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In today's era, technology has overcome the burden of human life. Advance machinery leads to the development and boosts up the economy for various continents. On the other hand, technology has all led to several negative impacts on native's life; especially teenagers have been targeted on social media. Nowadays, parents are concerned for their children as they are more explored on social media, which might invite unwanted content in their cell phones.

SMS monitor -Here is the solution | Spyzie

Cybercrime can take place in the form of unwanted messages, which is an easy way to trap teenagers and to hack their personal information. These fake messages have a unique concept and deals, which make kids chat more. These tricks affect the studies of children. Parents can get rid of this problem with Spyzie text tracking facility in which they keep an eye on their children activity, SMS monitoring, and other actions.

In this world, it can be quite challenging for parents to find a reliable app for parents to monitor SMS or text messages on their kid's cell phones. Not only you want to have SMS monitoring feature, but also, you want to track your kid's online activities, location, and limit the time they spend on cell phones for playing games.

SMS monitor -Here is the solution | Spyzie

Therefore, they need a superior app that can provide excellent features and help them stay updated with kids' activities for the whole day through the phone. Moreover, you'll come to know about the following things while you do avail SMS monitor feature of a particular app. Have a look-

Get to know if your kid is dating someone and protect him from such threats

  • The app limits the number of people with whom your children communicate and make conversation. You never know when an online stranger distributes your daughter's contact number to wrong hands.
  • IT allows parents to block SMS on iOS and Android devices to help kids stay away from strangers and inappropriate content.
  • Parents can take immediate actions if they find that their kids are in contact with any drug dealers or bad company.
  • Look out if your kid is with wrong friends you do not allow to be with
  • Find out if your children use bad remarks or words in their chat or conversation.
  • Also, parents can know about kids' messages if exchanging words with a sexual context.

So, whenever, a parent feels that his child is going out of his hand and he has done everything possible he can, then the time has come to take professional help. He should start looking for the app that can keep an eye on his kids' phone activities throughout the day.

For your help, Spyzie proves to be a useful app in the market that helps parents vibrantly with its advanced features.

Spyzie: A Reliable Solution for SMS Monitoring

In the technology world, cell phones are popular among the young generation for instant messaging or communicating with friends. Though a messaging feature is quite helpful in many ways, it would be a matter of concern if a kid is messaging to any stranger who may ruin his career or future. Also, mobile messaging affects social life as well as studies. Parents can sort it out with Spyzie SMS monitoring feature along with other advanced features.

SMS monitor -Here is the solution | Spyzie

What Parents can do With Kid's Text messages.

  • See Sent and Received Messages

You'll get to know about the number of messages sent and received on your mobile including the deleted messages as well. In iOS devices, you can clearly read the whole iMessage chat history.

  • View Sent and Receive Messages

Parents can check the complete record of kid's activities of text messaging feature. The record includes conversation list history, original text messages, number of messages in his conversation, and sender and receiver names.

  • Download Media Files from the SMS

With the help of Spyzie, parents can download pictures and videos if attached to SMS messages. They can simply check for what purpose a particular video is sent by reading the previous messages. Parents can save those media files.

  • Analyze Message History

You can instantly judge the messages prominence value from the chat frequency and number of messages.

Detailed Steps to Monitor SMS with Spyzie

Text messaging is a primary means of communication. It still has business purposes and sharing texts usage. Once you realize that your child also interacts through SMS feature apart from online platforms, you need to install Spyzie in yours and your kid's cell phone.

Here are simple steps to follow-

1. Create a Spyzie Account after installing the app: Register your account on Spyzie as premium.

SMS monitor -Here is the solution | Spyzie

2. Connect with Your Kid's Phone: Select and connect the target device. Make the settings accordingly.

SMS monitor -Here is the solution | Spyzie

3. Start monitoring: Visit the dashboard on your device to the monitored data of your kid's cell phone.

SMS monitor -Here is the solution | Spyzie

4. View Text Conversation: On the dashboard, you'll find the Messages option after you are linked to the control panel. You will get real-time activities.

SMS monitor -Here is the solution | Spyzie

5. Message Log: You can check all the send, received, and even deleted messages.

6. Contact Information: You can also get to know about the persons your children are having a conversation with.

Thus, you can keep a watch on your kids regardless of whether you are with kids or in the office.

Other Features of Spyzie

  • Location Tracking: With the help of Spyzie, you can easily track the location of a target device. It is possible with the GPS functionality on the target device through which you can locate your kid anytime anywhere. You can view real-time location.
  • Geo-fencing: You can create areas of note on the map with the help of Spyzie geo-fencing feature. Parents can create safe zones and can set restricted areas for kids to stay in the boundaries. For instance, a child cannot go to café near to his school if it is marked as an unsafe zone by his parents.
  • Monitor Contacts: Similar to SMS monitoring, this app also allows you to view all contacts of the target cell phone. You can easily get to know with whom your child is communicating with. Spyzie enables you to check the names, address, duration, time, and phone numbers of the persons, their child is interacting with. Even, you see deleted calls.
  • Track Email: This is quite a unique facility. Through this, you will get to know if children's teachers have shared any assignment or important remarks with them, but they have not informed you. Even, you can check the sent emails.
  • Monitor Social Media Activity: Social media is a need of the present time. By installing Spyzie, parents can easily access to every social media platform such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Viber, Line, Kik, and lots more.
  • View browsing History: While you are in your office or not at home for any other purpose, it is essential to keep an eye on your kid's phone activities in your absence. The moment you get free from your important task, you can check the notifications sent by Spyzie to you about your kid's activities with the exact time. Moreover, it notifies you about the browsing history that your child may have deleted from his phone, but is available in Spyzie's records.
  • App Blocker: Spyzie is a smart app that acts as a smart app. Spyzie gives full permission to parents to restrict the use of particular apps for kids. They can block any app they feel is not good for their kids. You can do it by managing to set on Spyzie's dashboard without touching your kid's phone.
  • Capture Screenshot: You can simply grab a live activity of your kids anywhere with the help of Spyzie.
  • Schedule Restriction: Spyzie is an excellent parental control app that allows you to schedule a time when kids should not use the phone. Even, it notifies you if kids use the phone more than the specific hours provided. For instance, if you have set 5 PM - 6 PM as kid's phone usage hours, and your kid exceed its phone usage time, you'll receive the instant notification.
  • Keyword Alert and Keylogger: Spyzie provides complete information about all the phrases or texts your child is using on search engines and also the keyboard presses. It can help kids not to use bad words or dangerous language.

SMS monitor -Here is the solution | Spyzie

Therefore, Spyzie is a useful parental control app that monitors SMS, social activities, browsing history, and more.

SMS monitor -Here is the solution | Spyzie

The world is so advanced that parents prefer to keep their kids up-to-date as well. There is nothing wrong with doing so. But, Spyzie apps aim to prevent kids from such advanced technology that sometimes directly hit kid's minds and thoughts negatively. Let your child be online or on call when Spyzie is all set to monitor SMS, online messages, call logs, and more.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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