A geofence is a predefined virtual boundaries such as school attendance zones or neighborhood boundaries. It is a critical feature for parents since they can always get notifications in realtime whenever a child enters or leaves a designated safe area.

What can I do with the geofencing features of Spyzie?

Create Geofences with No Effort

Mark a location of interest and then set the geofence by creating a circular around the location.

Available only when it is for android monitoring:

Receive Geofencing Alerts In Time

Whenever the target enters or exits a geofence, you will receive a notification email.

How can I monitor geofences set for a target phone?

1. Create a Spyzie account

To use Spyzie phone spy service, you need to get a membership first on the website or with any Spyzie app. Once the account is created, it can be used across all platforms.

2. Setup and Activate

The first time when you log into Spyzie account, there is a Setup process go through. Take the target phone at hand, install a monitoring app on the target phone and make necessary settings to activate the monitoring service.

Please follow the step by step instructions on the how to monitor android tutorial. If you are interested in monitoring an iOS device, please turn to the iPhone Monitoring tutorial.

3. Create Geofences and Start Monitoring

Simply log into the dashboard at https://my.spyzie.com/dashboard.html. Find the “Geofences” option from the features menu. On the right panel simply create one or more geofences and you will get notifications whenever the target leaves or enters any geofence.

Geofence Monitoring

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  • Premium Edition
  • Ultimate Edition

Premium Edition (With Restricted Functionality)

$ 29.99 $39.99 / Month
Required: Physical access to the target android phone.

Ultimate Edition (With Full Functionality)

$ 39.99 $49.99 / Month
Required: Physical access to the target android phone.