Best Real-time Screen Monitoring Software for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone

Real-time screen monitoring is the technique to keep surveillance on the online activates of a person so that to prevent misuse of the internet or other resources. Real time screen monitoring has become really important in the present age as the internet is available everywhere and it can be used for illegal activities. In the present business scenarios, it is very important that you keep an eye on your employee’s activities so that they don’t start goofing during the working hours and expose your company to financial risks.

Real-time screen monitoring is very useful when you want to increase the productivity of your employees by not allowing them to surf other websites at working hours. Visiting frivolous websites will not only hamper the productivity of your business, but your business will be exposed to serious legal risks and lawsuits. Real time screen monitoring also helps to prevent business secrets and strategy, protect customer confidentiality, data integrity and protect your business from malware or intrusions dangers. Either done intentionally or not, your employees can do a lot more damage to your business if not monitored.

Moreover, with availability and spread of internet to every part of the world, children have been exposed to internet threats. Children are innocent and curious creatures who can’t distinguish between right and wrong. In their curiosity, if they click on a link to pornography or another illicit site, it could lead a bad impression on their mind. Threats like cyberbullying and online threats are also present. By chatting on social networking, they can come in contact with dangerous people who can make them do illegal work like selling drugs. To protect your children from these online threats you can monitor their activities and see for yourself what they do online.

Best Realtime Screen Monitoring Tools

Real-Time Screen Monitoring for Windows PC


SurveilStar is the best real-time screen monitoring software for Windows PC. It allows you to monitor, record, control and block internet activates of a person who you want to monitor. SurveilStar provides businesses to monitor their employees effectively at the workplace and provides a comprehensive statistics and reports for further review. It records all the activities of a person on a specific PC like online activities, records incoming and outgoing emails including sender, a receiver address, and detailed contents.

SurveilStar real time screen monitoring software can also be used by parents as a parental control mechanism. You can check the online activities of your children and see what they do in their free time. For businesses, SurveilStar acts as an employee monitor. You can check whether your employees use internet for business purposes or watching videos on YouTube.

SurveilStar stores all the collected data of the monitored computers in a database which you can view later on your agent computer through a console. The data will still be collected even if there is no internet connection and sent to you when the internet is available.

  • Record all activities on a computer like a web browsing details, chat, and messages, document usage, application activity, emails, etc.
  • You can also check the file that was printed or scanned and the time the employee did work through SurveilStar.
  • It helps to prevent data leakage by employing restrictions on data usage on the server.
  • SurveilStar also helps to track who and where has someone accessed a file so as catch criminal activity.
  • It prevents internet threats like hacking, spam, malware, frauds etc.
  • It provides a detailed statistics report of the performance of your employees.

Price: - Free trial for 30 days and afterward $69.95 each month for one computer. Per unit price will decrease with a number of computers.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring for Windows PC

Real-Time Screen Monitoring for Mac


It is an amazing cloud-based surveillance and remote spy software that allows you remote monitoring of your children or employees. This is the best real time screen monitoring software for Mac and is also available for windows. Realtime-Spy allows you to view activity logs remotely in real-time from anywhere. You can also install it remotely on any Mac PC that you own and record almost everything from keystrokes to email logs and web browsing activities of a person. It runs in stealth mode using minimal computer resources and is undetectable.

  • It can be installed remotely on your Mac from anywhere.
  • You can view activity logs remotely.
  • It also allows monitoring the app, web and computer usage.
  • It is cloud-based, meaning it stores the captured data online which can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere.
  • It can also work in stealth mode preventing detection.

Price: - $79.95 one time purchase

Real-Time Screen Monitoring for Mac

Real Time Screen Monitoring for Android Phone


Spyzie is the best spying and monitoring software for mobiles phone running on the Android operating system. It can also run on iOS devices and is the best tool for monitoring both iOS and Android smartphones. This is the best mobile monitoring tool that can be used on all Android smartphones including Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo, etc. With Spyzie you can monitor calls, messages, Web browsing activities, real-time location tracking and much more that will be available on your own device.

  • It helps in tracking real-time Location of the device that your kid carries.
  • Keylogger records voice call logs, messages logs and monitor online activities.
  • Sends web browser history and email logs.
  • It sends reports on a timely basis.

Price: - One month - $29.99, Three months - $39.99, One year - $89.99.

Real Time Screen Monitoring for Android Phone

Real Time Screen Monitoring for iPhone

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is the world first and the best real time screen monitoring software for iPhone. Mobile Spy was first introduced in 2008 and it still leads the monitoring software market for iOS and has seen continued improvements over years. It records and sends all information to the iOS device being monitored from call logs, messages, photos, emails, GPS locations, etc. of the target iPhone in real time.

  • It sends reports in real time.
  • You can everything on the target phone.
  • You can also block access to certain applications.
  • It will send you alerts if the target does something prohibited on the iPhone.

Price: - $49.97 for three months.

Real Time Screen Monitoring for iPhone

Real time screen monitoring software is very useful for businesses to monitor the activities of their employees and parents to monitor their kids. In this article we have provided you with the best real time screen monitoring software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. These software are very to keep an eye on your employees and increase productivity for your business. Parents can keep surveillance on their kids for protecting them from online threats like cyberbullying, adult content, bad influence etc.

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