Free Web Monitoring Software 2018

What is Web Monitoring

Web monitoring is a technique to monitor web activities of individual, employees, or kid. Nowadays, the majority of people all over the world are spending their large amount of time on the internet especially teenagers. People take reference of such website in their day to day life to overcome hurdles they face.

The impact of the internet is very high on them and causes many problems in their life like lack of study and lack of physical moments which is necessary for teenagers. For parents, it is necessary to monitor their web activities to protect them from pornography, cyberbullying, predators and other harmful online threats. This also causes many negative effects on business, employees spending lots of time on the web which cause losses in the business. You can read this article to know technique and free web monitoring solution to keep eye on your employees and kid.

Web Monitoring Software

Website monitoring is the process of testing and verifying that end-users can interact with a website or web application as expected. These tools are basically designed for parents and business owners to keep an eye on kid and employee during working hours.

Track Employee web activity: In these days, technology is rapidly increasing with a fast rate. People are caught in this trap, they are always sticking to their smartphone they won’t think of going out of their houses without taking their Android phones with them. Internet causes many negative side effects on business and leads to losses in business. The main reason behind this, employees are not paying more attention to work rather than then their smartphone.

Monitor kids: Young tech geeks are addicted to this technical world. They spend their quality time on the internet rather than studies and other stuff. it is now important for their parents to install free web monitoring software on their kid personal computer.

Top 10 free web monitoring software 2018

Here below we provide top 10 free web monitoring software list which will help you to take a decision before purchasing.

1. Teramind Web Monitoring

Teramind provides a user-centric security approach to track employee activities. Teramind is a web monitoring software which allows parents and business people to monitor their employee and kid’s web and other activities on their computer. The team of Teramind has many years of experience in developing such type of software for their customers.

  • Employee productivity Analysis
  • Website Monitoring
  • E-mail Monitoring
  • File Transfer Monitoring
  • Remote desktop control
  • Keystroke Logger

Price: Teramind offers free web monitoring software in a trial version. You can also purchase the full version from them at $50 for 5 users.

Free Web Monitoring - Teramind Web Monitoring

2. SurveilStar Monitoring for Web

SurveilStar is one of the best web monitoring software available on the internet. This enables you to know what your employee and kid are doing on their computer. You can also use their free web monitoring version for the limited time period. SurveilStar offers various kinds of features to parents and business owners to keep their eye on their kids and employees.

  • Website browsing
  • It supports more than 50+ browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and much more.
  • Block any unwanted website.
  • Network and bandwidth
  • Application activity

Price: It offers a free trial version for 30 days after this you have to pay $69.

Free Web Monitoring - SurveilStar Monitoring for Web

3. Qustodio PC Monitoring

Qustodio is a free web monitoring tool which allows you to know what your kids and employees are looking and doing. This tool is powered by various powerful tools which help you in website activities, social networking sites, games and application, and much more.

  • Block Pornography
  • Control games and application
  • Balance screen time
  • Track calls and SMS

Price – One can download the basic version of Qustodio for a free and premium version for $40 per year.

Free Web Monitoring - Qustodio PC Monitoring

4. ActivTrak Web Monitoring

ActivTrak is application software which captures and record target computer activities and generate a monthly report. This tool enables business owners and parents to know what their children and employee are doing. It is very simple for nonprofessional to use and install. You can use this tool to know web activities of the target device.

  • Block malicious website
  • View remote screen
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Detect insider threat
  • Productivity tracking

Price- it is completely free for up to 3 GB storage and 3 computers after that you have to pay.

Free Web Monitoring - ActivTrak Web Monitoring

5. Vericlock Monitoring

Vericlock is a free web monitoring tool which is equipped with wide range of features. This tool is mainly designed by keeping in mind business industry and domestic needs at home. Currently, Vericlock is available for a device running on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating system.

  • Custom data gathering
  • Job casting
  • Alert and notification
  • Secure server
  • Real-time monitoring

Price: Vericlock offers 30 days free trial period for testing after that you have to pay $5 per month for per user.

Free Web Monitoring - Vericlock Monitoring

6. InterGuard PC Monitoring

InterGuard is a complete internal threat solution which protects your employee and children from adult content, cyberbullying and other harmful threats. You can use this tool to monitor target user computer.

  • File tracking
  • Website blocking
  • Safe web searches
  • Real-time screenshots

Prices: You can use 7 days free trial period.

Free Web Monitoring - InterGuard PC Monitoring

7. Time Doctor Monitoring

Time doctor is another free web monitoring tool which is mainly designed for devices running on Windows, Mac, Linux, and another operating system. you can use this tool to restrict a website to your kid and employee PC.

  • PayRoll
  • Block websites
  • Time tracking
  • Screen Monitoring
  • Web activity

Price: You can download train version for free and premium application at $9.99 per user.

Free Web Monitoring - Time Doctor Monitoring

8. Veriato 360

Veriato 360 is another world best web monitoring and employee monitoring software which is powered by various features.

  • Real-time screenshots
  • Website monitoring
  • Website blocking
  • Email recording

Prices: You can download a trial version for the free and premium version starting from $140/seat.

Free Web Monitoring - Veriato 360

9. Desk time

Desk time is application software which is designed for Windows personal computer. This tool capture and record web activities of individual and employees.

  • Daily productivity timeline
  • Automatic screenshots
  • Detail visual

Price: You can download premium version at $7/month and the trial version is available for the free.

Free Web Monitoring - Desk time

10. StaffCop Web Monitoring

Staffcop is a leading web monitoring software which allows business people to track their employee activities on the web.

  • Website blocking
  • Email monitoring
  • Skype tracking
  • Keystrokes logging

Prices: You can avail it from their website at $ 45/computer.

Free Web Monitoring - StaffCop Web Monitoring

Spyzie - The Best Web Monitoring Tool for Android and iPhone

Spyzie is the broadest mobile monitoring solution in the industry. This software monitoring helps you make the right decision for your IT needs. It is currently a relevant point of the companies because it is the part that verifies any IT component within it in order to anticipate possible setbacks. This is a great hacker for big brands like iPhone and Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, LG, Google Nexus, Lenovo etc with a lot of online activities.

Best Employee Monitoring Tool for Android and iPhone

With the advent of technology and innovation, the internet makes our life easier and convenient. Internet causes many negative side effects on business and leads to losses in business. The main reason behind this, employees are not paying more attention to work because of the internet in their smartphone. So, if you business owner then here in this article we provide you free web monitoring tools which helps you to keep an eye on your employees.

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