5 Best apple screen time apps in iOS 12 to restrict kids' phone usage!

Parental Controls (or you can call them restriction apps) allow parents to restrict iPhone usage along with definite operations and functions which their kids must not perform on iPhone. It is not that this feature wasn’t there before in iPhone models; however, iOS 12 has taken it to a completely different level and different place. A lot of users thought that Apple has from the latest iOS 12 version, but it is not the case. This latest version supports almost every apple screen time app.


Most parents are worried about their children getting obsessed with the internet as well as mobile phones. Yes, their academic results are getting affected as these devices are distracting them from focusing on the important things. So much exposure at such an early age is not good for kids. Don’t worry! There is a solution to it with an iOS 12 restriction, you can always limit the time your kid is spending on a device, and you can monitor it.

Five Screen Time Apple Apps!

1. Spyzie


Geared towards kids and younger teens, Spyzie is one of the best apple screen time app for mobile devices, which works as the best iOS 12 restrictions. Other than usual SMS/MMS, call, social media usage, and internet monitoring, it has a plethora of features like usage limiting, app blocking, and geofencing.

It is the best app when it comes to limiting time on the phone as well as restricting its use. You can manage numerous other features from its user-friendly interface. It has many advanced features, which help in tracking of a device.

  • One can easily set time-based restrictions using it
  • It is easy to edit, delete, add, and manage all the restrictions in one place
  • One can also block contacts, apps and monitor how one’s kids are browsing the internet
  • One can spy on kids’ by reading their messages, checking their social activity, listening to their calls, and a lot more.
  • The best thing with it is that it has a real-time location tracker

2. Screen Time

As the name suggests, it is a screen time apple app, which is used by millions of users from all around the world. Many users are using it to limit time on the phone. It is one of the most crucial tools for parents. This app certainly helps to restrict the time for which children use a device.

  • It is an app with time-based restrictions
  • Users can also set exact durations for their phones to be active
  • Get a thorough app log to use in mobile phone
  • The best part is that one can easily set priority based blocking


3. Qustodio

It is another apple screen time app that most users are trusting, relying on because of its user-friendly interface, and vast compatibility.

  • One can set time-based restrictions on a number of mobile devices at one time
  • One can block websites, contacts, and apps as well
  • It enables real-time web-based filleting on phone


4. K9 Web Protection

You should try this screen time apple app if you are really looking to guard your kids against indecent content or exposure on the internet.

  • It enables safe search to protect your children
  • To use the device easily set time restrictions
  • You can also block web pages and overwrite website passwords


5. Net Nanny

Most parents trust this mobile restriction app as it boosts Android and iOS 12 restriction features as well. The best thing is that it is not limited to smartphones only; one can easily restrict the way their children access their laptops and desktops.

  • It was a wonderful web filter
  • You will also find a language and app blocker is available
  • Set priorities as well as strict time durations
  • One can easily manage numerous devices in one place


Check Out Why Spyzie Stands Out And What Else Spyzie Can Do to Protect Kids:

  • It enables viewing the complete call history on that particular target device that can restrict iPhone usage. The call logs are given by dates and time and have phone numbers, contact names, time and duration, calls’ type (outgoing, incoming, withdrawn, accepted). You can easily find out whom and how frequently the person calls. You can take assistance from Spyzie tutorial to find out how to spy on ones' calls.
  • It's easy for you to look at messages, received and sent, and the information about them. For instance, you can know about chat list history, a number of messages, and names as well. The good thing about it is, you can read the Message chat history if the target device is iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. If these messages contain multimedia files or videos, you can always view them and can download this device.
  • You can always get detailed updates on the real-time phone’s location from any place. Moreover, you will be able to view the whole route history. In certain cases, this might be extremely helpful in the case if you want to know about a person’s current location.
  • Viewing WhatsApp chatting, including chat history and chats within groups. WhatsApp is frequently used to send and receive the multimedia file. Thus, the monitoring person is also able to see this kind of content remotely.


  • It allows Viewing videos in format of screenshots one after the other following each other as in the video; people love to do filming events from their life and sharing them afterward. So this feature is useful especially when you find out where and when the videos were taken.
  • To restrict iPhone usage, you can view contacts from a phone book, which means, you can view names, numbers – any info input in the phone book.
  • Any kind of picture ever sent, received through different channels is obtainable by the monitoring person. Furthermore, they are delivered straight to the dashboard, as well as can be downloaded like original files.
  • It is easy to view planned events and their location along with the calendar. This feature is useful for business owners as it allows them to follow the employees’ work.
  • One can look through the browsing history as well. One can always find out which are the websites and social media channels were visited. It also allows you to view bookmarks from your device.
  • One can monitor installed apps also. Well, in case you are worried that your partner has an account on dating app, you can always check it out. It is true that installed apps speak a lot about the person.
  • Monitoring memos and reminders are also possible. All the notes are given in order. Besides, any multimedia files are available. You can view reminders, listen to recorded files, and sync them by time.
  • Simply put, with Spyzie app, one can get a full range of monitoring features that help you monitored almost everything on a device.

How to Limit Time on Phone Using Spyzie?

1. Spyzie limits time on the phone that will certainly be of great use to you. To use this tool, simply follow these quick steps.

2. To begin with, go to Spyzie’s website and create an account by providing some basic details.


3. After that, select the device you wish to search out. The time restrictions, as well as app blocker features, are there.

4. Go to its Settings after unlocking the target device and > Security to enable app download from third-party sources.

5. Go to Spyzie’s website on your device and download the APK version that its tracking app has.

6. When you are done with installing the app, you can launch it and log in using all your account credentials.

7. Also, enable the device administrator and monitor it.


8. After that, you can monitor it by going to its dashboard or you can also make use of the control panel app.

9. “Schedule Restriction” feature will be there on the left of the panel. This is where one can add all kinds of restrictions to the target device.


10. After selecting, “Add Restriction” button is there. There you will see an interface like setting time duration, naming the restriction and more.


11. One can also block apps by using Applications feature as it encourages iOS 12 restriction in your own way.


Spyzie certainly helps you to limit time on the phone; you can ensure that your kids would use their device as it should be used. It is easy to use Spyzie, and it enables a free sign-up. Parental control apps are vital if you have children who use mobile devices a lot. Parents would look to monitor what their children are doing, and this is where an app like Spyzie can prove to be a real help.

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