzie monitoring app.
  • Open the installed app, and log in to your Spyzie account.
  • At last, click on the ‘start’ to activate the service of the device administrator.

Step 3: Monitoring the Data

Visit the Spyzie dashboard by signing in your account on a desktop. You'll find all the features of Spyzie on the top left. Monitor them accordingly. Also, make sure that the internet connection of your device and target device is active.


Thus, as a parent, you get to know that how Spyzie remotely tracks phone usage and have understood the importance of this app for your child's future. It encourages you to remain vigilant every day for your kids' to remain on the right track and do the right thing. The world is quite competitive and is not safe for kids most of the time. Therefore, parents should take the technology help in such cases whenever required.

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