How to Monitor All Activity on Computer

There are many reasons to spy on a computer. If for example, you suspect an infidelity of your husband or wife, or if you need to monitor what your children do with the computer when nobody is watching and the parents are out of the house working. Or in business, you may want to dominate what your employees do on the company's PC. To be a successful boss you may want to preserve order and discipline at work. When we are in that situation and we need all the information available then it is necessary to monitor activities on a computer.

Monitor All Activity on Computer

The fields where we mainly would like to monitor activity on a computer are depicted below:

Track Websites Visited

We want to monitor computer by tracking unexpected most visited websites mainly to block harmful sites such as sexual content or pornography, betting and social networking sites or even simply to block the websites that are not appropriate under any circumstances.

Track Chat/IM History

To control the messages and chat of the instant messaging applications used in a computer we would like to track every type of SMS history.

Record Email Activity

To view and save others Email accounts that are stored in the memory card of PC we need to record their email activities. It is useful if all the information of PC is lost.

View Program Logs

For hacking logged programs or software that is really harmful to us, we need to know how to monitor all activity on computer.

Remote monitoring

If we are going to monitor different networks located in different locations or with different owners, it is important that we can do a remote monitoring and we can monitor all these networks from the same point.

We would like to monitor all the activity on computer essentially to knowing every registering activity, social network passwords, and knowing what is actually happening in the computer and having everything under our control.

1. NetVizor Computer Monitoring

NetVizor is an award-winning computer monitoring solution that will coach you how to monitor all activity on computer. It controls your entire network from a centralized location. NetVizor allows you to track workstations and individual users who can use multiple computers in a network. It allows you to monitor essential user activity, content filtering, remote administration, and more - from a central location.

  • Log the use of the application
  • Records of Internet connections and documents files
  • Record Chat conversations
  • Real-time remote monitoring Visual
  • Open window records

It has several enterprise pricing plans. And it starts from $295 for up to 5 computers.

NetVizor Computer Monitoring

2. SpyAgent 9.11 Computer Monitoring

SpyAgent is an influential and high-quality computer monitoring software that can record all keystrokes, emails, applications, Internet connections, passwords, print jobs, windows, websites, viewed documents, chat conversations, and even screenshots. It runs in CAUTELA complete with the optional lock programming EMAIL Delivery and registration and.

  • Record email activity
  • Record all Internet traffic data
  • Detailed user activity reports
  • Detailed user activity reports
  • Registers typed keystrokes

You have to buy the full version for SpyAgent with $ 69.95.

SpyAgent 9.11 Computer Monitoring

3. SentryPC Monitoring

This tool allows you to control, restrict and register the access and use of your PC. You can control how much, and when users are allowed to use the computer, avoid using specific programs, block access to certain websites, restrict access to Windows features, and more.

  • Registers typed keystrokes
  • Log the use of the application
  • Web visits logs
  • Record Chat conversations
  • Windows records have consulted

Its basic plan is $59.95 for Single License.

SentryPC Monitoring

4. iMonitorSoft PC Monitoring

It is an influential spy software for PC that helps you how to monitor all activity on computer and IT easily differentiates faults from employees' computer activities that can damage your business. It records all the actions on your PC with this powerful full SPY PC highlighted.

  • Searches and records Web visits
  • PC Tracking & Management
  • Live Remote Desktop & Control
  • Application programming and filtering
  • Website programming and filtering

The pricing plans of it begin from $48.95.

iMonitorSoft PC Monitoring

5. SniperSpy Monitoring for Computer

SniperSpy offers the latest in high-tech remote monitoring. This innovative spyware software allows anyone to easily install monitoring software on their remote computer. No need to worry about IP addresses or having to directly connect the remote PC. This page describes what you can expect when you buy this powerful monitoring tool.

  • See the live screen
  • Read the conversations from both sides in the chat
  • See the keys pressed live
  • Capture the screen every so often
  • Discover passwords

It costs $79.97.

SniperSpy Monitoring for Computer

6. WorkTime Computer Monitoring

WorkTime Employee Monitoring Software automates the employee monitoring process. The software provides the supervision of the pure employee without breaking the privacy of the employees. Working in the background, it automatically records the complete data about the work of the employees with the computers. The recorded data helps analyze the level of productivity, the use of assistance employees, software and the Internet and more.

  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Reporting Functions
  • Full time management
  • Remote equipment see
  • Remote security audit

Its starting price is $12.95 per user for one time. It has also other pricing plans.

WorkTime Computer Monitoring


This computer monitoring software is an imperative device for tracking your employee productivity to enhance output in offices. It allows you observe the screens of all network monitored PCs, making it easy to identify an illegal and forbidden computer or Mac use. Using this tool, not only can you track screens, you can also monitor any network PC or Mac by scheming the mouse and keyboard.

  • Records screenshots
  • Tracks mostly visited websites
  • More remote screens can be displayed in a table
  • Power on/off, restart, hibernate, suspend PCs
  • Easy to read activity reports

If you monitor five computers then it will cost $69.95.


8. WorkTime Computer Monitoring

Teramind offers solutions for insider risk detection, IT audit & compliance, worker supervising, advantaged user monitoring, and employees output optimization. Its approach is user-centric and centers on individual deeds. The software proposes instant alerts, notifications, user lock-outs, and largely defense against data breaches.

  • Internet connection made
  • Receive activity records by email
  • Alerts for unwanted activity alerts
  • Detect & Block Malicious Activity
  • Centralized Database

For up to 5 users it costs $50 monthly. And for up to 6 or more users it prices $100 per month.

Teramind PC Monitoring

9. Screenshot Monitor

Screenshot Monitor is an important computer monitoring software that tracks all the activity of employees’ computer. It is a minute desktop app monitored by a worker remotely tracking time and takes others monitor screenshots during the effort.

  • Files and docs used
  • Remote User Messaging
  • Asset Auditing
  • Password Protection
  • Disables Spyware detectors

It has a free trail offer only for two weeks. For standard edition, it costs $4.99 and for professional version $6.99.

Screenshot Monitor

10. mSpy Monitoring

This software is a monitoring option to record the activity of your computer. The installation is clear, simple and takes only a few minutes. Once you have installed mSpy, you can remotely monitor user activity on the computer from your mSpy account, which is accessible from any browser on

  • File uploads and downloads
  • Web-based remote control in real time
  • Database Backups
  • Remote file navigation system
  • Website built-in blocking

For its basic plan, it costs $25.49 and for premium edition $59.49.

mSpy Monitoring

Spyzie: the best monitoring app for Android and iPhone

If you would like to monitor activity on a mobile phone you can choose Spyzie as the best tool undoubtedly. It is great monitoring software for Android and iPhone devices. With Spyzie to monitor the keyboard activity you will gain access to the full use of the keyboard of another person's cell phone and you will also have other options to register phone calls and text messages (SMS), know your geographical location and track usage of applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, iMessages or Viber. It can also hack many devices like Samsung, Lenovo, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus etc.

best monitoring app for Android and iPhone

When you want to monitor all computer activities of an individual remotely, the best computer monitoring software can help you achieve your goals and protect your business and home from internet threats.

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