Things You Must Know About Employee Monitoring

Part 1: Introduction


Imagine you have your startup. During the first three months, everything went on well. The profit was excellent, and so you never thought of placing cameras to monitor your workforce activities. However, as the team grew big, you although segregated it, the productivity went down. You want to spy your employees during their working hours, and at the same time, you want them to know that they are being monitored. Is it possible?

Well, the answer is a big, yes! It is possible to monitor your employee in the workplace.

So, read our article below, to know about employee monitoring, its legality, and about the best way to monitor your employees efficiently.

Part 2: What is Employee Monitoring?

So, what is employee monitoring?

Well, in layman’s term, employee monitoring is usually a tactic that is followed by high-level management in an organization. It is to create an environment where all are monitored, and the administration tracks their activities in private. It helps employees focus on their work more and has proven an increase in employee productivity for the organization.

There are various methodologies to carry out employee monitoring, which we will discuss in the upcoming sessions. Although it is a privacy concern of the employees, it is considered necessary for the employer to know the Internet activities on the computers, efficient usage of the Internet only for the sake of the organization. It is imperative for the employer to see the time each employee spends in an organization if it is productive or not.

Part 3: Is it Legal to Track an Employee's Phone?

When you get through this article, one question that many have risen in your mind with no doubt would be, is it legal to track an employee’s phone?

The answer remains blank. Yes, in most of the organizations monitoring of employees in the workplace using a phone is sporadic. Usually, employee monitoring is carried out in the computers or devices that are self-owned by the organization, and in such cases, monitoring employee activities are legal. Employee monitoring is an extensive practice in the U.S. and many other countries around the world.

But when it comes to employee’s phone monitoring, GPS tracking for location access, Wi-Fi usage of office Internet, tracking of an employee’s call list, and things like photos, videos, it might lead to legal issues. Since, from the employee’s point of view, it would be intruding their privacy, and it also concerns their self-esteem.

Part 4: Types of Employee Monitoring

Due to the 21st century technological development, techies have invented various methods to help you in employee monitoring.

Here are some of the general methods that you can make use of at your workplace:


Employee Monitoring by Computer activities

In this type of employee monitoring, data is collected from the desktop of an employee. A report is generated highlighting the time limit in which an employee has worked productively, the time for which the desktop was idle, and the task accomplished by the employee.

Employee Monitoring by GPS tracking This type of employee monitoring method is useful for employees usually employed in courier, car delivery, and postal services. It helps in tracking whether the driver or courier men are taking the correct and efficient way. At present, this type of GPS tracking is employed in cab services to find the exact position where the customer is.

Employee Monitoring by the Internet and Email

The Internet in an organization is utilized to improve productivity, and hence, it needs to be used properly. There are times when employees use the office Wi-Fi for their mobile phones to send any mail or make some updates. So, an employer needs to monitor the emails sent by the employees via official Internet connections.

Telephone Monitoring

This kind of employee monitoring is rare as an employee’s phone activities tracking isn’t too good and may lead to critical issues. GPS tracking on a telephone is okay in some instances for postal or cab services.


By the name, you can guess the primary usage of this option. It records every keystroke made on the keyboard, and once a suspicious keyword is noticed, these programs take screenshots of the screen and send it straight to the admin. It might sound irrelevant for employees, but suits to be evidence for harassments and cyberbullying that threatens their daily life.

Part 5: Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring

Now, there are certain advantages as well as some disadvantages when employee monitoring is carried in the workplace. Don’t believe us? Well, have a look at a few of them below:


What can this employee monitoring in this workplace give me?

  • Employers and the top-level management team can analyze the business process more accurately and create a committed team.
  • Data transparency is high, leading to reduced data loss.
  • Effective employee monitoring gives rise to an increase in the financial growth that in turn, increases the salary of employees and reduces the amount spent on employee retention.
  • Safe and security are the two prime factors for any company, and employee monitoring ensures that data is kept secure by maintaining daily information and reports.


While employee monitoring lends me the above advantages, what are the disadvantages I can incur inturn?


  • It is usual that the idea of monitoring someone’s activities feels creepy, and it is recorded as an unease of privacy. At such circumstance, you should assure your employees that you aren’t spying them instead of just dissecting data for the sake of company growth.
  • You may need to many legal concerns for making these types of tracking activities.
  • Trust is what binds people relations together, and there is a high chance for it to break by this type of employee monitoring. So, you should make your team believe that is just an analytic tool.
  • Let it be a question for you? How will be your nature of work when you perceive that you are being monitored? You will surely work harder, lessen your break times, and complete your tasks on time. Moreover, your stress level will increase.

Part 6: How to do Employee Monitoring with Spyzie?

To make employee monitoring simple at the workplace, we have some monitoring software like Spyzie in the marketplace.

However, before starting with the monitoring process, you should first download and install the Spyzie application from its official site,

Note: The setup method in this session is applicable for employee monitoring via Android and iOS devices. For the workplace, the target device will be a computer or laptop given by the employer.

For an Android device:

Step 1: Create an account in Spyzie as those credentials will be useful later for the target device.


Step 2: Now, fill in the details like the employee’s name, age, and specify the target device type as “Android” to proceed further.


Launch the Spyzie application in the target device after installing it.


After launching the application, sign in into your account with the login credentials, and grant permissions to access the target device.



Step 3: The installation is now complete and ready for monitoring. Now, login into your account in your device and start monitoring your employee’s device via the control panel option in Spyzie.

For an iPhone:

Setup process in an iPhone device is quite different when compared to the Android device. To monitor an iPhone device with Spyzie, follow below steps:

Step 1: Create your own Spyzie account in the welcome interface.


Step 2: In this step, fill in the details about the employee’s name, age, and specify the target device type as “iOS” to proceed further.


As the target device is an iOS device, enter the iCloud ID account details and click on “Verify.” Ensure that the same iCloud account is active on the target device too.


Step 3: In the event of successful verification, login into your account in your device. The target device details will now sync to yours in seconds so you can monitor them easily.

Thus, you now know how to carry out an effective employee monitoring with the help of Spyzie.

Part 7: Conclusion

Although monitoring employees seem to be a strict action and are disquiet towards the privacy of employees, it is prevalant in most of the workplace at present. This mode of employee monitoring helps in creating a scare that they are always watched by the management, which leaves no chance for distraction during work.

Lastly, we hope you found this article useful in making the process of employee monitoring more comfortable for you.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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