How To Monitor Phone Without Having Access To The Phone?

Part 1: Introduction:

The increasing number of digital threats has left many parents shocked and concerned about their kid’s internet activities. With the existence of various social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. have given birth to several problems like obesity, depression, and much more. Sadly, young girls and boys are becoming the primary victim of online bullying activities these days.

If you are a working parent, then it can be quite hard for you to monitor your child every move. The modern children are addictive to their smartphones. Thankfully, there are now many reliable cell phone monitoring tools available for parents to monitor their kid’s phone activities.

When you look for a way on how to monitor phone without access to the phone on the internet, you are sure to get a list of many phone monitoring tools. However, keep in mind that there are only a few of them that will help you to track the target phone remotely. Luckily, you are in the right place. Here, in this post, we have mentioned one of the most reliable and robust phone monitoring solutions that don’t require access to the phone to be monitored.


Part 2: Reasons Why You Want To Monitor Phone

Are you curious why many people use cell phone monitoring tool? Well, it seems quite obvious, but there are several reasons why a phone monitoring solution is becoming popular day by day. Most people can take advantage of it and there are many situations where phone monitoring tool is quite helpful and beneficial.

  • To protect your kid’s from internet threats

The internet is an excellent source of entertainment and information. Anyone can use it to communicate with others or to gain knowledge. Even children can use the internet, but the child can go through various digital threats while surfing the internet. At present, there are many children and teens who are harassed online by cyber bullies, and it causes distress, depression, etc., but they fail to tell their parents. But, a phone monitoring tool can help parents to get alerts or notifications if your child is harassed by someone online. So, if you are a parent, then you can take advantage of cell phone monitoring software to protect your kid’s from digital threats.

  • To enhance your employee performance

Cell phone monitoring solution is not limited to only for parents use. It can also help employers in many situations to track their employee’s phone provided by the company. There are many advantages of monitoring employee’s phone. It allows employers to ensure that their employees aren’t misusing the mobile phone to make phone calls to their loved ones. The solution can also help employers to monitor the current location of their employee’s phone to track if they are outside to meet a client or doing personal work.

Thus, when it comes to how to monitor the phone of employees, employers can also use monitoring tool. It can also help you to ensure that employees aren’t leaking confidential information of your organization to others.

  • To ensure your partner is not cheating on you

If you are suspect that your partner or spouse is cheating on you, then cell phone monitoring tool can help you to track your partner’s phone to know whether he or she is cheating on you or not. No doubt monitoring a partner’s phone without their knowledge can cause trust issues. But, if you have a strong feeling that there is something wrong, then you should monitor your partner’s phone to protect yourself from cheating or wrong person.

These are the main reasons why someone may want to monitor someone else’s phone. All these reasons come to the one concern is to ensure that everything is going fine.

Part 3: What Can Spyzie Do for Phone Monitoring?

There are a number of phone monitoring tools available out there. But, it is Spyzie that can help you to track each and every activity of the target phone. It is an all-in-one parental control solution and employee monitoring solution that many people choose it over its counterparts. The best part of the tool is that there is no need to root an Android device or jailbreak an iPhone to monitor. Monitoring any smartphone in real time is quite easy and straightforward with Spyzie.

Here are its main features

  • Monitor phone calls and text messages: With the help of this monitoring solution, you can monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages of the target phone.
  • App activity and blocker: It also helps you to track which apps are installed on the device and the app usage. As a parent, you can also block the apps that you want your kid’s use.
  • Monitor Browsing History: The feature monitor browsing history is quite helpful for parents to check their kid’s phone browsing history.
  • Monitor social media: Using Spyzie, you can even track various social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and many more.
  • Clue: it is one of the most used features of the Spyzie that can help you to view and monitor deleted calls, photos, videos, and calls on the target phone.
  • Monitor media: With the help of this software, you can even view and monitor media files such as photos and videos on the target phone.

Part 4: How to Monitor Phone with Spyzie?

Spyzie is known as one of the most trusted cell phone monitoring tools that provide support for both Android and iOS-based devices. Plus, it is an account-based monitoring solution that can help you to monitor the target phone remotely.

Here is the guide on how to monitor phone, especially iOS devices with the help of Spyzie:

Step 1: To begin the process, visit the Spyzie official website to create an account to access its dashboard. Here, you need to provide your primary email address to get login credentials and all important notifications and information to track the device.


Step 2: Next, there is a setup process you need to complete. Here, you need to provide target device information such as its name and age. Also, select the mobile platform, and in this case, it is iOS.


Step 3: After that, you will be moved to the next page where you have to provide the iCloud ID and its passcode signed on the phone you want to monitor. Next, click on the “Verify” button to continue the process.


Step 4: Finally, you can move to your Spyzie dashboard from your computer or smartphone and login with the same account to monitor all activities of the target phone.


Here is the step-by-step guide to monitor iOS devices with the help of Spyzie:

Step 1: Once creating your Spyzie account and completing its setup process, you need to install its app on the target phone. So, download its APK file from the setup wizard to install the application on the phone.

Note: If you are unable to download its APK files, then you need to turn on “Unknown Sources” option on the phone from “Settings”>” Security.”


Step 2: Next, sign-in to the app using your account, and here, the app will ask for some permissions to monitor the target phone. So, grant them and tap on “Start Monitoring” button.


Step 3: Once installed the app successfully on the target phone, you can now open the control panel from your system or smartphone. Click on the refresh icon on its dashboard to get the latest data on the target phone you want to monitor.


As you can see that if the target phone is an iPhone, then there is no need to install the app on the phone. But, if it is an Android phone, then you need to install the app to monitor the phone. Nevertheless, every time you log in to your account, you will get the latest data and information about the activities of the monitored phone.

Part 5: Conclusion:

That’s how to monitor phone, which includes both iPhone and Android using Spyzie. This cell phone monitoring software is very helpful for concerned parents to ensure that their kids are away from internet threats. So, give a try to Spyzie and get to know yourself how amazing it is when it comes to monitoring phone without access to the phone.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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