How to Monitor Text Messages on Someone's iPhone

The article will help you on tips to monitor text messages on someone's iPhone. The article will assist you in ways and learn more about spy tools that suit your problem and those that are user-friendly for you. Most people who may want to monitor text messages on iPhone need a spy app that helps you to spy without the knowledge of the target phone user. In today's world, two types of devices dominate the mobile market and are owned by millions of people, Androids, and iPhones. While there are many reasons someone would need to spy on text messages, if you are an employer or a parent, for instance, catching a cheating spouse is the most popular.

Top 5 Apps to Monitor Text Messages on iPhone

Being a responsible parent comes along with monitoring every move for your kids, you may want to monitor text messages on iPhone owned by your children. Therefore it’s very important to know how to monitor text messages on iPhone of your children. We live in cyber-crime world children can harass others, share erotic or explicit messages. They may watch inappropriate images and porn videos and talk to people that as a parent you would not accept everything through the power of text messages.

1. Spyzie Parental Control

A user-friendly app that is being used by millions of people is the spyzie, it has emerged to the best app that helps parents to monitor text messages on iPhone. It is very affordable and the features that it comes with, you will surely want to purchase the app. It is very efficient and flexible app for tracking text messages on your spouse and children’s iPhone.

  • Complete tracking of any mobile irrespective of the model and brand.
  • Real-time tracking available for call logs and text messages.
  • Even the social media app data gets recorded in the real time.

Price: $ 39.99 / Month

Monitor text messages on iphone - Spyzie Parental Control

2. DDI Utilities

The app is available in the market, just as spyzie works DDI Utilities helps you to monitor text messages on iPhone. It's one of the best apps we have in the market; it can go in-depth to dig proper information for you is beyond your imagination and for sure you will rely on this app to monitor text messages. This app even works on iOS platform as well as Android phones.

  • You can check all received, sent and deleted messages.
  • Call recording facility is available.
  • The GPS locator is really fine.
  • It can access videos and photos on the target mobile.
  • You can also hack into the IM messages as well.

Price: $59 monthly

Monitor text messages on iphone - DDI Utilities

3. Highster Mobile

Over the years this famous app has been on the market and has helped many to spy the text message spy. It's known to for its capabilities in spying on the text messages as well as helping you're to block unwanted websites.

  • You can spy on text messages, location, and calls.
  • You can use the app without getting your hands on the targeted phone even once.
  • You can hack into IM messages as well.
  • Upgrades available for free.
  • You can use the app both on iOS and Android platforms.

Price: $69.99

Monitor text messages on iphone - Highster Mobile

4. Auto Forward Spy

It’s an affordable app that has been commonly used by people; it helps you to monitor text messages for iPhone. You can also view the browser history, calls, and IM messages that are the app additional features. With this app, it will help you to be able to monitor your targeted phone in the real time.

  • Spying on the text messages have never been this easy.
  • Call recording facility for every single call made from that mobile.
  • Social Media App access allows you to monitor social media activities as well.
  • The GPS tracking is fair enough compared to the price that you pay.

Price: $59.95

Monitor text messages on iphone - Auto Forward Spy

5. Suyrepoint Spy

The app has some additional advantage since you can be able to total do surveillance on the target phone. It's also used a spy on text messages for your spouse as well as your kids. You require not a jailbreak or root your mobile all you have to, install the app and start monitoring the target device. This tool is specifically designed for those who want to keep an eye on his or her employees.

  • Text Message and SMS tracking
  • Social Media monitoring
  • GPS location tracker
  • Email and Call recorder

Price: $69.99

Monitor text messages on iphone - Suyrepoint Spy

How to Spy on Text Messages with Spyzie for iPhone?

Step 1. Create your account with Spyzie. For that, you will need to have an email id. Now you can visit their website and create an account. Make sure you remember your credentials as they will be the key for your tracking.

How to Spy on Text Messages with Spyzie for iPhone

Step 2. The next step is to set up your app for tracking. For the iOS devices, this is a lot easier. All you need to know is the iCloud Id and Password of the targeted mobile device and you should be done.

monitor text messages on iphone

Step 3. After you have finished with the setup stage, the app will start receiving real-time data from the target device. You can see all the information on your dashboard.

monitor iphone text messages

As you can see all these apps are more or less similar as they work the same way, but if you compare, you will see that Spyzie is truly the best app that can prove to be useful in tracking text messages on other mobiles since it offers user-friendly features at a fair price. Amazingly, this app can be used for both Android and iPhone, which makes it more useful and effective too. So, if you have any doubt about the activities of your partner, employee or children then, get this app today and always stay a step ahead with Spyzie.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Don’t worry, there’s a free trial period available to all users, meaning you can try it out today to see whether or not you get along with it! So, what are you waiting for? Take back control of your life from social media today!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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