How to Monitor Screen Snapshots of Android Phones and PC

There is no necessity to monitor real time screenshot of someone's PC or mobile phone if everyone were hardworking and trustworthy. But sorry to say, people are out of control. They are on Facebook, Looking for brand shoes on eBay, watching funny videos of cats, Conquering kingdoms in massively multiplayer games. Or worse, confidential information has been leaked outside the network, but who has done it?

You do not have time to control what they do and dedicating the valuable time of the IT department to investigating these people is prohibitive. You already have a business to worry about!

That's the key factor why we need to monitor screen snapshots real time of someone's PC or mobile phone. Some listed scenarios are given below:

  • To prevent confidential crisis
  • To make guarantee data security
  • To increase productivity
  • To investigate employees
  • Detect possible disasters and prevent them from occurring

Part 1: Is It Possible To Monitor Someone's Real-Time Screen Snapshots?

It is really possible to monitor someone's real-time screen snapshots. And it is common now. The most effective and scientific way to organize employee monitoring is to use monitoring software. In order to monitor everything that is happening on a computer we need to monitor the security of our computer, recording real-time screen snapshots and more. There is no other successful way for observing the activities of employees whether they are perfuming well or not. The key features of real-time screen snapshots monitoring software:

  • See others PC or mobile phone in real time without their knowing
  • Monitor the websites they visit
  • Register your emails to stop harassment in the workplace
  • Record keystrokes in applications, emails, websites and instant messaging chats at work in real time
  • See multiple computers or mobile phone on your network at the same time
  • Generate reports and schedule screenshots

Part 2: How to Monitor Real-Time Screen Snapshots of Android Phones Using Spyzie

Spyzie is a particularly planned Android monitor that can monitor real-time screen snapshots in an efficient way. To monitor screen snapshots of Android phones just keep following the given steps:

Step 1 Registering Your Account

First of all, you have to visit the Spyzie official site. You will get there the 'Sign Up' link in the corner of the right side.


Enter your email address and a suitable password for your selection there. After finishing that click 'Next'. An email will be sent to you to verify your account. Subsequently, the Setup Wizard will be launched.

Step 2: Installing the Spyzie Software

After you've chosen that you ache to monitor an Android device, you'll be nimble to input your mean phone's name, the user's age and the in the operating system their device is dealing out, which can be found in the about section of the Settings menu.


After that, you'll need to have to have entrance to the object device. Unlock the device and head sophisticated than to Settings menu where you'll discover an option named 'Security'. Under this vibes, you'll dependence to enable Unknown Sources, as the Spyzie app isn't in the Play Store.

Step 3: Monitoring the Device using Spyzie

You are practiced to the right of entry your Spyzie account from any PC in the world or your own phone's internet browser. Simply sign into your account and you'll be got to the dashboard. On the left side, you'll see a menu gone than all the tracking and monitoring features that Spyzie has.

Come across the way and open any data you want to gaze at and you'll accept real-time updates from the device.

Part 3: How to Monitor Real-Time Screen Snapshots of PC

Using monitoring software you can easily monitor real-time screen snapshots of PC. Here I will suggest you for using ActivTrak, as it is a free application very easy to use. Follow the steps below and will quickly establish the remote connection to the required computer.

  1. In the beginning, you have to download the ActivTrak Agent. Then keep it safely on your PC.
  2. activtrak-agent-1-screenshot

  3. Visit later than setting up of ActivTrak Agent. You will get the remote installation tool there and download it.
  4. activtrak-agent-2-screenshot

  5. After that, unlock the remote installation tool. The image should be appeared like below:
  6. activtrak-agent-3-screenshot

  7. commencing the top field labeled 'Target', pick the workstation you are going to monitor screen snapshots.
  8. At the bottom field labeled 'Source', choose the downloaded Agent. After your selection, the version will occupy in the field under the 'MSI file'.

Spyzie is the best free remote monitoring app for mobile. If you want to use spy software for mobile phones I will recommend you for using Spyzie. You will see the position using the GPS every time you want. You will see all the photos and videos recorded on your mobile. You can see the emails, contacts and all the rest. Spyzie is the most excellent spyware for iPhone, Android, Samsung and all other smartphone/mobile devices like HTC, Sony, Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG, Huawei etc. This tool allows you to monitor screen snapshots along with online activities and block numbers and web pages.

How are you sure of your employees' online activities? Just when you thought they were busy on official missions, they might be seeing some pornographic videos online. You can never tell what they are doing with their PCs which could lead your business to financial free fall. Enterprise security measures are very important in today's times, unlike the days when it was optional to monitor screen snapshots real time of PCs, and this was done mostly by some watchdog organizations. But now days have been changed. Almost every company is using monitoring software to monitor real time screenshot of employee's PC or mobile phone.

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