Tips and Tricks about Social Media Monitoring for Parents

Part 1: Introduction


“My kid is the most celebrated addict to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. He keeps on posting his photos and chats with friends in his account. I am very much afraid of his social media activities as it could create an impact on his studies and health issues. How can I monitor my kid’s social media platform as a parent? I find most of the parents facing similar issues at present. There are specific tips and tricks to be followed for monitoring social media, and indeed, there is various social media monitoring software available in the marketplace.

Today’s article will explain to you in detail.

Part 2: 10 Tips for Monitoring Kids' Social Media

Here are the top 10 tips for tracking a kid's social media network.

1. Make use of social media monitoring software

Rather than keeping a keen eye on your kid for 24/7, you can better trust a social media monitoring software or a parental control tool that is safe and secure. Applications like Spyzie, FamiSafe suits to be the best example of a kid’s phone and desktop monitoring purpose. These applications come up with variant features like geo-fencing, GPS tracking, and so on.

2. Parent and educate yourself

When you wish to parent your kid more safely, it is a prime rule that you should first parent and educate yourself of what is going on in the present world and what are the technological advancements that are a boon and ban for your kid. Before exposing your kid to any new application or technology, you should first know about the consequences of it.

3. Communicate with your kids

Kids spend more time on social media networks when they experience loneliness or when they have no one to communicate with them. As a prime responsibility, talk with your kids whenever possible with a friendly approach and help reduce their addiction towards social media.

4. Check the privacy settings on social media networks

There are chances that malcontents or fake accounts can creep into your kid’s social media platform that may mislead them or distract them. At such cases, as prevention, you need to set individual privacy settings to the strict level. You need to check them regularly and make changes when needed.

5. Know your kid’s daily habits

Always keep track of what your kids do daily. In short, you should be like a spy in your kid’s adult age to keep them safe. To do so, you can get help from social media monitoring software also. Observe their activities clearly and when you suspect something is wrong with them, communicate with them.

6. Set as an example to your kids on how to use social media platforms

Parents are kid’s primary teacher and a guide. They seek and learn from the way you behave and the way you use the technology. When you make use of technology in the proper and right way, with no doubt, your kids will set you as an example and follow you as a role model.

7. Let your kid know about online dangers

If your kids are not aware of the online risks that they can face, tell them today the possible hazards that are possible. Scare them by exposing some of the events and horrible news that have occurred due to social media usage. It will make them aware and make them use social media to a limited level.

8. Keep desktop or laptop in the open space

If your kid is using a computer or laptop with the Wi-Fi connectivity, keep it in a free place where you can watch their online activities. Doing like this will create fear within kids that they are under parent’s supervision hence will not involve in any malpractice.

9. Set rules

If setting rules is what can keep your kids away from social media sites, then set some ground rules like setting time limits for their usage and blocking websites based on their contents. You can try out screen time limit feature on the parent control tools.

10. Monitor your kid’s online activities

Kid’s often like posting photos in social media networks, and as parents, you need to be aware of their online activities, like the pictures and videos they post and share in those sites.

Part 3: How to monitor kids' social media with social media monitoring software – Spyzie

Now, to make your work easier, there is social media monitoring software available. In this session, we will talk about Spyzie.

A. Introduction


Spyzie is one of the best social media monitoring software. Apart from social media monitoring, it is known to make parenting job easier. It is not only for parents but also used by employers in the workplace. It follows a simple user-interface with control panel usage. The installation and monitoring process is straightforward in three steps.

We have listed some of its striking features in the next session. Have a look.


As said above, Spyzie has various attractive features. Some of them include:

  • You can now monitor all chats and account details from social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
  • Get access to the present location of your kid with the help of Live GPS location tracking.
  • Get to know what your kid is viewing online by screening the browsing history on the target device with the help of Spyzie.
  • What to know what are all the installed and built-in apps your kid is using, Spyzie will help you out.
  • Track all the call logs from the target device and analyze them. You can block the spam and fraud calls easily with Spyzie.

B. How to Use Spyzie?

After seeing all the exciting features of Spyzie, now you should learn the steps to use the best social media monitoring software.

To start with, download and install the Spyzie application from its official site, Spyzie follows two different methods for Android and iPhone devices.

Social media monitoring with Spyzie software on an Android device:

To monitor an Android device with the help of Spyzie, follow below steps:

Step 1: In your device, create an account in Spyzie with the help of an authentic email and password of your convenience. Those credentials will be useful later.


Step 2: Now, fill in the details about your kid, such as Kid’s name, age, and specify the target device type as “Android” to proceed further.


In the target device, enable “Unknown sources” from the “settings” tab and click on the “OK” button.


Install and launch the Spyzie application in the target device. Proceed with the upcoming process by clicking on the “Install” option.


Once you have launched the application, sign in into your account with the login credentials. Grant all the permissions to access the target devices so that all the services and monitoring can be activated.


After granting all the permissions above, click on the “Start monitoring” button that will delete the icon from the target device and Spyzie starts to operate in the stealth mode.


Step 3: The installation is now complete on both your device and target device. Now, login into your account in your device and start monitoring your kid’s device by seeing their activities via the control panel option available in Spyzie.

Social media monitoring with Spyzie software on iPhone device:

When compared to the Android device, set up process in an iPhone device is quite different. To monitor an iPhone device with Spyzie, follow below steps:

Step 1: Create your own Spyzie account that can provide access to the control panel and in accessing target device too.


Step 2: Now, fill in the details about your kid, such as Kid’s name, age, and specify the target device type as “iOS” to proceed further.


As the target device is an iOS device, you will need an iCloud account details to proceed further. Enter the account details and click on “Verify.” You need to be aware that the same iCloud account is active on the target device too.


Step 3: If the iCloud ID is verified successfully, the setup process is complete. You can now login into your account in your device. The target device will be synced to yours in seconds, and once you open the control panel, data start pushing.

So, this was the process on how social media monitoring is carried out with the help of social media monitoring software-Spyzie at ease.

Due to technology advancements, kids wish to upgrade themselves to the latest trends on social media. So, make use of these tips and tricks as a parent to monitor your kid’s social media activities. Give Spyzie, social media monitoring software a try today and start creating a safer future for your kid.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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