How to Monitor Skype Usage

Skype is freemium application software that allows it users to transmit video chats, voice calls and text messages. Users can send interconnect with different types of device like computers, mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc with internet. Skype also allows it users to send a text or video message and exchange different types of files like documents, photos, and videos. You can make a video conference call.

Skype is available for free but a subscription is required to call a landline or a mobile phone number. There are over 600 million users on Skype and on average 34 million people stay online at a given time. Skype was developed by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. In 2005 it was acquired by eBay which in 2011 sold it to Microsoft. Skype is available for a variety of devices using operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, Mac and Linux.

Part 1: Monitor Skype Usage on Your Kid's or Employee's Phones

Like other technologies and software, Skype has both advantages and disadvantages if not used irresponsibly. Skype is a powerful tool to connect to other people with the help of the internet but it can also be misused. It allows users to send other a voice or text or video message and this can be bad for youngsters. Parents may be concerned if their children spend too much time on Skype neglecting. They may want to know whom their kids communicate with. So parents would like to monitor Skype usage of their kids to ensure that they aren't spending too much time neglecting their studies and are not involved with dangerous people.

At working places too excess usage of Skype can be wrong. Businessman need to make sure that their employees are using Skype for communicating with business parties and not for their own personal use. They may be concerned as if employees spend time on Skype during work hours, it will cost money to the company and if this continues, that company may fall prey to financial risks. So businesses would like to monitor Skype usage of their employees to ensure that they don't face this risk.

Part 2: How to Monitor Skype Usage on Android Phone

Spyzie is one of the best spying and monitoring apps in Android and iOS-based smartphones. It allows you to see all the activities of an individual on your device. The target individual may be your kids or employees. You can check call logs, messages, emails, calendars and web browser history from their mobile.


  • It helps in tracking real-time Location of the device that your kid carries.
  • Keep track of Skype calls, text messages and voice calls.
  • Shows name of the person contacted.
  • It also shows time and date of contact.
  • Keylogger records voice call logs, messages logs and monitor online activities.
  • Sends web browser history and email logs.
  • It sends reports on a timely basis.

How it works?

  1. Signup at Spyzie website and fill the details of the target device.
  2. Install the Spyzie app on the target device, signup with your account and allow permissions to the app.
  3. Click on Start monitoring.

Now see all device data on your own device.

Download URL-

Part 3: How to Monitor Skype Usage on iPhone

mSpy is a mobile and computer monitoring solution that suits your familiar and business requirements and gives your instant positive results at very affordable prices. This powerful tool is equipped with great features which makes your life easier and convenient. You can purchase this product from their official website at very affordable prices i.e. it suits every pocket. They also offer you an added bonus when you purchase this tool from them. You can also monitor Skype usage of the target iPhone on your device.


  • Monitor text messages and emails sent/received.
  • Track Skype calls including time and date.
  • Block contacts
  • View Photos and Videos shared or downloaded
  • Track GPS Location of the target device at any time.
  • Control Apps and Programs installed.

How it works?

  1. Buy a subscription from mSpy's official website.
  2. Install it on target iPhone device.
  3. Open mSpy on iPhone and log in with your account. You can see everything that the target does on your device.



Part 4: How to Monitor Skype Usage on Windows PC

SurveilStar is the best monitoring software to monitor Skype usage of your employee. It allows you to monitor computer activities of a person who you want to monitor. It will provide you all the activity data of a computer like emails, chats, web history, applications used, files used ad printed, devices connected to the PC etc. You can even check the Skype usage of your employee with details of the contact like name, time and date.


  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Records browser history even if there is no internet connection.
  • It restricts data usage on the server.
  • You can block objectionable websites.
  • You can see the websites visited by your employee with complete URL and page title.

How it works?

  1. Download SurveilStar setup file and install SurveilStar Server/Console on the main computer.
  2. Install SurveilStar agent on the computer to be monitored.
  3. Now login SurveilStar console and view all records of the agent computers.

Download URL-


Part 5: How to Monitor Skype Usage on Mac

WebWatcher is monitoring software designed to keep track of the activities of the target device which is running on Mac operating system. This tool is developed by Awareness technologies for you to keep an eye on your employees or kids. WebWatcher allows you to see all the emails, messages, keystrokes typed, website history, programs used, etc on your device even from a remote location.


  • Easy to install and doesn't require technical knowledge or specialized hardware.
  • View activities remotely.
  • All records are available from Secure Web UI.
  • Also record Skype chats and contact logs.

How it works?

  1. Buy WebWatcher from their official website and create a WebWatcher
  2. Then download and install it on target Mac device.
  3. Log in with your WebWatcher account from any device to see all recorded data.

Download URL-


It is very important for businesses to monitor Skype usage of their employees to ensure that they don't waste company time on their personal talks. This will not only help you increase productivity of your business, but also to prevent any data or business secrets leakage. Monitoring software also allow parents to keep an eye on their kids to see that they aren't involved with dangerous people.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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