Top 6 Monitoring Software for Computer and Cell Phone

Part 1: Introduction


“My kid, although now 18, is too naughty. He never listens to what I say and always does according to his wish. He is completely addicted to games and surfing the social media networks. He goes out with his friends often and arrives late to home, leaving me in great tension the whole day. Are there any possible ways I could monitor his computer and cell phone usage?”

Well, why not? To give relief from such issues, we have computer monitoring software and cell phone monitoring apps in the market today. Today, we have listed the six best ones out for you.

Part 2: Why Parents and Employer use Computer Monitoring Software?

We allow our kids to use the Internet in computers and laptops so that they would come to know about upcoming technological developments and make themselves smarter. Similarly, it is usual that in the workplace, we use Internet connections to do our daily tasks efficiently. But it is impossible to spy the employees or your kids and ensure that they are productively utilizing the Internet.

At such circumstance, computer monitoring is made more comfortable with the help of computer monitoring software. When software is installed in the computers, it tracks all the browsing history, and when your kid or employee tries to open a restricted website, they will be blocked automatically.

In the sections below, we have listed three such software which is apt for the computer monitoring purpose.

Part 3: List of 3 software for computer monitoring

A. FlexiSpy


FlexiSpy serves to be as our first computer monitoring software and is well suited when you wish to protect your kids or employees from cyber-threats. It has various functionalities for both kids and employees. It helps to stop unauthorized usage and protects personal computers from risky behaviors. It is recognized as the best computer monitoring software and supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8 &10, Sierra, and Yosemite in Mac.

Features of FlexiSpy

  • In the workplace, FlexiSpy can record keystrokes, monitor employee productivity, track USB connections, and take screenshots of desktop and emails.
  • Parental control is another outstanding feature of FlexiSpy that will help you track all the online activities and block malicious apps when your kids try to install them.
  • Are you afraid that strangers or others can misuse your computer in your absence? FlexiSpy will monitor and protect the laptop for you.

Review of FlexiSpy

  • FlexiSpy safeguards data and monitors file activities and transfers.
  • More than 40+ features are available in FlexiSpy along with multi-device compatibility.
  • All its valuable customers get 24/7 customer support.


B. SpyAgent


Are you looking out for a spy to your kid or for your employee? SpyAgent from Spytech is what you need now. It is one of the award-winning spy software that has experience over 17 years in the field of computer monitoring and backs up all the features reliable for Home monitoring, 20 powerful tools for remote computer monitoring, cloud-based employee monitoring, and network monitoring.

Features of SpyAgent

  • Has the ability to monitor chats, emails, website usage, keystrokes, and social activities invisibly.
  • It is real-time spy software that can control any Mac or Android devices from remote locations.
  • The reporting capability via email and remote access is outstanding.

Review of SpyAgent

  • SpyAgent is an affordable and reliable parental control tool.
  • For computer monitoring, over 15 tools are available for it exclusively.
  • According to some users, the installation process seems to be quite challenging.


C. Sniperspy


Our last but not the least computer monitoring software is Sniperspy that is a cutting edge remote monitoring solution uploaded with advanced tracking and filtering features. You can monitor various computer devices with a single account in Sniperspy. The most compelling character in Sniperspy when compared to the above software is the “Live screen viewer” that is developed by the revolutionary technology to give a live view of the target device.

Features of Sniperspy

  • Sniperspy follows an HTTPS secured control panel pattern opt for the remote monitoring of the target device.
  • Various security settings like system configuration utility to thwart tampering, registry editor and task manager blocking is available.
  • Maintain the top ten report graph that displays popular searchers and viewed URL in detail.

Review of Sniperspy

  • The system interface is user-friendly and easy to install.
  • Users find time control, remote shutdown, and application filtering options more useful.
  • Clipboard logs, Live screen, Profanity alert logs are some of the attractive monitoring features of Sniperspy.


Part 4: Why Parents and Employer Should Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

With the help of computer monitoring software, you can monitor only computers but to perform monitoring in a remote location if the target device is a cell phone, then what you need is a cell phone monitoring software.

The process of monitoring is straightforward. You need to install the software in your device as well as in the target device to monitor your family member’s activities with the Live GPS location tracking. Parents can use these applications to track their kid’s activities and set boundaries for them. Similarly, in a workplace to make sure that employees are not using cell phones for a longer time and to restrict them from using Wi-Fi unnecessarily, these applications will be functional.

Part 5: List of 3 software for cell phone monitoring

A. Spyzie


Spyzie stands as our first cell phone monitoring software that is companionable with both Android and iOS devices. Top media leaders recommend it, and till date, more than 1 million satisfied users talk about it on Spyzie forum. Spyzie is well known as one of the optimized Non-jailbroken iOS spy solutions. It is uploaded with multiple features that will give you peace of mind as you will be informed about your kid’s or employee’s activities, including their GPS location.

Features of Spyzie

  • Based on the call logs on the target phone, block the fraud and spam contacts that are frightening and disturbing your kid or employee.
  • With smart schedule restriction, limit the Internet or mobile usage of the target user easily.
  • Whatever the social media platform, it is like Kik, Line, WhatsApp, or Instagram, you can get to know how and with whom they are connected with the help of Spyzie.

Review of Spyzie

  • Spyzie follows a simple interface and monitoring process is smooth without any confusions.
  • Spyzie services attract 100+ business partners.


B. FamiSafe


Want to keep your family safe? Wish to maintain harmony during your family time? Here is FamiSafe from Wondershare that will keep your entire family safe and secure. It is one of the reliable cell phone monitoring software that acts as a parental control tool and helps to safeguard kids from cyberbullying and cyber threats. FamiSafe understands all your concerns and realizes that parenting isn’t an easy job. It is the main motto of developing it.

Features of FamiSafe

  • Block unwanted games apps and social media apps from the target device with the help of a capable app blocking feature from FamiSafe.
  • Set boundaries for your kid with the geo-fencing option and get notified when they try to cross them.
  • With smart screen time limit option, let your kids have peaceful study and sleep hours.

Review of FamiSafe

  • Parents find this application the most useful one, especially the real-time location tracking and geo-fences.
  • Employers are very much attracted to the web content filtering options that restrict gambling and online threats.
  • FamiSafe has not recorded any cons still.


C. mSpy


Here is another spy in cell phone monitoring software unlike SpyAgent and Sniperspy from computer monitoring that is none other than mSpy. It is listed under the best parental apps for smartphones that monitors everything from the target device. By operating in the Stealth mode, it works as a real spy for your kid or employee.

Features of mSpy

  • You can easily monitor call logs, SMS, photos, and videos on the target device with mSpy.
  • It blocks suspicious apps and websites based on the contents with a website and app blocking feature.
  • mSpy can record all the keystrokes with the help of KeyLogger feature.

Review of mSpy

  • mSpy has gathered over 95% of customer satisfaction in its services.
  • User’s find 24/7 multi-language customers support a useful one.
  • You need jailbreaking for iOS devices.


Part 6: Conclusion

Do you agree that monitoring your kid for 24/7 is now possible easily? Not only for kids but, employee monitoring in the workplace with the help of computer monitoring software also reliable and useful. Download and make use of these applications today to ensure that your kid or employee is using the Internet more safely and constructively.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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